Wayne Allen Root With Andrew Eaton, On How The Biden Regime Is Lying To America About The Economy


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According to Biden, Americans Are Doing Great Financially

To try to bolster itself, the Biden administration said in July that there was zero inflation, that there was no recession and we had good job numbers. (We must note that the Biden administration changed the definition of recession to suit their needs.)  We do in fact have a weak labor market with inflation at 40-year highs. The savings rate is the lowest it has been since the great recession in 2008. We have people working multiple jobs right now trying to keep themselves afloat. This is why the unemployment rate seems low.

With the hiring attempt of the IRS to hire an additional 87,000 agents, the focus of audits will be on the average middle-class citizen. Since there is so little unemployment and 11 million jobs that can't be filled, where will these agents come from?

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