Terror Attack in Turkey, FTX Crypto Collapse & Ties to Ukraine World News 11/13/22


 Breaking- in this developing story, Turkey has been rocked by what appears to be a terror attack leaving 6 dead and over 50 injured. What if the world's biggest ponzi scheme linked US funding for Ukraine with a cryptocurrency that in turn, became the second largest donor to the Democrat party? What if this conspiracy theory was more than a theory? What we do know is a 30 yr old tech guy came out of nowhere to grow a multi-billion dollar company that held Just $900MM In Liquid Assets Vs. $9BN In Liabilities. All of that and much more ahead in today's top news stories from around the world! Read More: https://www.resistancechicks.com/terror-attack-in-turkey-ftx-crypto-collapse-ties-to-ukraine/

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