Violence As Entertainment and Programming. The World Has Changed


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What Do Today’s TV and Video Games Teach Us About Violence?

Brannon discusses how far we have sunk in our television programming compared to when episodes of the Partridge Family aired along with programs like Little House on the Prarie, The Brady Bunch, and more. He says you can watch programs like this without the assault on LGBTQ or Woke as we see today. We look back at things like the twin beds on I Love Lucy. John Wayne had some comments on the increasing violence he saw on tv. He was then asked about the shootings in his movies and he replied that the shooter and the victim were never seen in the same shot. They were always separated. You saw the shooter and then saw the victim in a later frame. The camera angles used were different. They tried to not be gratuitous with the violence we see today. Pastor Andy Woods then joins in talking about how kids his age all left school and headed to where there were video games. The games were games like Pac Man where there was no violence. He talks about the games he sees kids playing today with blood splattering everywhere. Today's games and tv are making us a more violent society as we build up a tolerance so to speak towards violence.

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