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About 2 years ago

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Sherronna Bishop: Alright, today on America's Mom, we have Kimberly Overton with the Nurse Freedom Network and James Roguski telling us what the WHO has in store for you. What's up with that moment as Bill Gates, your new nutritional expert? And last of all, a look back to celebrate and support nurses who stood the line.

Sherronna Bishop: Welcome back to America's mom. I know it's been a week since we've been served up our new administrator of truth in America. And Biden's regime continues to fail us all while parents can't even find formula to feed their babies. But don't worry, because $40 Billion is being spent on Ukraine to do who knows what. Actually, we do know they are going to fund shell organizations that will launder money back into the pockets of the Democrats and Republicans who passed this disgusting expenditure of your taxpayer dollars once again. Welcome to New America, where we are no longer going to sit back and take this nonsense. We are educated. We know what we're talking about, and we're vocal. In spite of this administration's best attempt to shut you down, shut you up and steal your voice from you, we are not going to allow that to happen. Today's show is full of incredible people who have done the right thing, who have held the line, and will continue to use their voices to put their research out there so that you, the citizen, can make the very best decision for yourself. What are we if we are not free to speak our minds and tell the truth as we see fit? Today on America's Mom.

Kimberly Overton: I'm a registered nurse with a background in critical care. I'm also the founder of Nurse Freedom Network. Our mission is advocating for medical freedom, health care workers, and informed consent for all.

Sherronna Bishop: Do you remember when all medical professionals were called essential workers while the rest of us were considered non-essential? That only lasted so long as the medical professionals were willing to comply with whatever standard statements mandates that the executive branch passed down. I am so grateful to have an extremely amazing guest with us, Kimberly Overton, a registered nurse. She set up an incredible foundation called the Nurse Freedom Network to start addressing the unbelievable fallout of overreaching mandates and the destruction of the trust in our medical world. So, Kimberly, thank you for being here with us today. I'm so honored that you would take the time out to talk to our friends, our people who need to understand what has happened during the last two years and how they have destroyed the trust and even the quality of the types of medical professionals we now have working in the industry.

Kimberly Overton: Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, it's unfortunate that I needed to start this organization, but I started it up in July of 2021 just to basically start to take a stand against this medical tyranny that we're now facing. Recognize this for what it was early on and decided that we were going to, you know, we started off as a Facebook group, and it just quickly evolved from there. But we exist to stand against the mandates and to advocate for medical freedom, for not just health care workers, for everybody, and for informed consent for all, because informed consent, as you know, does not exist with these vaccines.

Sherronna Bishop: It does not. And not just the vaccines. You know, we're talking about the mask mandates that came down. Those things have not been abolished. They're going to come back again, even though you guys, being health professionals and experts in your field, are qualified to talk about this stuff. And yet it did not matter. It just came down to a certain belief system pushing a certain idea. And so you start this Facebook page. It's totally grassroots. It's just growing organically and naturally because people want freedom. And so tell us what has happened over the last year since this organization developed. Who are the types of people that you're working with?

Kimberly Overton: We've got other nurses that we're working with. We've got physicians that we're working with. You know, I started this back in July of 2021. I started just protesting at local hospitals. And then it just quickly evolved. And now, I've spoken at many medical freedom events across the country. I've spoken at Defeat the Mandates and Lay. You know, I'm going to Minnesota next week. So we travel around, and we talk to people about medical freedom. But beyond that, what we want to do is we want to start creating opportunities for nurses to break away from this broken and oppressive system. This system that we have is unsustainable. It is unfixable at this point. We need to let it burn to the ground is what needs to happen. And I hate to say that, but it's the truth. This isn't a sick care system. It does nothing to keep anyone. Well, right.

Sherronna Bishop: Yes. Is this something you came to the conclusion of during COVID, or have you always been feeling this way working in the medical world?

Kimberly Overton: I've been in health care for 25 years, and I've always thought that it was a broken system, but not to the extent that I have seen over the last three years or two and a half years that we've been dealing with COVID. This has been eye-opening for me. And to me, there's no turning back. There's no going back to the system. Just my entire mindset around how I nurse, I now want to nurse from a more holistic approach. Root Cause, you know, let's just stop doling out pills and slapping Band-Aids on problems. We're not doing anything to keep anyone well, and this is really what we need to start focusing on. So my biggest thing is creating opportunities for these nurses because so many of them want to get out, but they're afraid, and they don't know how to move forward. And we want to try to create that path for them.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you know, they've been so courageous, those who chose to stand up for their own bodily autonomy and the liberty that they've been granted under our Constitution. And yet I'm hearing rumors of hospitals asking those same people to come back and work in this toxic, abusive environment. It must be tempting when you have been out of work for so long, so this is so powerful. What you're doing to make sure that's what it takes is people like you who are not afraid of the backlash to stand up and do what's right to bring other people on board. What's so amazing about you and your organization is you are definitely empowering people until they can get where you're at, where they no longer care about the backlash. How did that happen for you? Because it's a pretty bold step that you took.

Kimberly Overton: That's just my nature. I'm a little bit rebellious by nature, but, you know, I don't care. I always question things, and literally, from the beginning, just nothing made any sense. And I was like, well, you know, it just everything flies in the face of what we've long known to be true. Viruses and bacteria are something that we need to have exposure to. These are literally the building blocks of our immune system. Suddenly we have to mask everywhere that we go. Just nothing made sense. So it doesn't come as a surprise to me that I would stand up and kind of question this. But for those who don't or not don't feel comfortable doing that, I will do it for them. You know, I'm okay with that. And these patients, you know, these patients are being harmed and not just, you know, nurses, but children. That was my line in the sand. I resigned from my position. I was actually exempted from the mandates. I was working from home. I left the bedside when I was uncomfortable with the protocols, the Remdesivir, and all of that. And I left and started doing telephone triage nursing. But they wanted me to recommend vaccination of children. And that is my hard line in the sand right there. I'm not doing that. We have no safety data. In the absence of that, the recommendation of vaccination of children against a virus with a 99.9815% survival rate, there should be criminal.

Sherronna Bishop: Okay, I didn't know this about you. So tell me what you thought about when you saw the Remdesivir, the schedule of treatment, and you said, I can't even be in this hospital watching this happen. Why? What was happening?

Kimberly Overton: I mean, so we see all of these patients dying, and they keep telling us like COVID is killing all these patients. Is COVID killing the patients, or is it just a complete and total medical mismanagement of COVID? And in my opinion, after working through the pandemic, it's the latter. You know, they're giving a medication that we know it's not toxic, meaning it's damaging to the kidneys. I've seen it given to patients who are already in renal failure. I mean, just nothing is making sense. And even if there's nothing nefarious going on there, that medication doesn't work. It's an antiviral. By the time these patients are getting to us in the hospital, they're well past that replication phase. Right? They're already into the symptomatic phase. And antivirals, the way that they work, rely on viral replication in order to be effective. So by the time they get to us in the hospital, that medication is useless. So why then are we using these medications that are clearly doing more harm than good? And I also know that there are medications available a treatment that works, and I could not watch another patient needlessly die knowing that. So I left the bedside and started working from home, which I thought would be a great alternative for me until they wanted me to recommend the vaccine to children, and I just couldn't do it. Just, you know, I had been exempted as a work-from-home employee, but I couldn't sleep at night with the thought of recommending this vaccination to children.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, and you're working with doctors, nurses, all kinds of medical professionals, and patients. What have you seen as the fallout from this, this, you know, exploratory use medication? We're finally seeing Pfizer's real results of their testing finally. And it's awful. But what did you see personally?

Kimberly Overton: A lot of cardiac and a lot more predominantly so in the younger male population, I feel like is where we saw with the most, but lots of the myocarditis, the lots of different cardiac effects G.I. bleeds in younger populations that you would not expect to see. G.I. bleeds in blood clots very often strokes. I mean different neuro symptoms, just things that were not adding up. And even just your immune system. I saw more adult tonsillitis and adult appendicitis than I have ever seen in my entire career25 years in health care in the last year and a half year. 

Sherronna Bishop: Wow, but Kimberly, the C.D.C. says that it's common for children to have a heart attack.

Kimberly Overton: Heart attacks and something about a change in the weather, something like that.

Sherronna Bishop: I mean, it's laughable, right? We chuckle at it now, but so many people were deceived. And you're making it your mission to educate the public and really stand with the medical professionals. Is there any legal action that you guys are involved in at this point?

Kimberly Overton: Well, so we're trying to get there. Where are the lawyers? We're looking around, and where are the lawyers? The nurses are starting to speak up, and the doctors are starting to speak up. And we really need to get some lawyers on board who are willing to fight this. And they're very few and far between. And the ones that we find are also covered up because there are just so many people everywhere that need help. So we really need more attorneys to start stepping up and helping.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you're a great example of standing in the gap and doing what's necessary to fix things and make it right. So I hope some attorneys will be watching and reach out to you. Kimberly, where can people find you? This is incredible work you're doing. God bless you for all of this. How can they reach out to you?

Kimberly Overton: You can. We're on the website on the Web at I'm on all the social media. I always tell people, though, to go ahead and subscribe to our Substack for updates because I'm highly censored. So it's

Sherronna Bishop: Thank you so much for being with us today, Kimberly. God bless.

Kimberly Overton: Thank you as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Sherronna Bishop: Do you know what we love in America? People who practice what they preach. Do you know who doesn't practice what he preaches? Bill Gates. Joe Rogan nails this right on the head when he takes Bill Gates to task for his unhealthy lifestyle. While he tells all the rest of us exactly what to do to be the best, healthiest version of ourselves. Let's not forget that it was Bill Gates who said, In order for us to bring down the carbon levels in the world, we needed to get rid of, oh, you know, several billion people. Not only that, he has had repeated opportunities where he has gone into these Third World countries. And now we know the HPV vaccine in Africa that sterilized thousands of young girls, not to mention the pet projects he's done in India. This man wants to tell you how to live your life. Take it away, Joe.

Joe Rogan (Video Clip): Keep saying that we've got to eat less meat, and we've got to cut our consumption of meat out to be healthy and that we're going to get used to these meat alternatives. When a guy like that says that I'm like, Are you making money because of this? Like, why are you saying that? And by the way, you look like shit, because if you're eating those plant-based burgers or whatever you're doing, like you're obese, like a guy like that, telling people about he's got these breasts and this gut. And I'm like, This is crazy. You're one of the richest guys on earth. You have access to the best nutrients, the best you could have an amazing trainer. You could be in phenomenal shape. And you're giving out public health advice. You're giving out health advice, and you're sick. It's literally like a non-athlete trying to coach professionals. How are you giving any health advice when you look like your health is piss poor? I'm not a doctor, but when you've got man boobs and a gut, and you're walking around, and you have these like toothpick arms, I'm like, Hey, buddy, you're not healthy.

James Roguski: Most people are unaware that the United States delegation to the World Health Assembly has submitted amendments that are going to be voted upon from May 22nd to May 28th. And inside those amendments is legal language that would give away not just American sovereignty but the sovereignty of 193 other nations for a total of 194 to the World Health Organization.

Sherronna Bishop: On May 22nd, the Geneva Convention is coming together to talk about the destruction of sovereignty around the globe. We are so fortunate to have with us today Mr. James Roguski to talk about what he has discovered, what he has been telling everybody loudly. I watched Michele Bachmann talk about this in the War Room. And I just want to thank you so much, James, for being on here on America's Mom to educate the public on what these globalists have planned for us. You tell our audience just a little bit about who you are, and then let's jump in.

James Roguski: My name is James Roguski, and the way we got to meet is I gave you my phone number during an interview before, so I'm going to do it again right here. Everybody can reach me at 310-619-3055. If you go to, you'll get all my information. But it's not about me. It's about what's going on. That was supposed to be done in secret, is my estimation. Back on March 28th, just doing research on the Internet, I came across an article that said they were talking about amendments that had been proposed by the United States to the World Health Assembly. It's going to be held in Geneva. Based on when this airs, it may currently be going on. It will be from the 22nd to the 28th in Geneva, Switzerland. It's an assembly of delegates from 194 member nations of the W.H.O., and they meet once a year to decide your future.

James Roguski: And what I uncovered that they were planning on discussing was amendments to something called the International Health Regulations. Now, not to be confused because there's a lot of misinformation out there. People are talking about something called a proposed pandemic treaty. Now, if you hear anybody talking about a treaty that's a decoy, it's a distraction. It's a different thing. I'm not talking about anything that could be described as a treaty. These are proposed amendments to existing international health regulations.

Sherronna Bishop: And I just want to be clear, the amendments that we're talking about are ones written by the United States, by the Biden administration that are being offered up for consideration at the Geneva Convention. And tell us, what do these amendments say?

James Roguski: Well, it's not the Geneva Convention. That's a habit for history that you've learned. It really doesn't have anything to do with Geneva Convention other than it's in Geneva. It's the World Health Assembly, which is sort of the legislative branch of the World Health Organization.

Sherronna Bishop: Can you even believe this is a thing? This is crazy.

James Roguski: It's not something anybody has to believe because all I'm doing is shedding light on government documents. I'm not a hacker. I am not a Snowden who got private or confidential information and revealed it. I'm not somebody like Assange, who people send WikiLeaks or all kinds of information. These are just publicly available documents from the Federal Register, the World Health Organization's website, and the code of Federal Regulations. Anybody could access this stuff. All I did was read it and realize that what I was reading was something that was about to happen.

James Roguski: We know that essentially an act of treason, depending upon how anybody wants to interpret this, the giving away from 194 nations, the authority that they each have to decide for themselves whether or not they believe that they should be in a state of emergency based on whatever is going on in their country. Handing that over to a single person, Tedros Ghebreyesus, who is going to be coronated for his second term unopposed as what I refer to as the dictator general of the World Hypnosis Organization, because they don't have any real power or authority. They're trying to grab this illusion of power.

James Roguski: Make people believe that what they say is the law. And so all I'm really doing is posting and organizing public documents that are readily available, shining light on something that they wanted to be hidden. They didn't want anyone to know that they were trying to pass these amendments to the international health regulations. And then, strangely enough, and this is the question for most people, because this is a voluntary organization, because we are a member of the WHO on a voluntary basis, we can leave any time. We don't have to listen to their recommendations. Recommendations are recommendations. They're not obligations. And even if these amendments are approved by the assembly, 194 nations, there's a six-month period where every nation could literally, I mean, this sounds crazy, but it's that simple. Article 61 of the International Health Regulations clearly shows that all any nation would have to do is write a letter to the W.H.O. and say, thank you very much for your offer of all of these changes, but we'll pass. We'd like to return these amendments even though you approve them. Sorry, we don't want anything to do with it. It's just like buying something from the Internet, and it shows up, and you go, No, thank you. I don't want it. You return it now.

Sherronna Bishop: So one thing I want to ask you about the amendments that you're discussing. What I thought was so interesting was that they have been provided by the Biden administration to be added to this assembly. So can you tell us exactly what those amendments entail when we're talking about giving up our sovereignty? I can't imagine the Biden regime writing a letter saying, never mind, we don't really want to be a part of this. In fact, all they've demonstrated is they want absolute control over our lives. So can you talk a little bit about what was found in those amendments?

James Roguski: Well, you took the words out of my mouth. They did present these amendments. Now, some of the questions that we have are along the lines of, well, wait a minute, you don't just get to negotiate. People working in the government don't just get to negotiate and present a treaty that would have needed to be some legal delegation of authority from the secretary of state to whoever is doing the negotiations. Well, you know, I'm a researcher, and I'd like to find evidence that delegation of authority seems to be invisible, or at least very well hidden. So the question remains, is this something that officially the administration blessed and delegated authority so that the negotiators could do that? Has all that all been done properly? Those are still questions that are out there. I have got a big, long list of questions. The more research I do, the more questions I get. And so, if it was properly done, then the treason goes all the way to the top. If it wasn't properly done, then you've got a rogue band of people in the administration that they need to get a handle on. But obviously, this is in the public domain. This is published on the W.H.O. website. I make it easy for people to find it. If you just go to, don't put an apostrophe in the don't. You'll see all of the evidence and make up your own mind as to what you think all of this means. I'm just simply shedding light on documents that are publicly available.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I will tell you, I mean, people who are in authority are absolutely concerned about this information that you've brought to light and the fact that we're only just now finding it when they're meeting next week. It sounds like the information wasn't made public till April 26th. And now here we are trying to play catch up. I think you knew about it before that, and we're trying to surmise what it would mean. It's difficult because we don't think deceptively like this. When we're living our lives, we're not trying to think of how we can control everyone else. And during COVID, we saw what that was like, and how important it is for us to have our sovereignty. We cannot transfer that to the W.H.O., who lied to us over and over and over again, or at best, they were simply ignorant to what was happening. And maybe they didn't know what the outcome would be of their decisions. But they've killed far more people with their COVID policy shutdowns, isolations, and now mandatory shots than COVID ever did. So this is extremely alarming to think of us turning over our ability to declare an emergency health situation in our country that would be given to, like you said, a bureaucracy with one person in charge who has already proven they do not have our good in mind. You get the last word.

James Roguski: Absolutely. And if you go all the way back to Roman times, the word itself, dictator, was the person who was given extreme power during an emergency to handle that emergency. And so, the definition of dictatorship is that there's a declared emergency, and someone is given the power to have all of these controls. And so they're looking to have permanent emergency situations so that they can have permanent dictatorial power. And if you think that's a good idea, then you should be all for these amendments. If you think that's a bad idea, well, now is the time to speak up.

Sherronna Bishop: Mr. Roguski, you are a true patriot. Thank you for your effort and your research. You're exactly what the founders hoped Americans would be. Thank you so much for being with us.

James Roguski: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Sherronna Bishop: In the midst of COVID, the nurses' medical professionals were deemed essential while the rest of the world's workers were deemed non-essential. That was great. Until all of a sudden, mandates came down, telling nurses what they had to put into their bodies, telling medical professionals what they had to do in order to be essential once again. And it had nothing to do with their professionalism or how they executed their job. It was rather about what they would put into their bodies to comply with this new national mandate driven by Biden's regime. Well, we look back now on all of those professionals, those health care professionals who held the line, who stood strong for you. And even though it cost them everything, including their livelihoods and their reputation, they did not falter.

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Sherronna Bishop: Jefferson said that the Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be replenished with the blood of both patriots and tyrannical government. Now, these last two years, we've watched unbelievable bloodshed. We've watched people who have lost everything. And for what? So that a government could become more controlling and extreme in what should be the freest nation in the entire world. Today's show has really been about alarming you, bringing you to attention so that you don't allow these tyrants to run over your American dream, steal your future from you, and annihilate the light of the city on a hill for the rest of the world. It's up to us, America. We must secure what we want. We must fight for what we want. Remember, all that's necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. See you all back here on Wednesday. 

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