Text Messages Uncover Potential Election Crimes in GA


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Emerald Robinson: More Pfizer information is being uncovered from the 55,000 pages released by the FDA. We discussed that with Dr. Naomi Wolf. Plus, a new audio recording leaked revealed the moments when Twitter employees found out that Elon Musk was going to become the new owner of the platform. And more evidence of election fraud was uncovered in Georgia. Today is April the 27th, and you're in on The Absolute Truth. Well, good news, we're apparently officially out of the pandemic phase, but that's because Dr. Fauci now says so. Biden administration's top medical adviser told PBS, quote, "We certainly in this country are out of the pandemic phase." And let's turn to Pfizer. The pharmaceutical company didn't get the word that the pandemic phase was over because it was pushing its boosters onto children. Pfizer is asking the FDA for emergency use authorization for its COVID 19 booster shot for children ages 5 to 11. Now, this all comes as the White House is also pushing the new Pfizer COVID treatment called Paxlovid. The treatment is a new treatment; it's an antiviral. The White House believes it is being underused, but I really want to turn to those that were punished for holding big pharma accountable. Emerald Robinson: As many of you know, my career in corporate journalism was threatened when I began to investigate the patents and the ingredients of the Moderna vaccine. I was suspended from Twitter in November of 2021 and labeled a conspiracy theorist for asking questions about big pharma products. Joining me now is a woman who understands exactly what I went through because she went through the same experience in the summer of 2021 when she, too, dared to investigate the safety profiles of the COVID vaccines. Of course, we're talking about celebrated author Dr. Naomi Wolf, and we are so excited to have her here to talk about her new book as well, which I encourage everyone to buy. It's about COVID tyranny, and it's called The Bodies of Others. She's just one of the most outstanding guardians of our civil liberties in America right now and indeed around the world, and we're so honored to welcome her to our show. Naomi, thank you for joining us.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Thank you so much for having me. I admire your work as well.

Emerald Robinson: Well, I'm definitely honored by that. I want to talk a little bit about your book and the project you have going on, sifting through the 55,000 pages of Pfizer data that did get released. But first, let's start with your book because it describes a pivotal moment in humanity. You say we're at a civilizational crossroads in which there are these impersonal forces that are dictating how we live and even what we put into our bodies and that they want the world before March 2020 to be gone forever.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Yeah, that's correct. We all know we've lived through something really traumatic for the last two years, but the messaging has been very comprehensive that the justification for our lockdown and our kids being kept from in-person schooling for months and months and forced vaccinations of experimental material, suppression of speech, suppression of our civil liberties, and living under emergency law, which most Americans don't even realize is the case right now. President Biden extended in an open-ended way an emergency order, and here in New York State, where under emergency law. People have been told that that's all needed because of a public health emergency. The truth is much scarier than a real public health problem was escalated, message, and hyped in such a way that a few bad actors working loose alliance were able to kind of make war against the West. Also specifically, as I argue in my book, The Bodies of Others, against human beings and the things that human beings can do together as a community. The reason for that was to benefit these bad actors, notably big tech.

Emerald Robinson: Now, Dr. Fauci, who is one of those forces that you talk about in your book, has come out in the last 24 hours to say BREAKING: The COVID pandemic is over, but you still need to get vaccinated intermittently. What are your thoughts? What's your reaction to this latest statement from Lord Fauci?

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Well, it is an example of how completely captured both our regulatory agencies are. I have to say. I'm embarrassed because I voted for them, and this White House is by forces that are meta-national, that do not have the American people's well-being at heart. Also, the fact that this went unquestioned is an example, and I trace the money flow in my book to how mainstream media and social media platforms are also captured and bought off. It's not only a crazy statement, but it's also extremely dangerous. You mentioned in your intro that we'd got these amazing 2,500 volunteers combination of the War Room, Posse, and Daily Clout, my company. People are highly credentialed medical researchers, doctors and nurses, medical fraud investigators, and biostatisticians. They're poring over these 55,000 documents that a court order forced Pfizer and the FDA to release, and the FDA had wanted these documents sealed for 75 years till we were dead and gone. What are they finding? Well, they're finding that there were horrible harm deaths, spontaneous abortions, neurological problems, fainting, heart damage, debilitating muscle pain, and debilitating joint pain that was concealed by Pfizer and the FDA from the American people. So, there are reasons that have not yet come to light that the criminals are doubling down rather than pulling back. It probably has to do with advice they're getting from their lawyers, but a terrible fraud has been enacted upon the American people. And if American parents, especially or anyone, had disclosed to them the risks and harms that Pfizer knew about and that the FDA knew about and concealed, it is very unlikely that they would have submitted their bodies at any kind of scale to this experimental treatment with these side effects and risks.

Emerald Robinson: So, how long do the pharmaceutical companies know that these vaccines were not safe, that there were serious adverse side effects based on what you see in these documents?

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Yeah. I also just want to kind of credit you because they're a handful of heroes and heroines right now in history, and you're one of them. You acted like a reporter, and there are like three of us. You know, at least one, in the center, on the left, that has acted like reporters. A lot more reporters, I'm embarrassed to say. You know, we're happy to stay on the right-hand side of the spectrum. But there are so many people who are supposed to be reporting the news who have simply swallowed the Kool-Aid and refuse to ask the good questions. Those of us who have asked the good questions do get de-platformed, smeared, and attacked. We have to hire crisis counselors to manage the negative press and so on. So, how do they know? Let me answer your question. It's so shocking, Emerald. Pfizer knew in December of 2020, one month after the rollout of the vaccines, that the vaccines were ineffective, that they were of short duration, the impact, and that there was also vaccine failure. One of the side effects you see in the internal documents dating from the end of 2020 is COVID. So, they knew six months before there was that spring launch of the study out of Israel that showed that the vaccine's durability waned, that therefore, oh, my goodness, you need a booster, right. They knew five months before that the vaccines would not protect you long-term, but they didn't tell millions of people.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Most everyone I know who got a vaccine in late 2020, or early 2021, believed that would be it. Like all other vaccines, they would be immune. Pfizer did not say this will maybe not work, maybe it'll fail, maybe it'll have negative efficacy, and you'll need it again and again. But coming from the world of tech, I'm a tech CEO. I predicted, and one reason I was de-platformed, that there would be boosters from the way Moderna's website structured its pitch to investors. Their claims to investors very early on that I alerted people to was that, unlike traditional vaccines, people would need these over and over again. The CDC also had an internal document that my husband, Brian O'Shea, a very good private investigator, located that shows six slots for boosters. The internal documents also show multiple slots very early on. So, the plan was always to give people multiple injections. They just concealed that fact and rolled it out sequentially as if they were discovering for the first time that the vaccines lacked durability. However, I want to say something more serious. Pfizer knew about harm. The FDA knew about harms that they kept from the American people for many months before disclosing them, and some harms they've not disclosed at all.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: For example, to me, as a mother and stepmother, this is the one I can't forgive. Dr. Chris Flowers, who's a professor of radiology, wrote this essay for us at Daily Clout. He's one of the volunteers. Pfizer and the FDA knew in May of 2021 that 35 kids, minors, and teenagers had heart damage within a week after being injected with the mRNA vaccines, according to a peer-reviewed study. And because Dr. Flowers engages in peer review, he knows that peer review would have happened for some months prior to that. So, medical insiders would have known it. Nonetheless, the FDA gave the emergency use authorization for teens in June of 2021, a month after they knew that 35 kids had permanent heart damage a week after being injected. Parents were not informed about the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis until August of 2021. After millions of teenagers, or at least tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of teenagers, had been injected with parents' consent because parents did not know the risks. So, kids were getting heart damage and were not told in advance.

Emerald Robinson: And it sounds like not only do they know, but they specifically intentionally tried not to know. One of your latest discoveries, I thought, was just huge in that Pfizer didn't follow up with a lot of sick people who took their vaccine. Actually, you talked about this with Steve Bannon. You said it so well. So, let's take a look at what you said on Bannon's show, War Room.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: What Team Five found, among other mind-blowing headlines, was that almost half of the cases are missing. In other words, 20,761 of 42,086 quote, "Relevant cases are missing." They're not followed up, yet they were identified as, quote, "Not recovered at the time of the report." So, we don't know what happened to them.

Emerald Robinson: Naomi, did the FDA know about this when they approved the vaccine and continued the EUAs. They know that Pfizer wasn't following up with sick people.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Emerald, at the bottom of most of these documents, is the words FDA and confidential. These documents went directly to the FDA, and as a result of their going directly to the FDA, these are public documents. They belong to us. The FDA had no right by law to conceal them. In fact, 12 members of Congress have written a very stern letter to the head of the FDA, demanding that the FDA disclose all of their internal documents related to these vaccines and Pfizer's authorization. They haven't done so yet. Again, all of these documents, all of these facts, belonged to us. We were paying for the FDA. The FDA represents us. It's a government agency that has to abide by disclosures of public documents, and they were hidden. It's worse than Watergate. I mean, it's much worse than Watergate. It's worse than the Pentagon Papers. The court case that released these documents was against the FDA, not Pfizer. So, the FDA is, in some ways, even more of a criminal than Pfizer because the FDA works for us. Pfizer doesn't pretend to work for us.

Emerald Robinson: There's also this SEC report that you talked about where the vaccine maker BioNTech is transferring data to China. Why would this company be transferring data to the Communist Chinese Party, essentially?

Dr. Naomi Wolf: That is a very important question. Just to be clear, I don't yet know that it's data. What the SEC filing says for BioNTech, which is a company that I have also found out is aligned with and working with an in a joint venture with a CCP, aligned Chinese pharmaceutical company, Fosun Pharmaceuticals. They have been developing mRNA vaccines with this CCP-aligned pharmaceutical company. What the SEC filing says is that I.T. and I.T. transfer was 100% complete, and there was also a note that it was, for strategic reasons, delayed. So, it's a bit of a contradiction, but it does raise a huge red flag because it means what does tech mean in the context of a pharmaceutical company, a vaccine company, and a health data company? Right. Because inevitably, all of the injections generate data. That's why there's been such a push for vaccine passports, vaccine records, you know, digitizing your health records, and third-party companies like Big Tech scooping up what used to be HIPAA-protected private health records. Well, what I.T. could mean, what tech could mean in this context, is our DNA. Digitization of our DNA because when you have the nasal testing and the injections, you also can have access to people's DNA, possibly our health records, our first personally identifying information, or simply the ingredients for the vaccine. Right. That's the technology that they've also developed being transferred to China. To China, it doesn't even say to Fosun Pharmaceuticals. It says to China. The other thing you need to know is that BioNTech got funding from China to develop the vaccine from Fosun Pharmaceuticals, and there was a transfer of shares, which was also a little bit bizarre. Some Hong Kong-based investor who is not named in the filings got transferred back over 5 million shares to the company BioNTech and Pfizer for no money.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: So, there are ties there. We don't know the answers yet, but there are ties there with the CCP because there's no such thing as a company in China doing business in China that is not aligned with the CCP. Pfizer also has an R&D hub in Wuhan, which I just discovered this morning, as well as in two other cities. So, there's a circularity of money flow and tech flow back and forth between the CCP and Pfizer/BioNTech, which has to be investigated. The reason I raised this is not theoretical. When you're looking, Emerald, at the Pfizer documents, the internal documents, you see these reports by these highly credentialed researchers. What I see from my life experience as a former political consultant is harms to the American people that were allowed to continue and continue. As a former political consultant, something is not normal because the FDA and the CDC report to the White House ultimately. Under normal conditions, if there's a risk of this kind of scandal, of harms being hidden, deaths, spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, babies dying, after lactating vaccinated mothers being hidden from the American people. That's a risk of burning up huge amounts of political capital. It would not be allowed to continue. So, there's something very dangerous and disturbing about the fact that damages and harms are being committed against the American people. Mishandling of data and concealing of data were allowed to continue for months and months; Indeed, for over a year, under the oversight of the White House, nothing happened. To me, that's a massive national security breach.

Emerald Robinson: That leads me to my next question about the whole motivation for this. There's the transhumanist writer Yuval Harari. Harari said that the vaccines had forced people to accept digital surveillance under the skin. We have about 10 seconds left in the segment. So, quickly, do you think the vaccines are part of a system for transmitting biometric data based on what you're seeing in the papers and what you're learning?

Dr. Naomi Wolf: I don't have any evidence for that, and I think, especially with transhumanism, it's very important not to get ahead of the evidence. One thing I'll never forget is that Steve Waterhouse, who is a very distinguished cybersecurity expert early on, referred to lockdowns as a hack. You know, China has always wanted to hack to get access to all of our IP, but also all of our DNA and our medical records. I mean, that's their stated goal. There's a white paper that they want to be the hub for DNA and also for medical records, medical data into the 21st century for the whole world. So, I definitely see that the vaccines alliance with the vaccine passport drive, which is a whole chapter in my book The Bodies of Others, can allow 360-degree surveillance and control of Americans and other formerly free Westerners. That would not have been possible without this narrative of virus vaccine surveillance and digital 380-degree records.

Emerald Robinson: Dr. Wolf, thank you so much for being here. I encourage everyone to get your book and to continue to follow what you and your team are doing. We'll continue to report it here. We appreciate you being here with us today and everything you're doing.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Thank you so much. I appreciate you as well as I've said. Thank you and your audience. Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: Thanks, coming up. It's a leaked Twitter tape. We'll play it for you next.

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Emerald Robinson: New internal audio of a Twitter meeting with employees leaked to Project Veritas last night; the audio reveals some of the pushback the company is receiving internally from the Elon Musk buyout. Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal even acknowledges Musk's free speech agenda and gives it his stamp of approval. Take a listen.

Video Clip: With no board in place, who will keep you accountable and how? Elon made it clear in public that a large part of the reason he bought the platform was because of our moderation policies and disagreements in how we deal with health. This puts Twitter service and trust and safety, as well as anybody who cares about health on the platform, in a very difficult position. I believe that there is a lot of work we have to do to continue making that better. Sometimes that means more thoughtful moderation. Sometimes that means making things simpler. During the last couple of hands, you said that you trust Elon Musk. The correct quote was, "We trust him." So, who are we, and talking to Elon, what made you trust him? And based on the conversation I had with him when we were excited to have him join our board, that was because, as a major shareholder and an opinionated user, we wanted that voice in our boardroom so that we could learn.

Emerald Robinson: Elon Musk has been very clear on where he stands on this free speech, big tech war. Musk, again commenting on Twitter's liberal employee's remarks by saying quote, "The extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all. By free speech, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask the government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people." So, with that said, what are Twitter's employees really afraid of? Let's welcome Project Veritas media relations manager Mario Balaban. Mario, it's good to see you. Thanks for joining us again so soon.

Mario Balaban: Hi Emerald, it's good to be with you. Yeah, it's quite interesting to get these. We've actually had leaked tapes from Twitter before when Trump got banned in 2021. In January of 2021, someone inside Twitter also leaked a tape of Jack Dorsey and Veja, who were in charge of their legal team. Those videos went viral. All of this was sudden. We've got this tape basically in the last 24 hours. We turned it around, and this is the impact it's having already. It's a big one.

Emerald Robinson: I think I was a little bit surprised that you heard the executives saying, yeah, I trust Elon Musk. I almost felt like this could have been a targeted leak to make him look better because that's not really what we were hearing from anyone from the company prior to last week. Right. Or this week, I should say.

Mario Balaban: So, what we saw in this leaked audio, we have a two-minute version, and we have the full 45 minutes that we put out. What we saw here is that the employees are the ones who are asking questions and having more doubts. Really, a lot of them seem to be struggling with what's going on. It seems like people like Bret Taylor, who is the board member, and Parag Agarwal, who is the CEO, have their fiduciary duties to comply with. They're treading a line here, really, where they basically sold the company to Elon Musk. So, they can't really be seen criticizing him. So, potentially they could be hiding what they truly feel about the situation. They probably could be aligned with a lot of the Twitter employees who don't know what's going to happen or feel very concerned about what's going on. One thing that Agarwal said that caught my attention, though, is that he's still doubling down on Twitter's policies of content moderation. He said, "At one point, the role of our policies and the capabilities we've built around content moderation are fundamental to keeping Twitter safe and growing." So, clearly, he still wants to lean into what Twitter's been doing under his leadership for years now. But it also shows a lot of questions that Twitter employees had about what would happen next. Their answer was, well, we'll have to talk to Elon. Hopefully, we can get Elon Musk to talk to you guys directly because we don't know the answer. So, they clearly know that something could be changing very soon.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I mean, it is going to be interesting to see how much Musk can really effect change at Twitter based on the clear ideological leanings and the promotion of censorship within the ranks of the employment base. Do you feel that you'll be getting more videos, more leaked tapes from inside Twitter and that we'll learn more about what's going on? Because I'm really curious to see how this is going to play out and if Musk is really committed to changing Twitter and if he really can.

Mario Balaban: That's a great point, and we would love to get more tape. Obviously, we encourage that constantly. I think, usually, what happens is because of a catalyst. You know, when one person comes out, several other people say, I can do this, too. That's what we hope. I will note something interesting that happened last night when we put the video out. Leslie Berland, who was the CMO for Twitter, was asking the questions on behalf of the staff to the CEO of the board. She tweeted and said, "Hi, at every Twitter global, all hands. I read real-time questions that come in from our employees. It's always open and unfiltered. An audio clip of me reading was leaked, edited, and misrepresented as my and the company's views. Transparency and openness are core to who we are, and I'm going to continue to give a platform for questions and feedback from employees. That is all, getting back to work." So, clearly, this video struck a nerve there. She was not happy, but I will tell Lesley that she didn't check that we put out the full 45-minute clip as well. It's available. So, what is edited and misrepresented? I don't know. She hasn't answered that question. But, you know, clearly, she's not happy about what we put out last night.

Emerald Robinson: Did you follow up with her to comment on the fact that you put out the full 45 unedited version to see if she wanted to amend her statement?

Mario Balaban: We try to call her. She didn't answer that, and a lot of our supporters on Twitter started tweeting the full video on the same thread where she put her comments. So, I'm pretty sure she's aware that the 45-minute clip is available now if she wasn't before. So, I think she knows.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, she probably knows, but I think it's highly doubtful she'll address the full video. Well, Mario, we really appreciate you coming on. I just love these stories you all get, and I love that you put the full video out there. I think that's so important because they can't say that it's edited. It's just really them.

Mario Balaban: Right, exactly. It's their own words. At Project Veritas, we don't opine. We don't give our opinions on stories. We get whistleblowers to come to us. We get undercover videos and people in their own words talking. So, to tell us that we have a right-wing bias or anything like that it's outrageous. If we're recording people, we're recording people. It's that simple.

Emerald Robinson: Well, thanks, Mario. Thanks for bringing us this, and people can go to your website and find the full 45-minute version to watch for themselves and form their own opinions. Thanks, Mario.

Mario Balaban: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: All right. Coming up, the focus on election fraud continues as we head back down to Georgia to get the latest in the Peach State with Holly Kessler of Georgia Patriots.

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Video Clip: I've always said there's fraud in every election, and when I was secretary of state.

Emerald Robinson: I think former Senator David Perdue was all of us at that moment from Sunday night's Georgia GOP gubernatorial primary debate. Because that's very different from what Governor Kemp and other establishment leadership in Georgia had to say in the days and months following the November the 3rd, 2020 election, now Kemp and his secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, all of a sudden acknowledge the election fraud. In fact, according to a Just The News article, the secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, is calling for a nationwide ban on ballot harvesting and is investigating the illegal ballot harvesting in the 2020 election that lines up with what True The Vote found in the Peach State, will be featured in the upcoming 2,000 Mules documentary. But there's still rampant fraud in the swing state that will perhaps be the most-watched state in the upcoming midterm cycle. My next guest is well versed in Georgia politics and Georgia election fraud. Welcome.

Holly Kesler: Good morning, Emerald. How are you?

Emerald Robinson: Good, thanks; we'll get back to the whole investigation from Raffenspenger in just a minute. But I want to bring up something that you brought to our attention here at The Absolute Truth that is happening in Chatham County. Can you tell us in this graph with all these numbers can you tell us exactly what is going on here?

Holly Kesler: So, what you see right here is what I consider to be a ghost precinct. You can see there were zero registered voters in this getaway island state park listed precinct, but there were 1,599 votes cast in that precinct. So, that's why I call it a ghost precinct. We've seen and heard of phantom voters, ghost voters, all that sort of thing. Georgia actually had ghost precincts, and this is one of them. Another thing that we're seeing is they are now, I guess, in an effort to cover it up, is the only thing that I can think of is they're going to merge. They're merging several precincts together when in reality, we should be breaking precincts down and getting them smaller so that there is a little bit more control and transparency within those precincts, and there are not so many numbers. But that's part of the cover-up there. They're combining precincts now. So, this is going to be a good one to watch.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, the numbers didn't quite add up. Well, we definitely got to keep an eye on that, so keep us posted on that. We also have some exclusive text messages from Athens-Clarke County, which is the county in which Kemp was a state senator. The text shows two county commissioners discussing a local board. Commissioner Tim Denson says in one message they need to try to make your math work. So, the quote-unquote "Conservative people don't make it on the board" and other messages talk about ghosting into a spreadsheet to allegedly manipulate the data. Now, we reached out to these two commissioners, Denson and Mariah Parker, for comment or clarification but didn't hear back either way. So, what is this, Holly? Because this looks bad.

Holly Kesler: It is bad, and what we're finding out is a Democrat leaked these messages. I mean, these are Democrat commissioners leaking messages. I had a phone call yesterday that was a very good phone call. The Democrat was talking to me about Candace Taylor and how much they love Candace Taylor, and they do not want Stacey Abrams in. She also talked to me about Stacey and the fix. How they stole the election, and the rumors and things that they're hearing and seeing that she's going to do it again. That she's actually in bed with Kemp, and they're planning on doing it again. So, there's a lot of manipulation. There's a lot of cheating going on. It brings up the question with Chris Carr. Why is his office not doing anything? I've sat on an hour-long, I mean, six and eight-hour-long state election board phone calls going county by county and all of the complaints, all of the reports. You know, the fraud, everything, and immediately it's, we're turning it over to Chris Carr's office. We're turning it over to the attorney general's office. He's opened an investigation, but nothing's happening. Nothing at all is happening.

Emerald Robinson: So, explain to our audience who exactly Chris Carr is, who might not know.

Holly Kesler: Okay. He's the attorney general for the state of Georgia. I've also just received reports that he is now starting to call constituents across the state and tell them that he has no jurisdiction to make an arrest. He has no jurisdiction to open up investigations and tells people that he's the attorney for the executive branch. Now, you're the attorney for the people of Georgia.

Emerald Robinson: So, that takes me back to the story we talked about at the top of the segment. Does that give you any confidence in the secretary of state's office and their investigation that reportedly is going on, and they've sent out subpoenas for people who they think are guilty of ballot harvesting and that they're really going to shut it down this time? Do you think this is a legit investigation?

Holly Kesler: I don't, Emerald. I think it's all part of the dog and pony show. I think that it's an election year. They want to come out strong right here at the end of the election year. You know this is stuff that they've had for a while. There were tons of reports, I mean, tons of reports that came out from November the 3rd, even before November the 3rd. I got complaints, so I know, for a fact, they were getting complaints about things, and they've been sitting on the stuff. They've known things that had gone on, and they just now want to do something about it. It's a show.

Emerald Robinson: I think it's also interesting timing with the 2,000 Mules documentary coming out next week that features a lot of ballot harvesting in the state of Georgia. I think that timing is a little coincidental, and there's a lot more we have to discuss that we're working on, Holly. And we'll talk to you about it next week because our eyes are all on Georgia. Thanks, Holly.

Holly Kesler: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: And while a lot of high-profile Dems want to deny election fraud in the 2020 election, a new Rasmussen poll reveals that most Democrat voters still think Russia influenced the outcome of the 2016 election. We will discuss this with Rasmussen's Robert Stacey McCain after the break. Plus some more.

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Emerald Robinson: Democrat voters still believe that Russia was responsible for changing the 2016 presidential elections. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 47% of likely voters believe Russian interference changed the 2016 presidential election outcome. Now, let's take a look at the breakdown in the age demographics: 57% of people polled believe Russian interference changed the 2016 presidential election results, 45% of people ages 40-64, and 38%, 65 and older also agree with that claim. When asked about this year's midterm elections, 53% of Democrats believe Russian interference is very likely. Interesting. Now let's bring in the managing editor at Rasmussen Reports, Robert Stacy McCain. Stacy, good to see you.

Robert Stacy McCain: Good to see you, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Now, I'm always excited when there's a new poll from you all because they're always interesting. So, tell us a little bit about this one. What does this latest poll tell? Tell us specifically about Democratic voters in general.

Robert Stacy McCain: Well, the thing is that there is a gap between the belief of Democratic voters and most other voters, where whereas 72% of Democrats believe that Russia is responsible for changing the outcome of the 2016 election. - Oh, hang on a second, I've lost the numbers here. Only 30% of Republicans, and 39% of unaffiliated voters, that is to say, independents, believe this, and so it shows how the media landscape influences opinions across party lines.

Emerald Robinson: Well, that's what I was going to ask you. Did you have a question included in that survey of the networks they watched and how much time they spent watching, for example, MSNBC and CNN?

Robert Stacy McCain: No, we don't ask that, but we have asked about this before. And you can see a clear correlation between where people get their news and what their opinions are. Most Republican viewers get their news from independent sources or conservative sources, so these are viewpoints you're not going to get from CNN or MSNBC, or most of the major broadcast networks.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, because most of them have not covered the fact that we now know how much the Clinton campaign created and pushed this narrative about Russian collusion with Donald Trump. But there are clearly, on both sides of the aisle, questions about election integrity. Clearly, these two groups on opposite ends of the spectrum think there are different kinds of interference, different kinds of fraud. But overall, the American public, based on not just this poll but other polls you've done, does not have faith in our elections. And if you look at Democrats and independents also said they're not sure Joe Biden was legitimately elected. I think you all did one of those as well. There's a higher number of them, I would say, that don't have faith in the 2020 election, the Democrats, then there are Republicans who think there is Russian interference. Would you say that's true based on your polling?

Robert Stacy McCain: Oh, absolutely. The thing is, whereas we have a congressional committee now investigating January the 6th, supposedly, you're a dangerous insurrectionist if you think that there was cheating during the 2020 election. Those same people, those same Democrats, believe that Russia somehow influenced the outcome. So, really, there is a level of distrust in elections in both parties, but only one party is being accused of trying to undermine the democracy for having doubts about election results.

Emerald Robinson: Right, and that's largely because one party is in control of the media and the administrative state. But you know what? Overall, this polling is concerning. If you think that the majority of Americans don't have faith in our elections, you have to ask where democracy is today. But it's important for us to know the opinions of Americans and this kind of polling. So, we appreciate your work in coming on to tell us about it, Stacy.

Robert Stacy McCain: Thank you very much.

Emerald Robinson: Well, today, we'd like to bring you a special edition of Libs on Tick Tock. Today, we'd like to discuss how TikTok users are covering the Johnny Depp defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. And there's no one better who can cover this segment than the Bucalupo editor-in-chief Sofia Carbone. Sofia, good to see you today.

Sofia Carbone: Good to see you, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Now, the civil trial filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife is being covered, wall to wall extensively. You can't go on any social media platform and not see something about it, specifically by TikTok users. Amber Heard accuses Depp of abusing her during their marriage. Depp claims that is false. So, why don't you show us, and I'll tell you why I think we should have done this in a little bit. But Sofia, why don't you go ahead and show us how TikTok users are covering this trial.

Sofia Carbone: Well, drug users are definitely taking Johnny Depp's side, to say the least, in this. This first TikTok I have, I think, kind of sums up their position on it. So, I'll let you go ahead and take a look at that one.

Video Clip: (Amber Heard is writing notes. Johnny Depp is sitting in his chair).

Emerald Robinson: I did notice that she was furiously writing notes, and why I wanted to talk about this is because I think it's very interesting how this is being portrayed on social media, in the corporate media, and the coverage of it, because it really is pro, Johnny Depp, so we've moved in this place, this feminist world that we've been in, the push for feminism. We went from believing all women to that woman is a liar. I think this has interesting implications for what we've been talking about for the last four years. What do you think?

Sofia Carbone: I think it should have interesting implications. It should make everyone who's blindly pledged their allegiance to feminism and the MeToo movement and the believe all women mantra to reconsider. You know, Amber Heard's Lawyers really are not helping her out here. They're just making a fool of her in her case at this trial, but I definitely think that people should start to reconsider this. Maybe we made a mistake by just saying believe all women. The audiotape that came out during the trial that Depp's lawyers played is allegedly an argument between the two, where she says in the trial, "go ahead, accuse me of abuse, no one's going to believe you." Our culture has gotten to such a toxic place just based on this believe-all-women premise. We saw it with Kavanaugh. We're seeing it with Depp, and it keeps happening again and again. The second TikTok I pulled for you on it just shows how her lawyers are really not been helping her out, and Depp has been running circles around them.

Video Clip: Drinking. - You were drinking pretty heavily. - Were you there? You know, I mean, it isn't happy hour any time. I once gave Marilyn Manson a pill, you know - Stop talking so much. (laughing)

Emerald Robinson: Again, it's just interesting to me those social media users are portraying Johnny Depp in such a positive light. And you know the term we've heard tossed around through this? It really surprised me. There was one person who specifically said Ireland Baldwin called Amber Heard's behavior toxic femininity. Sofia, we're always hearing about toxic masculinity. You're a young woman, and you follow the trends of these young women. I don't as much, and I would never pay attention to something like this. But is there now sort of a shift in which we are moving away from the toxic masculinity, and then you're hearing something like toxic femininity. Are more women getting tired of the portrayal of gender dynamics?

Sofia Carbone: I think there's definitely a shift that started. I was reading a lot of the comments on these videos about the trial on TikTok. Some of them have millions of likes on them and millions of views. In the comments, I see a lot of people are against Amber Heard. I do think that conservative media and conservative pundits have to kind of connect the dots for a lot of these young people in talking about it's not one particular instance. It's unfortunate that we had to have a trial about this be so public in order to finally get the public to start realizing that there is toxic femininity and that we shouldn't be subscribing to believe all women. But people, I think, really do have to start, especially conservative media personalities, taking the two dots and connecting them for young people, as we did with Biden and gas prices. We have to kind of say, you don't like what Amber Heard's doing, that's fine, but we did this because of the last decade of feminism and the MeToo movement and believe all women.

Emerald Robinson: You know, I think you hit the nail on the head right there, and that's why I thought it was important to talk about because, as you said, it's connecting the dots in a general movement in the culture that has been pervasive over the last few years. There's kind of a breakthrough, so often in the past, largely in the past, conservatives have missed these opportunities in the pop culture, in the cultural world. I'll just say I don't know enough about this to know who's in the wrong, but there are clearly these cultural implications that are coming out of this trial if conservatives will do as you said and connect the dots.

Sofia Carbone: Definitely. I think that it's starting to happen. I definitely see more and more trends on TikTok and social media in general, just in conversations I'm having with young people. I think this trial could be what really starts to kind of push the culture war a little bit towards our side in the sense that it gets people asking questions about feminism and gets them waking up a little bit.

Emerald Robinson: Well, thanks for answering my questions about TikTok today, Sofia. Always good to see you, and you can visit her at the Bucalupo online. Now up next, President Joe Biden's financial records reveal millions of dollars in undisclosed income. We will discuss that next.

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Emerald Robinson: More shocking news has come out from Hunter Biden's laptop, if you can believe it, which doesn't really seem humanly possible, but it's true. Emails from the laptop confirm that the dementia patient pretending to be President Joe Biden agreed to pay his crack son's legal bills when the crack head son did a deal with a Chinese Communist Party linked company. But what's really being called into question here is the $5.2 million in unexplained income Joe Biden willingly used to pay that legal bill. Where did that come from? According to the Daily Mail, the income came in after the then vice president left office in 2017. This income, though, was never reported by Joe Biden. The Biden crime family makes its money when the dementia patient funnels his corrupt deals through the crackhead son. Then the crackhead son kicks back a piece of the action to the dementia patient in between rehab and sleeping with his dead brother's wife. It's like an episode of the Kardashians, kind of, well, the Kardashians were also the leaders of the free world and in control of America's nuclear weapons. So, it's less funny, a lot less funny than it should be, because the Biden crime family is not only corrupt and hooked on drugs and bought off by the Chinese communists. But also because the dementia patient is currently wandering around the White House at night with no pants. It's a complete and total indictment of the American political system that Joe Biden was ever allowed to enter the Oval Office. It's a complete indictment of our national security state that it would allow a dementia patient to be installed in the White House while Barack Obama's staff handle things behind the scenes. It's a total indictment of the FBI that the crack head son is under federal investigation for tax offenses and money laundering, but he's never been arrested. He's never even been charged. So, you know, the FBI is lying about really investigating the crackhead son. This is the lowest point in the history of American politics. Nothing else comes close. Let's hope we recover from it, and that's The Absolute Truth.

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