From Uvalde, Texas School Shooting, To Oklahoma City Bombing, to the FBI Setting Up Americans: We Can No Longer Trust Our Governments


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The Lindell Report With Brannon Howse

Lindell TV broadcaster Alex Newman joins the show. They discuss the WHO (World Health Organization), the shooting in Texas, and other topics. Brannon expresses how Americans are on their own. You cannot rely on law enforcement it seems these days.

The Uvalde School Shootings

The Texas Uvalde school shootings leave way to many questions. Why was the door unlocked?  Why no school resource officer? Why did the cops not go in right away? There are a lot of factors that seem to make people question the whole situation. If the government cannot protect the lives of children, why would you trust them with your children’s mental health?

Communist Revolution

Alex believes right now we are in the mix of a Communist Revolution. The disarming of the people will be the next step. Many people that feel this way have infiltrated our government. Spineless RINOs will not do anything to remove them. They feel Barrack Obama is part of this and behind building a shadow government.

Psychotropic Drugs

The government also pushes for psychotropic drugs. Brannon believes the use of these drugs may cause autism in some of these kids. These kids get bullied and ridiculed, and then the government comes along to recruitment.

Brannon discusses a plot by the FBI to recruit kids on the spectrum to perform terrorist acts. A father has released a press conference in Oklahoma, explaining all this. The FBI tried to influence the schizophrenic to blow up a building.

All these incidents make it very hard to trust our government at this point.

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