Training: Missouri Election Watch - Voter Experience


The Missouri Election Watch Project is a grassroots effort to monitor our elections and submit failures, fraud, anomalies, and anything 'fishy' via Incident Reports. Projects are created to watch Public Testing of Machines, Voter Experience, and Procedures at the Polls. Anyone can participate: voters, candidates, poll workers, election officials, and concerned citizens. The Project is coordinated by Missouri Canvassers ([email protected]) and Cause of America - Missouri ([email protected]).

This topic is VOTER EXPERIENCE. Voting is a civic duty and protected right. Any voter, person who assists a voter, or someone who witnesses other voters having issues, may participate in the Voter Experience topic of the Missouri Election Watch Project. Simply watch this training video and download the Incident Report.

Download the Incident Report

Incident Report for EWP2: Voter Experience

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