Twitter Files | Trump Staff & Biden Suppressed Wuhan Virus Info | 2nd Chance After Covid Stopped Surgery | John C. Martin IV


Another Elon Musk Twitter File dump occurred on Monday, December 26th. Moving forward after the revelations regarding the FBI and CIA controlling political information and suppression of voter research, they deliver the beginning of the Covid Edition.

Startling information reveals that not only is the Biden/Harris administration actively involved in suppression of information on Twitter, and other Big Tech platforms, but there were those of Trump administration staff actively meeting with Big Tech staff in order to control good and bad information online during the Covid-19 outbreak. Though not the beginning of government and Big Tech censorship, those under President Trump used tactical suppression in order to control the general population and their abilities to dissect and disseminate the information provided by journalists, experts, specialists, and citizens online.

As the information is revealed we also are pointed toward leftist groups formed that use vast amounts of money to control online information. What will come of this as Conservatives have been suppressed for too long?

While examining the Twitter Files regarding Covid we also see other issues to be examined such as boosters for babies and vaccine injuries from the Covid Vaccines. Has the world been inoculated to die as we see medical issues rise and clots that are ten inches or longer?

Through the words of John C. Martin IV we learn from an average citizen that faced death while in need of a liver transplant after Covid was used to change the private business and healthcare landscape. John was faced with hardships that almost cost him his life.

After his walk with God during his time of struggle he was given the ability to learn how the hospital industry worked - especially regarding life saving surgeries and organ transplants. Through his own experiences and other people's accounts John delivers the stories of hope and truth to reach those in need of guidance.

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