WHO Treaty Falls Apart As Nations Abandon Plan That Would Have Removed Sovereignty


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Why Does Joe Biden Continually Try To Sell Us Out?

At the WHO forum, Joe Biden's proposals went down in complete defeat. Proposals to shift all nation's controls to WHO never even made it to a vote. On day two of the forum, another document was proposed and it showed itself to be clearly a backroom deal with many nations commenting on it. Sovereignty was again trying to be taken away from individual nations (something backed by the Biden administration). The new document was also set up with line items so that in the future a nation may say something about amending a particular line item.
After all of this, it was noted by Stew Peters that this entire issue was underreported by the news. They did not want to report that Biden was trying to sell us out of our sovereignty. Thus adding to the new world order that the left and Biden are apparently so fond of.
It is to be noted that many of the smaller nations became informed of what was happening and did not go along with what was being proposed.


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