Walmart Has Been Databasing Biometric, Shopping, and License Plate Information on It's Customers


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Walmart Knows Who You Are and All About You When You Shop 

Brannon has Pete Santilli as a visitor today claiming to know someone who helped develop a system of facial and biometric information for Walmart. He also discusses Walmart and China's relationship and where their system was developed. 

Pete asks rhetorically who made the call to cut off My Pillow at Walmart. He asks if it was China or as he puts it "China Joe". Did someone call and say that Mike Lindell is about to expose voter fraud in 2022? So far they have exposed enough that the cyber security agency admitted that some voter machines may be vulnerable to manipulation. Guest goes into stating how Mike Lindell is being taken advantage of by Walmart after the money he spent advertising his product to help drive traffic to their stores. Walmart is believed to be beholden to China of "China Joe". They have been collecting facial recognition and biometric information from every person walking through their doors for two decades. The government can't always track people that may be off the grid etc. but those same people will eventually go into a Walmart to buy supplies. Walmart uses pinpoint cameras to map your face but they match it to your purchases. It is possible that they are also scanning license plates too. All of this data collection was developed in a sort of conjunction with the federal government during hurricane Katrina. They were able to use this information to track who needed federal assistance after the disaster.

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