Todd Bensman Joins To Discuss The Iran Deal And Illegal Aliens Dying At The Border


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No Dealing With Iran – Dealing With Illegal Immigrants

We should not have any dealings with Iran and should be placing more sanctions on them. Return to a Trump era means of dealing with them as they are a global danger. 

We do not want to be political with the tragedy of migrants that died in a trailer found in San Antonio. We have always had this type of smuggling across the border but with Biden, it is suspected that it is an even greater problem. He has created a sort of deportation-free zone in the United States by reducing ICE duties and priorities to a sliver of what they were. Illegals are thinking that if they can just get past border patrol and into this area they will be free for years of earning without the worry of deportation. People are still being pushed back into Mexico if border patrol finds them. If they can get past the 100 miles that border patrol has jurisdiction over they feel that all is good for them. When we don't have a family unit crisis as we have now, trucks are stopped and checked. Since border patrol is spending time checking in families, the time they have to check trucks in the 100-mile radius is limited and many checkpoints are now closed. Border agents are doing babysitting of these families as opposed to the job they are supposed to be doing of checking trucks for illegal smuggling.

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