Trump Administration Began Developing Vaccine Before Covid-19 Cases Hit U.S. | American Defense Capabilities at Risk Due to Ukraine Aid | Clay Clark


The election fraud fight in Arizona is all but over as Kari Lake continues to take her case to court against Katie Hobbs. She has been granted an expedited hearing on the election fraud problems.

Taking to many media platforms Kari Lake continues to proclaim the startling facts surrounding Maricopa County and the false testimonies of those the defendant brought to testify on their behalf.

It's a race against time, however, as Democrats move forward with an agenda to install the methods which gained them the victories. Although the methods are unconstitutional it does not matter as they've been given guaranteed victories the past few elections using them.

This is why the outcry and battle that Kari Lake gives must be met with success. If it is not then the country will no longer have truly elected officials and enters into tyranny with certain doom.

The state of America looks bleak as government officials continue to give away its defense capabilities through funneling weapons and funds to Ukraine. The greatest blow to America has been given by her enemies without ever having to set foot on the soil with an attack.

As defense contractors are pushed to raise production the neocon war machine continues to profit at the detriment of the citizenry. This is another reason a Kari Lake victory regarding elections is crucial.

Leadership must change and their ironclad grip on controlling elections can be lost by returning to fair elections.

Clay Clark joins to discuss CBDCs and the ability to control those who adhere to its implementation. As the world faces collapse the technocratic elitists accelerate their plans with the Great Reset. World domination is imminent.

Can people be prepared for the inevitable as we already see national and world leaders converge in Davos to dialogue for world control?

After Donald Trump doubled down on his falsely perceived Operation Warp Speed success he shifted his voting base again. Creating contention among the supporters, he has left open the ability for another contender to take his place as the front-runner in 2024.

However, after his comments in supporting the bio-weapon vaccine, it is revealed that Operation Warp Speed was a front for what was already in place through actions by the Trump administration in developing a Covid vaccine before anyone experienced it in America.

Is Trump complicit or is he completely fooled? The evidence emerges and he must abandon this narrative or face defeat.

Will he though?

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