Tearing Apart The J6 Committee's Arguements


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The Premise of the January 6th Committee Is That Trump Knew What Would Happen

The premise of the January 6th committee is that Trump knew there would be people there and so he must have known there would be violence. He also stated they would not be there to harm him. Again he must have known what was about to happen that day. It should not be assumed that Americans whether gun owners or anyone else is out to cause harm to someone else because they possibly could. No patriots that entered the capital building produced a gun. The committee is grasping at straws to push the idea that because Trump didn't think there needed to be metal detectors on site, there would be violence. They are also grasping by trying to allude that he wanted violence. In 2017 there were so many metal detectors and police at entrances to the national mall that people could not get in. There were extremely long lines of people several abreast that could not get because of the wait to get through the security. Further, once the speeches began, security locked everything down preventing anyone else from entering. Then pictures were taken of inside the mall with wide gaps and used that to say no one was interested in Donald Trump. That it was Russian collusion that got him elected. It is reasonable to conclude that he did not want to see the same thing happen again. It is unreasonable for democrats to demonize Trump supporters that may also be gun owners that were there and legally carrying. It is unreasonable to say that all of these people were there to commit crimes.

The person responding to Liz Cheney's questioning regarding people trying to enter was less than B movie quality acting.

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