We Live in a Republic If We Can Keep It

About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: All right. On America's Mom today, America's first candidate Kelly Cooper is running for Congress out of Arizona. Pastor Garrett, a fervent church in Colorado Springs, joins us. And a bad bill out of California, allowing for infanticide up to 28 days post-birth. And we'll look back at a major mom moment.

Sherronna Bishop: Do you ever wonder what happens to our elected officials? I mean, before we elect them, they're like, we're going to protect you. We're going to conserve your rights. We're going to lower taxes. We're going to make sure your children can read and write and all that kind of stuff, when in fact, what we end up getting post-election is violation after violation, increased taxation, raising of mail levies, and of course, the scab that's been ripped off the public education system and this dark underbelly of grooming that's been happening with our children, which very few elected officials are willing to even get in the battle for. Benjamin Franklin said, "You have a republic if you can keep it." So it's our challenge. It's our mantle to pick up and preserve this great nation.

Sherronna Bishop: When we elect people, that's not the end of our job. We're required to hold them accountable as we're looking at these great what we would call America First candidates who are less concerned about party politics and more concerned about your personal welfare liberties and daily day-to-day protections. We need to be ready to also take up the mantle of securing our nation. It's not up to the elected official. He's there to represent. She's there to do the will of us who are giving consent to be governed.

Sherronna Bishop: But really, we have to get into this battle again. It used to be that civics was just a normal part of our lives. We understood that we had to be a part of our local government in order to just have day-to-day life. Just, you know, it was just what you did, just like going to the store. You participate in local issues. That has been eroded, and it's time for us to take it back. While a lot of elected officials are fearful of that, they're scared. They're throwing up lawsuits. They're trying to villainize good people who are showing up on behalf of their children. You still need to persist anyway. Your children are worth it. They deserve to have you be standing in the gap for them because without you, we won't have a future, and neither will they.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, so America's dads are also getting in the fight once again to loudly protect and preserve our children and our country. I am so grateful to have our next guest with us. He is running for Congress out of Arizona. He is a marine, a father, and a business owner. He checks all the boxes, and he's here with us today. Kelly Cooper, thank you so much for being with us. How are you?

Kelly Cooper: I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely. So you come from Arizona. I'm getting an education. You are from Maricopa County.

Kelly Cooper: Yes.

Sherronna Bishop: And everybody knows what's happened there. You actually founded the Maricopa County Republican Veterans Committee. And it is a club. Yeah. And you've been actively engaged for quite some time. How did you go from serving your country to now stepping into politics?

Kelly Cooper: Well, so my whole life, I've sort of always served my country from being in the Marines to being in restaurants and building my businesses. But as I watched my businesses be destroyed through COVID, or at least their ability to be successful hindered significantly, it became clear that my representatives and politicians were ivory tower politicians that didn't represent me. So when I came home to explain to my family the things that I had to do with business every day, my two-year-old or my second-grade daughter came to me and said, and maybe not quite in these words, but daddy is really not right what's happening? And you have to do something about it. And so here I am.

Sherronna Bishop: That's incredible. It is always about our kids, isn't it? They believe so much about us and what we're able to do. 

Kelly Cooper: They speak the truth, don't they?

Sherronna Bishop: They absolutely do. So you decided to run for Congress, never having served in political office before. Tell me about that. That's a big reach.

Kelly Cooper: It's a steep mountain to climb, learning the political landscape and understanding how. All the different factions work together or don't work together, what the motivations of different people are. So I'm in my second quarter of running, and I learn something new every single day. But I'll tell you this as a father, as a marine, and as a business owner, there is no mountain that's too steep for this fight.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely. And I think the founders intended that we would have people among us who would represent us, not who were distanced from us, like you said, living in these ivory towers. Recently you were on the news talking about the comprehensive sex education being implemented in mathematics in Arizona. And I have to admit, Kelly, when I think about math, I did not think about sexual assaults were in a math problem. I don't think about things like fill in the blank, and the blank is the answer might be a bookie drug dealer or nightclub dancer for a math problem. And not only that but for a junior high math problem. So tell us about this experience, what happened there. And I'm so surprised that Arizona is going down this path as well.

Kelly Cooper: So I had a mother in the district send that to me, and it was sent to her from her daughter in eighth grade. And what happened was this math problem. This math assignment came down from a teacher without real approval from the school district or the principal of the school. And it was put in front of a classroom. And this student decided to take that picture and send it to her mother. And she shared it with me. But I think the point is, is that we're talking about math class. Right. And I know that there's this assault on trying to teach our children about sexual education, but does it really have to permeate A- school period but B- math class? Why is that appropriate?

Kelly Cooper: And then I'll add another scenario. So in that math homework, is there any consideration for the history of the students that are in those classes? What if this student or another student in the class had been sexually assaulted? Or what if a student had been physically assaulted? And now you're making that kid, a young man or young woman re-experience that trauma in their life in front of all of their peers. In eighth grade, I mean, the repercussions of the ramifications of some of that kind of trauma and then being forced to relive it in class is unbelievable. And the callousness that these teachers operate with to bring that sort of environment into the classroom when we're supposed to be learning the hard sciences is beyond out of control. And frankly, that's one of the main reasons why I'm running. I have a first and a second-grader, and I'm not interested in allowing schools to have that sort of leverage over my family. Mine are already in a public charter school for a reason, but I'm not interested in allowing that to permeate into their or any other public school.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I mean, 85% of kids are still in public school districts, and our children will be associating with them, growing up together, and working in society. They'll be taking care of our elderly. And to have such callous, as you mentioned, from the teachers towards these kids, it's very out of touch. How do you feel that you're doing with this congressional race, and what do you want? What's the biggest message that you have for those who want to support you?

Kelly Cooper: Sure. Sure. So, Marine Corps veteran, I've been all over the world. I own three restaurants, two of them in this district. And I have two kids in the public charter school, first and second grade. For me, it's really about border security, the economy, educational freedom, and backing the blue. These are the issues that matter to my district. And when I looked around at the politicians that were running or that are currently in that seat, they're all ivory tower politicians that really have no connection to the community. That's how I ended up here. So what I would say is, is that this district has gone from a D-plus ten to an even district that, with the proper fighter, we will win. It is my seat to win. So when you look at polling, I'm number one. Fundraising, I'm number one. Gathering signatures to get on the ballot, I'm number one. Being out in different places. I'm there. I'm the guy that's going to make sure that the people of District Four in Arizona are represented on the national level. And so you can find me at kellycooperarizona.com, and you can find ways to support me there. But this movement, this is one of the true swing districts, is one of the linchpins to make sure that we retain or gain control in Congress, to make sure that these types of issues are totally resolved because we can't continue to allow the indoctrination of our children, as you mentioned just a second ago. No matter what school they're in, they affect all of us, whether you have kids or you don't have kids, whether your kids are in private school or charter school or public school. What's happening in the public schools affects all of us in a community-based position, so.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely.

Kelly Cooper: We can no longer sit on the sidelines and not fight for what needs to happen. You can all see it. Don't let them turn your eyes blind to it. Recognize what's happened and know your politicians for who they have been, not who they're claiming to be.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I appreciate you so much, Kelly, and this race that you've decided to take on. I know you're going to have victory. We promised we would bring our America first candidates to America's mom. So all of our friends in Arizona and around the country are looking for people to invest in and believe in and know that they will put America first. Mr. Kelly Cooper, thank you for being with us.

Kelly Cooper: Thank you so much.

Sherronna Bishop: All right, everyone. The California Assembly Committee has passed probably the most radical bill to date on the death and infanticide of children. This bill is called 2223, sponsored by assemblywoman Buffy Wicks out of Oakland. She is a Democrat, and it has prompted massive outrage. This bill allows no clear language on number one children being born alive who might receive perinatal care afterward. It also does not allow for any consequences no accountability. Should a baby pass from birth to the first 28 days that they are actually outside the womb? You heard me right. There will be no legal measures taken against anyone whose infant dies up to 28 days post-birth.

Buffy Wicks (Video Clip): The ambiguity of the bill is clear. However, a close inspection of this bill does allow for the legalization of the killing of innocent newborn children up to the age of 28 days. A yes vote is an unequivocal and complete approval of a legalized killing of a newborn baby. And with all my heart, I oppose AB 2223 and urge you to vote no.

Sherronna Bishop: Susan Arnell is the vice president of legal affairs for the Right to Life League, and she has told during the debate, she testified.

Susan Arnell (Video Clip): As the bill analysis points out, there is so much wrong with AB 2223. First, California Penal Code Section 187 already prohibits prosecution of abortion. Even a botched late-term abortion would not be actionable. Second, this bill prevents investigation and prosecution of anyone, not just the pregnant person who intentionally murders an infant even weeks after birth. Here's how the bill blocks the use of the coroner's investigation and findings into a baby's death. In any criminal or civil action and against any person, not just the mother, but anyone who was involved in any way with the fetus's death. Then the bill goes further. It restricts the use of the coroner's findings related to a baby's death not only for miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion but also for "perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause." Existing California law defines perinatal as up to one month following delivery. The bill analysis admits this on page ten. The author's recent amendments do not cure the problem, as it still remains vague and overbroad and ill-defined, and with no meaningful limits. Finally, these provisions directly conflict with the existing California Health and Safety Code section 123445, which protects the rights of an infant prematurely born alive in the course of an abortion. An infant born alive holds the same rights as an infant born spontaneously. AB 2223 will make this section null and void by prohibiting the investigation of that infant's death.

Sherronna Bishop: Friends, this is where we're at in America. This bill is coming straight out of California following the radical Virginia bill and Colorado's own radical bill that allowed for no language to support and assist babies born alive post-abortion or post-abortion attempt. For years, pro-life advocates have argued that there is no moral difference between ending a child's life days before birth or days after birth. Well, guys, this bill just seeks to prove that line of thinking correct for 28 days, no investigations, no accountability, and people will be free to murder their babies in California.

Pastor Garrett (Video Clip): Guys, we need a great revival to sweep across this nation again. Do you realize that the First Great Awakening happened from 1730 to 1770?

Sherronna Bishop: For the last two years, there's been a lot of debate as to what pastors should have been doing, how they should have been leading and shepherding their flocks, and what is the right response to the hyperbolic political nature of America right now? I've looked to pastors who are walking the talk, who have challenged fear with faith and led by example. And I'm so grateful. Today we get to have Pastor Garrett from Fervent Church and just an incredible patriot. But more than that, an incredibly godly man and pastor. I'm so glad that you're here with us today. I want to just start out by saying, number one, thank you for conducting yourself in a matter that proves your faith and your trust in God. Thank you for that.

Pastor Garrett: Thank you for having me today. And, yeah, it's been a battle, you know. Stand up for the Constitution and the Gospel, and the Bible. Even your peers begin to think that you're doing something wrong. You're not doing the right thing. It's been an interesting season, to say the least. So.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you came to Colorado in 2018. You have eight beautiful children and a beautiful wife. You guys have been traveling across the country, and you've been planting churches around the country. You're very involved in building relationships. One of the things that also I really wanted for you to be the one to speak to our people is your commitment to discipleship. And in raising up the next generation of believers who will go out and take up the mantle of Christ. And so, with all of that said, here you are. You're in the middle of Colorado, probably one of the worst states to be for the COVID craziness. And you stood the line. I listened to a message that you gave from Romans:13 and the proper response of Americans towards that chapter. Traditionally, that chapter has been used to tell people just to submit and shut up and sit down. That's it. Pay homage to the government, you know, and sit down. So I'm really excited for you to share what your thoughts are about that passage related to America.

Pastor Garrett: Yeah, the interesting thing is a lot of people, and I think it has a lot to do with our public school system, especially some of the younger pastors that never got taught civics like we got taught civics. They don't seem to understand that the government in America is we the people, and they have no clue about the concept of, wait a minute, you know, I don't have to give over to an overbearing government. No, you are the government. And so people get confused. And I hear the statement all the time, give to Caesar. And what they don't seem to understand is, is there's no king in this country. We are Caesar, in a sense. And so when you look at Romans:13, you have to understand that God has given us inalienable rights. We are given these rights by God and our founding fathers, who were godly men, who stood on the Scriptures, who believed the Scriptures, and believe that all rights come from God. And that's why they wrote the Constitution in the way that they did. They had Romans:13 in mind, and people don't seem to understand that.

Pastor Garrett: They were thinking, okay, God gave us these rights. We need to make sure that the rights stay in the hands of the people. And so when especially when unelected officials like the health department try to tell you how to live your life, you have to stand up and say, oh, no, wait a minute, that's not how our founding fathers established it. That's not how our Constitution is written. God gave us these rights. We need to stand up and say, no, we're not going to do this. So we started out, we said, you know what, we're not going to be political in a sense. What we are doing is we're standing up for righteousness. We're shining light in the darkness. And, you know, people say, well, Gary, you're so political. No, I'm not. I'm not political. I'm standing up against all the things that God wrote about in Genesis chapter one. Government, family, one race, one blood not, but there's not a bunch of races. There's the human race, those kinds of things we draw the line on.

Sherronna Bishop: I love that. I was just talking with Ally Legge. She's running for school board in Florida, and we were talking about that very thing that this idea of multiple races that are causing division. We are one, we're the human race, and we have the same blood, and we're joined under that blood through Christ. So I'm encouraged to hear you say that. I never hear people talk about that, that there is no distinction there. I was really curious when you started talking this way in your church. What happened?

Pastor Garrett: So I started talking about this a lot, really in the different meetings that we host at our church, so many different patriot groups as well as Christian groups from Appeal to Heaven to FEC United, to People's Rights, to Spunky Patriots, they meet in the church. So I really started communicating this in those meetings. And what happened was, is our church grew. People started coming into the church from those meetings. And then I began to get really specific. When I saw the writing on the wall, I really looked at Romans:13, and I said, what is the context here? Why is it different in America than it is in communist China? Why is it different? Well, it's because we have a constitution.

Sherronna Bishop: So, Pastor, you're teaching about the proper application of our country. We're a constitutional republic, and we are the government. We are the ones who give consent. And so therefore, we have to protect it. How is the admonition been to the people? And what are you asking of people now? We're basically through the pandemic, but we're dealing with a very out-of-control regime in this country. What does that look like for you as your ministering to your people and encouraging them moving forward? What does that look like now? Especially, I would add, just because we're told not to say anything negative that we're not allowed to be anything but just unifying.

Kelly Cooper: I'm coming from a different place. Number one, Bethany and I have eight kids. I'm going to talk about my wife for a couple of minutes. The first thing all my kids have learned is to read from the Bible. She's a homeschool mom. And so, the discipleship starts in the home. So we read the Bible. Bethany reads the Bible with them. They go around the room and read the Bible for an hour, an hour and a half every morning. And then we have a constitutional class almost every day as well. So Bethany is teaching them biblical citizenship. So it starts in the home and then goes out into the church. How do we teach our kids and the adults in our church to be biblically responsible citizens? What does that look like, according to the scriptures?

Pastor Garrett: First of all, we resist evil. We resist the tyranny of any kind. And I'm not going to leave this country like it is to my kids. It's not going to happen. And what people don't also seem to realize is the first four battles in our great revolution were fought by pastors leading their congregations into battle like Jonas Clark, etc. And people don't seem to understand that. And they realize, look, we are not going to leave this next generation to tyrants. We're not going to do it. We're going to stand up. We're going to stand up for what is right. We're going to call evil, evil, and good, good. So many of our politicians, you know, it's crazy what they're doing. They're calling good, evil, and evil good. And when you have men swimming in women's sports and when you have on the cover of Time magazine, Woman of the Year or USA Today Woman of the Year being a man, are we really going to allow that to happen in this country?

Sherronna Bishop: Well, if the left has anything to say about it, that's the direction they want to take us. Now, we've said, and I've heard you say it, in order for us to self govern, to remain free, we have to be moral people. In your world as a pastor, you know that largely the reasons we make the right decisions are because we have the spirit. We know God. We worry about the consequences of those bad actions moving forward. I guess I can't express it enough. There are so many people who feel that you are only being a good Christian and doing the right thing if you just go along to get along. And that demonstrates your faith to them because you're just allowing God to work.

Kelly Cooper: When I spoke to a group of pastors, and I specifically said there were only two pastors that stood up in Nazi Germany, you know, Bonhoeffer and Niemller. Those are the only two men. And one of the things that were grievous to them, they said we could handle the Nazis, we could handle the abuse, we could handle the prison, we could handle all that stuff. What was extremely hard for us was the fact that all our peers turned on us. And Sherronna, I've had pastors look me in the eye, call me on the phone and say, Garrett, where is the tyranny? There's no tyranny. I mean, it's just mind-boggling to me. So, I mean, we educate, we teach the Constitution, we teach the Bible. We try to help to get people educated, to know what is going on in this world. But literally, you know, it can be very discouraging sometimes to see how asleep these people are.

Sherronna Bishop: Pastor, we're going to have to have you come back on again because 8 minutes with you is just not long enough. And I want to see your wife, Bethany, and hear about this biblical citizenship in the morning. That's incredible. Along with reading the Bible, that's where we've got to get back to, are the roots that established this nation. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for taking time from your vacation to be here with us. All right. We'll make that sit-down happen soon.

Sherronna Bishop (Video Clip): You may have seen her last week on America's mom talking about all the things that have led up to her deciding that leaving school was necessary in order for her to have her freedom. So we're here with Shyra Hutchins. She is a former Palisade High School student. And why are we doing this? What's going on today? What's going on in your life? What is this all about for you?

Shyra Hutchins: So the main idea that I had today was to have the community come together as people, adults, parents, and just members of the community. And students come together and show up for each other and tell the school board that we don't need a mask mandate in our schools. We don't need one. It's not keeping us safe. And a lot of the people in charge know that it's not keeping them safe. It's not about safety. It's about compliance.

Sherronna Bishop: So interestingly enough, I saw the email that was sent from the superintendent, Diane Circo. I just want to read this for just a moment. She says here that schools are not alone in remaining under a statewide mask order. All 64 counties have it right now. They are effective in all these different institutions she lists. And then she also lists congregate-care facilities, prisons, jails, and public schools being equated to prisons in jails. How do you feel about that?

Shyra Hutchins: Well, in my middle school days, I would have said she's not far off. But now, looking at it, you know, with a somewhat more mature perspective, I would say that that is just absolutely ridiculous. For one thing, and I think this is the biggest thing is in prisons and jails, you don't have people under 18. I mean, you might for a little while, but they're not in prison, you know. But in the schools, you have people under 18, and people under 18 are scientifically proven. It's everywhere. You can look it up. Everyone knows, you know, we're not at risk. We're not going to get it. If we do get it, we're not going to die from it. Or I guess I'll say we're the least likely to get it or the least likely to die from it if we do get it, and we're the least likely to take it home to grandma.

Sherronna Bishop: So what is your position right now? You're in school, or you're out of school. Are you allowed to go back to school? What is your position now?

Shyra Hutchins: So I started homeschooling this year. I took one class at the public school, which was my Spanish class. And then, I was told that unless I will comply, and the word comply was used, unless I will comply with the mask mandate, I could not return to school. And so I told my principal who said that to me, I told him, I'm sorry, but I can't comply. It's not about keeping me safe. It's not about keeping you safe. And I'm not going to comply just for the sake of complying.

Sherronna Bishop: What was his response to that?

Shyra Hutchins: She said, okay, fine. Then I'm going to have to say you can't come back here unless you're going to wear a mask.

Sherronna Bishop: What kind of mask does he where?

Shyra Hutchins: He wears a mesh face mask that you can breathe through? It doesn't stop any particles.

Sherronna Bishop: A mesh mask with a lot of holes in it. That sounds like it's all about safety to me.

Shyra Hutchins: Yeah, absolutely. It's all about keeping the kids safe. Not.

Sherronna Bishop: As you've gone through this experience, you're standing alone a lot of the time in standing up for what's right. This doesn't make any sense. The superintendent actually said in the same email that she sent out that masks may actually be happening next year as well. There's no limit. There's no end to where this is going. How are you? How do you deal with all this stuff? Are you feeling pretty good about everything? Is this really something that you're glad you took on attack at this point?

Shyra Hutchins: I'm feeling great. I feel so good. I don't know. I've always just maybe it's my red hair, but I've always just been like, I don't want to say like a fight me type attitude, but in a sense, that is where I'm at. Because if people can see that I'm up here standing up, defending my rights, and defending their rights too. If they can see that, and then they see the people in charge attacking me and putting me down for that, that gives them a new perspective. Like why? I mean, this is America. We should be free. Why is this person being put down for trying to be free? That doesn't make any sense. And so if that means that I have to be, you know, attacked, okay then.

Shyra Hutchins: Most of my friends know what I'm doing. They know what I'm all about. They think I'm too political. And I think you can't be too political in a country that is run by the people. People have to be in politics, us. We're wasting our country. People died for this. That should have weight. But it doesn't seem to have weight with people my age and with people all over the country. They don't seem to care that people have laid down their lives willingly so that we could be free.

Sherronna Bishop: Now, the governor's mandate actually is 11 years old and up. And so, as far as you know, Superintendent Serco hasn't said anything about letting our elementary kids be free of masks, has she? Even though the governor himself has said, the mandate is for 11 years old and up?

Shyra Hutchins: No, I've not heard her say anything about that. In fact, she said that no matter what the governor says, she is going to keep this mask mandate in place, which can only leave one to wonder, why is that? The science says we don't need it. The governor says we don't need it. There's got to be some reason why she's keeping it in place because a good person would not be doing that.

Sherronna Bishop: Oh, yes. Yes. Shyra, you're really brave. You're the epitome of what we expect our young Americans to be. Thank you for standing up for what's right, and it costs, but it sure feels good at the end of the day, huh?

Shyra Hutchins: Yes, it does.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you guys so much. Be like Shyra, stand up for your rights, and live free.

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you guys so much for being with us today here on America's Mom. I hope you laughed. Maybe you cried a little bit, and maybe you felt a little bit more hopeful that things are coming together. And as we continue to push on and persist and not let anything stop us from the ultimate goal, which is securing our nation, let's do this as a happy pessimist. I love that idea. I heard that on Dennis Prager, and I thought, that's what I want to be. I want to be a happy pessimist. I believe in hoping for the best, but I'm going to be happy no matter what. We're in this battle together. I want to encourage you guys to watch out for our show on Friday next week. We have a special guest on Friday as we continue to interview incredible patriots who have held the line and really done phenomenal things for our time. And please visit us at www.americasmoms.net. Sign up for our email. We want to connect with you there. I hope you guys have a blessed day. Remember, all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Thank you. And see you soon.

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