The WHO Treaty Meeting Begins Sunday. Are We Being Preparing To Hand Our Sovereignty Over To China and Bill Gates?


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Sovereignty at Risk

Sometimes reality just hurts. Last year, the World Health Organization put together a fictious pandemic scenario around monkeypox. Now, our country seems to be eager to give up our sovereignty to the same people, who are now saying monkeypox is growing. 

In 2021, it seems like NTI and the Biden administration were preparing for this moment. Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, talks about the NTI's dress rehearsal around another pandemic strongly admonish the idea that viruses are made in labs. Even though NHI has plenty of documents that state otherwise. The confusing aspect of all of this is that monkeypox has been around for years. It was only used as a fictional scenario to discuss global pandemics. 

Now, the Biden administration is using the monkeypox scenario to make a deal with the World Health Organization over our sovereignty. Because why? I feel like the only question is why at this point. 

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