There Seems To Be Little To No Interest From The State Into Looking At The Evidence That Voter Fraud Took Place In Mesa County

about a year ago

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The DA Doesn’t Care About Voter Fraud in Mesa County

DA did not take the evidence presented thoughtfully and did not handle it as the criminal case it was. They tried to shoot it down with technicality or logical fallacy. Some are trying to pass this off as a one-time occurrence. the same tining happened in the 2021 municipal election. It was handled by the same equipment used in the 2020 election. There were over 8500 votes that were questionable. Some were looked at, and others seemed to get locked in the closet somewhere. Although there were more than enough ballots to change election results, the District Attorney refuses to investigate voter fraud. When new election software was brought in from Dominion, it erased all previous election information. If Mesa county had not taken a picture of the hard drive on these machines, no one would ever be able to look at any past results for any reason as it was all removed with the new install.