World Economic Forum Leaders Meet to Transform Global Food Supply and Governments | Honeybee Population at Further Risk with mRNA Vaccines | Dr. Sherwood


Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum attendees meet in Davos to deliver speeches and plans to bring the world under full control of the technocrats. As the United States suffers from national security and economic issues the evil thought leaders of the world meet to further its demise.

As food shortages continue to worsen consumers in the United States are facing an even worse problem with mRNA vaccines that are to be delivered to the food supply through livestock. The consequences of mRNA vaccines are already witnessed worldwide as sudden deaths are occurring in the most healthy of people. Delivering it to our food supply quickly shrinks the availability of a healthy, nutrient rich food for consumers.

To make matters worse they are suggesting mRNA vaccines for honey bees which are already threatened due to corporate farmers through herbicides and pesticides. Will this also threaten those that refuse to take the WHO and Big Pharma transhumanist vaccinations?

Dr. Mark Sherwood reveals the proper understanding of nutrients and food supply for the people versus the programming to accept caloric intake. Through the proper thought process people can avoid the crisis of the food supply and tainted grocery stores.

Are people at risk due to food being injected with mRNA? If they are then what are the options and plans they should take?

Dustin and Dr. Mark Sherwood reveal the programming through the school systems, media, and healthcare that have given way to the crisis we faced from the Covid-19 bio-weapon and its second effort through vaccines.

Only the people can change course with the proper information. Will they remain in fear or will they return to God's original intent?

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