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Roger Stone: Welcome. You are about to enter the Stone Zone. I'm your genial host, Roger Stone, and this program is sponsored by They also make available this fantastic venue, this platform, which is becoming the leading platform for some of the most erudite and informative conservative opinions in the country today. Yesterday we had part one of a special on the History of the Republican Party. Coming soon will be part two. Taking the Republican Party from the ashes of Watergate through the rejuvenation of the party in the Reagan Revolution, all the way to the nomination and election of Donald Trump.

We'll analyze the current struggle inside the party between the RINOs, that's Republicans in name only, and the populist America First Trump wing of the party. Now, I got a question yesterday in my email. People ask me whether I support all of the candidates Donald Trump has endorsed and whether my relationship with the President is good. Well, when I disagree with the President, I try to be quiet about it. I love the man. I wanted him to be President for over 20 years. I may be either the first or the second person in the country to conceive of the idea of a Trump Presidency. But let's roll this tape to answer the question as to whether the President and I are at odds. (Video Playing)

President Donald Trump: Roger, how could I not see my wife? (President Trump and Roger Stone Hug)

Roger Stone: God bless you.

Roger Stone: There you have it, the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln. He certainly proved the potency of his endorsement in the sweeping victory of J.D. Vance in Ohio last week. Whether the President can now pull Dr. Oz across the finish line in Pennsylvania remains to be seen. But in true Trumpian style, Donald Trump is going all out for his picks. I can tell you by looking at sophisticated polling information in Nevada, California, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York that Donald Trump is still stronger than a bucket of mullet, as they say in Florida at the grassroots of the Republican Party.

Therefore, his potency and the potency of his endorsements are very, very real. So, we will be doing part two of the Republican Party history very soon here at the Stone Zone. In the meantime, the double standard here is somewhat stunning. If I docked the liberal jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court, or let's say I just publicly publish the home address of, oh, I don't know, Adam Schiff, you know what would happen? Twenty-nine, fully SWAT-clad, heavily armed M-4 semiautomatic assault weapon brandishing FBI agents would appear at my door at 6:00 in the morning to arrest me.

Yet those who are stalking and harassing and seeking to intimidate Supreme Court justices in Washington go unpunished by the FBI or the DOJ. If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards whatsoever. If this early election surprise by the Democrats is meant to try to equalize their situation going into the midterm elections, they may be in for a surprise. Only 4% of American voters list abortion rights as their number one concern. The truth is, 54% approve of Roe as it's currently written. Roe allows a number of restrictions on abortion, 41% are opposed. The intensity is on the fringes of both issues, those who are ardently pro-life, or ardently pro-abortion.

So, if this is the Democrat's surprise card, and they think it trumps gas prices, food shortages, and inflation, not to mention foreign policy catastrophe, they're very wrong. Joining me on the show today is a documentary filmmaker and co-producer of his blockbuster new documentary Propaganda Exposed, but also part of the man and wife duo behind the Truth About Cancer. Ty Bollinger, who joins us from Nashville, Tennessee, here at the Stone Zone. Ty, welcome to the Stone Zone.

Ty Bollinger: Hey, Roger. What's up, my friend? Good to be on with you today.

Roger Stone: You really are rocking the cowboy shirt today. I know I promised you I would, but frankly, I ran out of time. So, you're looking good, my friend. Is that a Scully that I recognize there?

Ty Bollinger: It is a Scully. Now, I thought you were going to wear the purple Scully. So, I decided to wear the blue Scully. I didn't want to match, but this is my second favorite to my purple Scully.

Roger Stone: Well, you gave me a purple Scully as a gift. I treasure it. I have worn it, and I will wear it the next time we're together so we can get some group pictures. Maybe we can get T-shirts that say, I'm with stupid and wear those as well. Listen, I want to talk about your documentary, but first, I want people to really understand who you are. First of all, congratulations. You have gone on a regimen. You've lost weight. I know you're getting into top shape. What people don't know is that both Ty and I were, in our younger days, we competed as bodybuilders. It takes an enormous amount of discipline.

He's in much better shape than I am, but then he's younger than I am. But tell us about your daily regimen. Just before we get to the documentary, I want people to understand you as I know you because I know you're very interested in athletics. You know a lot about science. I've been very clear on this program that the things I learned at the, the incredible website and video series that you and your wife Charlene created saved my wife's life. I do not believe she would be with us today without the fountain of information about alternative cancer treatments available at the But before we get there, tell us about you and then tell us about your son, because he's quite an athlete.

Ty Bollinger: Yeah. Well. Praise God, Roger. I'm so thankful that your wife is doing well. We're so blessed and humbled just to have been used by God, at least to be a small part of that healing. It's just it really is amazing, the natural substances that God has given us to heal our bodies with. So, we're really thankful, and we love you, and we love Nydia as well. We're praying for her every day and so thankful that she's doing well. But as far as my regimen, you know, one of the things that I try to do is practice what I preach. So, we preach clean eating and exercise, and detoxification.

So, I try to do that on a daily basis. One of the things that I've been doing lately, though, like the last six months, I've dropped quite a bit of weight. It wasn't really my intention, but I started doing calorie restrictions because one of the things that I researched was that the people that live the longest are people that live on lower calories, and the people that live the shortest are people that eat the most calories, which is like our society here in America. We eat so many calories. So, I decided to start calorie restriction.

I don't eat breakfast. I do intermittent fasting. I try to go 17 to 18 hours every day without eating. My first meal will be about 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon. Then I'll eat my last meal, I eat two meals, and I'll eat around six or seven. Then I don't eat until the next day at 12:00, and that intermittent fasting is really good for detoxifying your body and also for keeping you lean and keeping your sugar levels evened out and so forth the way that they should be.

And so that's what I do on a daily basis. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits and just natural God's food, very little packaged food, and some good clean proteins. I stay away from the pasta and rice and bread and the sugars and milk and all that. So, it's pretty basic. It's meat and vegetables. So, I guess it’s sort of a paleo diet, but it is calorie restricted. Then I exercise every day in the gym. We have a gym here. You still haven't been to our house, but once you get to our house, you'll be able to see I've got a fully stocked gym here, a treadmill, and also a sauna. And so, every day, except for Sundays, I lay for about 30 to 45 minutes in our infrared sauna and sweat because detoxification is one of the most important things that we can do to be healthy.

It's one of the reasons that people aren't as healthy today as they used to be because we don't sweat as much. We are creatures of luxury now. You know, if you live in Texas or Florida or in the South, in New Mexico or Arizona, and it gets to be 110, you pretty much need an air conditioner, or it's going to be very miserable. But we use the condition all the time. People just don't sweat, and they complain when they have to spend 30 seconds walking in the heat from their office to their car because they almost broke a sweat. We need to sweat every day. That's one of the main things that I do every day is sweat in the infrared sauna. And it's very, very healthy, and it's very detoxifying as well.

Roger Stone: Well, if your lifespan is determined by your appetite and how much you eat. Well, that means I'm going to live for about another, oh, I don't know, 15 minutes. My downfall is the pasta and the pizza. I'm a kind of an immature Italian cook myself. Therefore, I make up for it with cardio, lots of deafening, boring, extraordinary cardio, but it allows you to eat that lasagna or that linguine. And, you know, I think if you stay away from smoking completely, alcohol, only in extreme moderation.

A wine that's bought in Europe, interesting enough, has fewer nitrates and tannic acid in it than wines here in the United States. Avoid white flour. Avoid sugar. I think you can live a pretty healthy life. One of the key points, of course, as you learn and as I learned the hard way, is one of the great triggers of cancer is stress. No American living in this country today could not be stressed given everything that's going on around us. I've been very candid about the extraordinary value of what I learned at the because suddenly, a subject to which I had paid very little attention because no one else in my family ever had cancer that I was aware of, I had to immerse myself.

There's an enormous amount of disinformation out there. But here's what I was able to learn. Western medicine seems to either know the least about how to cure or bring people back from cancer. If they do know it, they don't want to say it for fear of being sued. Therefore, there are many, many FDA-approved drugs that are actually beneficial for cancer patients that are just not approved for that particular malady. So, they're not approved for the treatment of cancer, and therefore doctors won't prescribe them. One of those, of course, is Fenbendazole. What's interesting is I found that this drug which can be purchased online, is FDA-approved for dogs, very similar in its chemical makeup to Ivermectin, which is a de-wormer for horses.

Fenbendazole is a de-wormer for dogs and played an important role in my wife's remission of her cancer. Now, interestingly enough, my youngest dog, PeeWee, has just been diagnosed with cancer. It would be really ironic in the end if both my wife and my dog were both saved by the same FDA drug, which is approved, but just not for the treatment of cancer. I learned so much from your website about vitamin infusions, the use of certain exotic mushrooms, and about peptides.

There is hope if you have cancer. It is not necessarily a death sentence unless, of course, you think chemotherapy and radiation are the only answer. The Truth About Cancer has exploded. Tell us about that phenomenon because I know that you and your wife have literally, at this point, helped millions, literally millions of people who are facing cancer.

Ty Bollinger: Yeah. Roger, it's kind of a story of heartache and heartbreak, I guess, to begin with. So, my father in 1996, we were married for about six months when dad got some stomach pains. We were over at Mom and Dad's house eating in San Antonio, Texas. We ran by subway, picked up some subs, and went to eat with Mom and dad. It was July the 1st of '96, and during the meal, Dad doubled over in pain, and he said, "I need to go to the hospital." This was odd because Dad was tough, and we didn't go to the hospital for Dad. So, we knew something was wrong.

So, they went in to operate on him, and they thought it was gallstones at first. But after several hours, the doctor came out, and he was in tears, and he said, "It's cancer, it's all over, and he's so young." I'm 54. Dad was 52 when this happened. So, he was younger than I am when this happened. After the surgery, they took most of his stomach out, about 75% of his stomach, because that's all they knew how to do. T

he typical cancer treatments today are cut, poison, and burn. They're going to surgically remove something. They're going to do chemotherapy. They're going to radiate something. So that's what the doctor knew how to do. They took his stomach out, and he basically bled to death from the surgery over the course of the next 25 days. And that was our, you know, being thrown headfirst into the cancer industry because we didn't understand how a medical system was so advanced in so many ways, could be so piss-poor, for lack of a better term, in treating cancer.

Dad was dead in 25 days, that's pretty terrible. So, we began to do research and wondered what had happened. Why couldn't they save Dad? We began to kind of go down the rabbit hole at that point and begin to learn that there are dozens of cancer treatments in the United States that have been systematically suppressed by the AMA, the FDA, you know what we call the cancer industry because they're not lucrative enough for pharmaceutical companies. They don't make enough money on them. A lot of generic over-the-counter drugs.

We have things that are natural substances like vitamin B-17 found in the pits of apples and apricots that's got a track record that's been very successful against cancer. But the treatments have been suppressed. Doctors have been run out of the country for using them, had their licenses taken away, and so forth. So, there's an active censorship grid in the United States when it comes to cancer treatments. It goes back to 1953. There's what is called the Fitzgerald Report of 1953 that was based upon the findings of Bennett Fitzgerald, who was a federal employee for the Interstate Commerce Committee. He was hired by one of the senators in DC at that time, Charles Tobey, to determine why cancer treatments that were natural were not known.

Why didn't we know about these treatments? Because Tobey's son had been diagnosed with cancer and he went out and found some obscure treatments in Boston, Massachusetts, and some natural herbs and remedies, and he turned his cancer around. Senator Tobey didn't understand why this was not mainstream. So, the Fitzgerald report happened. Fitzgerald was commissioned, and he determined at that point from his research and interviewing doctors and medical school professionals, and representatives of the American Medical Association, his exact findings were,

"That there is an active conspiracy in the United States to suppress natural cancer treatments." Roger, that was 1953. It's only gotten worse since then. So that was really what led us into what we do now was the loss of my dad. Then several years later, my mom and in between dad and mom, six other family members that we were close with, cousins and uncles, grandma, and granddad. That's why I initially in 2006 wrote a book called Cancer Step Outside the Box. It had a bunch of natural cancer treatments that we had researched and then about, I guess, eight years later in 2014, when we started producing documentary films with The Truth About Cancer.

It's just kind of snowballed since there. We've gotten into vaccines, and now our latest documentary, Propaganda Exposed, which really kind of brings together the cancer industry, the vaccine industry, and the mainstream media and big pharma that are all part and parcel of the same beast that's trying to lie to us, to misinform us, to censor information that could heal, and to make sure that the only options that we think we have are patented pharmaceutical options to treat any kind of disease.

Roger Stone: So, I realized recently that you and your wife, Charlene, are among two of the most dangerous people in the entire United States. That is because you have been forthright about educating the public regarding the safety and effectiveness of the COVID 19 vaccination. You were actually put in some hit group by the far left. Tell us about that.

Ty Bollinger: Yeah. It's interesting. About a year and a half ago, we were included in a group that they called the Disinformation Dozen. Now this group, initially the moniker was given to the Disinfo Dozen by a group called the CCDH, which stands for Center for Countering Digital Hate. It's a group out of the United Kingdom, and they published this list of the Disinfo Dozen, and Charlene and I were on it, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr was on it, and Dr. Judy Mikovits and a lot of the people that are in our health and wellness industry that are trying to share the truth about vaccines and make people aware that these vaccines might not be all that safe.

You should probably read the package insert. You probably should read the CDC website. We were called Disinfo Agents for recommending that people read publicly available information on government websites, for lack of a better explanation. We were part of the Disinfo Dozen, and we were branded as some of the 12 most dangerous people in America. Then Biden went on TV about a year ago and said that we were "Killing people with our disinformation." He said, "These 12 people are responsible for killing people."

It turns out that a month afterward, Facebook rebutted what Biden said, "These 12 people are not responsible for what Biden said which was 65% of the vaccine disinformation that you can read online." Facebook said, "We were responsible for about 0.05%." So, I don't know. Roger, you're not a mathematician. I'm not a mathematician. I'm not sure. Is that a big difference, 65% versus 0.05%? I guess Biden just got mixed up there, right?

Roger Stone: Well, he seems to frequently get mixed up. I do think this is a very key point for our viewers. If you look at the seminal book by Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, the Left and the legacy media always attack those free thinkers on the right for doing exactly what they themselves are doing. It was Hillary Clinton who was up to her nostrils in Russian collusion. It was the coterie, the cadre of aides around her making millions of dollars off the oligarchs surrounding Vladimir Putin. Therefore, she accused her opponent, Donald Trump, of Russian collusion.

It is the COVID 19 vaccination now based on their own data, which is injuring and killing thousands of people. Yet they accuse us of putting people in danger by advising them to make their own decisions regarding their health. To decide for themselves whether they wish to be injected. Then you see these guys like Klaus Schwab and this other guy, Noel Harari. These guys are like Batman villains. I mean, they just come right out and say in the broad daylight that they intend to take away your personhood. They intend to take away your rights, your ability to think and decide for yourself that they're going to turn you into some kind of zombie.

They don't even hide it. So, you have an extraordinary period in America where the disinformation level is at a level that I have never seen. I've been in the public arena for 40 years. That's why I think your new documentary, Propaganda Exposed, is so vitally important because it brings you a historical perspective about the mounting censorship that we are now being subjected to. This is something I'm very, very proud to have been involved in. I eagerly watch every new episode, so as soon as you post it. John B Wells, by the way, was really terrific in the excerpt I watched last night. Very, very effective. Tell us about the new documentary and then kind of walk us through the episodes. Kind of like an index.

Ty Bollinger: Sure. Yeah. So, the new episode, and I'm glad you enjoyed John B. Wells. He's a great, great friend of ours. Do you know John B. personally?

Roger Stone: I have done the Midnight Caravan with him several times. When I went on with him on late-night radio overnight, my book on the Kennedy assassination hit the New York Times bestseller list due to one interview with John B. Wells. That's how good the guy is.

Ty Bollinger: He's great. Yeah, I'm glad that you have because you and he are both; I would call you similar souls. You both share a lot of the same characteristics and the same love for the country, and the same love for truth. So yeah, glad that you've been able to hook up with John. But you know, one of the things that we realized in the cancer research and the vaccine research is that we were being lied to. We're being lied to about almost everything. And, you know, with the vaccines, for instance, you just mentioned that they accuse us of doing what they're doing.

That's exactly what they do with vaccine disinformation. So, we quoted statistics that were on the CDC website. We were told that we were spreading vaccine disinformation when we told people that the COVID vaccine had more adverse events and deaths reported than all the other vaccines combined. Well, that data is on the CDC website. It's called the VAERS database, Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. It is on the CDC website. But when we cite that data, which is publicly available, we're told that we are spreading disinformation. It's the most bizarre thing.

By the way, for those of you that still believe the nonsense that the COVID vaccine is safe and effective, if you look at the total deaths reported to the VAERS database from 1990 to 2020, there was a little bit over 4,100 deaths from all vaccines combined. Since we rolled out the COVID vaccine on the first of 2020 until today, there have been almost 30,000 reported deaths to the VAERS database in under a year and a half.

So, we've had seven times the number of deaths in a year and a half that we did in thirty years of all vaccines combined. If that doesn't sound the alarm, then you know, you better put another battery in the alarm because it ain't working. That should alarm anybody that hears those numbers.

Roger Stone: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the VAERS database also says that they believe their reports actually represent 1% of reported cases. So that would mean that you'd have to take their numbers and multiply them by 100. What that means is that several months ago, when I gave a speech and I said that millions had been damaged or killed by the vaccination.

 I was called out by Newsweek, which said I was wrong. I responded, "I'm not wrong. I'm just premature." I now believe that I am right for anybody who hasn't read the terrific book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a friend of mine, about the real Dr. Anthony Fauci this is one of the most eye-opening books I've ever read. I like a book. I like to carry it on the plane. I like to read it before I go to bed. I don't like Kindle, and I don't want to read it on a computer. This is a terrific must-read book, and it speaks to so much of what's addressed in your new documentary. So, walk us through each, what would you call it, episode? I guess it would be called.

Ty Bollinger: Each episode sure. Yeah. You're right, Roger. That's called The Lazarus Report. It was commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services. It was at Harvard University. They were the ones that determined only 1% are reported to the CDC VAERS database. So, you're right, 1% is reported. So, you take that number times, 100. But so, we woke up to the fact we're being lied to about cancer vaccines. Then we went down the rabbit hole and realized propaganda is pervasive. We are being lied to by the mainstream media and big pharma about just about everything that's on the news.

So, in the first episode, we went all the way back to the founding of America and kind of walked forward from there and kind of hit some instances of medical experimentation that people were probably not aware of. We've had horrible instances of medical experimentation, specifically on minorities in this country for a couple of hundred years that were approved by our very own government. We went to the Flexner Report of 1910, which is one of the reasons why your doctor does not know about natural treatments for cancer or why your doctor thinks that vaccines are safe and effective.

It's because the medical school curriculum, due to the Flexner Report of 1910, funded by the Rockefellers and the Carnegies, the medical school curriculum was co-opted, and now they push drugs, they push medical interventions that are patented. They pushed vaccines, but nothing natural is taught in medical schools. You can ask any medical doctor that went to medical school, "How much time did you spend learning about nutrition? How much time did you spend learning about natural therapies for any disease?" They will tell you, “None to maybe one hour.” Literally like one hour on one afternoon in seven years of school. So, they don't know anything about natural medicine.

They don't know anything about true health through nutrition. And that's on purpose because of the Flexner Report. So that was really the gist of episode number one, walking forward to explain why we are where we are. Because if you don't understand why we're here, you can't understand that we are here. You have a little bit of cognitive dissonance or the inability to accept this if you don't understand that the reason your doctor doesn't know is, because we trust our doctors, the reason they don't know is they're not educated because of this intentional co-opting of the medical school system in 1910 in America.

Then episode two, we actually hit on Anthony Fauci quite a bit based on a lot of the information from Bobby Kennedy's book, as well as other information that's out there. We drew some similarities between Fauci with COVID and what Fauci did back in the eighties with AZT and AIDS. Right? We drew some similarities between the false testing for both the PCR test for COVID and then the HIV test for AIDS. One of the interesting things that I got some feedback on was that we pulled up the package inserts from a couple of HIV tests. They say on the test that these tests are not meant to determine if someone has AIDS. Right?

But these are the tests that we use to determine if you're HIV positive and if you have AIDS. But they're not meant for that based on the package insert. So, it's interesting. We went through the Germ Theory of Disease in episode two as well. Which is the reason that we have all these drugs because Louis Pasteur, a couple of hundred years ago, pushed out the Germ Theory of Disease. In other words, if you're sick, it's because of bacteria or a virus or fungi. And so, we need to develop drugs to attack bacteria or viruses, or fungi.

Well, one of his contemporaries was Antoine Beauchamp. Beauchamp says it's not about the virus. It's not about the bacteria. It's about the internal terrain of the host. So, if your internal terrain, if your immune system, if your gut is in good shape, it doesn't matter if you're exposed to a virus, you're not going to get sick from it because you are in good health because of your own immune system.

Ty Bollinger: So, we covered that. That's the fundamental reason why there are so many drugs and vaccines today, because of the adherence of modern medicine to the Germ Theory. When, in reality, I believe the Germ Theory is a faulty premise. That we should be looking at the state of the host, not the germs that we are exposed to. Because you and I both know Roger, and everyone out there that's watching knows this. You can have someone that's sick as a dog, and they are snorting and sniffing and coughing.

You can have two or three people that are within a couple of feet of that person. The next day, one of those people might be sick, or two of them might be sick, but one of them doesn't get sick. Why? They're exposed to the same germs. Exposed to the same virus. Why is one not sick? Because of their internal terrain, their immune system is functioning the way that God made it to. So really, that's the premise that modern medicine should be based upon, but it's not. That gives rise to all of these patented pharmaceutical drugs that we see today. Do you want me to continue, or do you want to want to comment?

Roger Stone: I find it interesting looking back because the past is prologue. Back during the AIDS epidemic when thousands of gay men were dying from a very specific type of pneumonia that a very old and relatively inexpensive drug, Bactrim, could have been used to save their lives but Dr. Anthony Fauci, seeking the fame and fortune from a vaccination that would theoretically protect us from AIDS, refused to approve Bactrim for that drug. How many deaths of gay men were caused by the avarice and greed, and power lust of Dr. Anthony Fauci? It's extraordinary because it is a carbon copy of what he's done here.

The reason why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine had to be discredited to the American people and had to be declared invalid is because by law, if there is a drug to treat a specific illness, then they cannot have a vaccination. This is why they had to discredit the two most effective drugs on the market. Ivermectin gets derided as a dog de-wormer when in fact, the scientist who invented it has won a Nobel Prize, and its uses are legion. It's an extraordinarily effective drug. It helped me recover when I contracted COVID 19 because I was not going to take the jab. So, let's continue. Tell us about the next exciting episode.

President Donald Trump: Yeah. Just personally, I have a personal experience with one of the drugs that Fauci did push back then, which was AZT. If you saw that episode, episode two, I shared the story of my good friend Michael, who was homosexual. I worked out with Michael every day at World Gym in Austin, Texas. Michael was in, we thought, perfect health until he went in for his annual physical. He took an AIDS test, and the doctor told him he was HIV positive, and he had AIDS, and he had to start treatment immediately.

They put him on AZT, and it killed him in three months. He went from a healthy bodybuilder to about 100 pounds of nothing, and he died. It was a horrible experience. I mean, I've cried about that many times because of the way that he died from the drugs. Because he was not sick, he just had a positive AIDS test. They put him on AZT, and they killed him with the drugs. And so, you're right, how many people have died because of this false narrative about COVID or AIDS or whatever? And then Fauci is involved with all of them. He's an evil man.

But yeah, so next episode, we've got an episode on medical apartheid.



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