So Many Protected Classes


Should there be such things as protected classes?  Let's break it down.

Union, KY City Commission voted against a proposed LGBTQ rights ordinance this past Monday in near unanimity.

The ordinance would have, purportedly, prohibited discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations, which includes stores, restaurants, hotels and other public establishments, according to, effectively creating more protected classes.

Some are saying Union voted for discrimination and against fairness.  You'll note that the mayor passed a resolution in 2020 affirming the cities race and social justice work, directing the city to use all tools at their disposal to eliminate race and sexual discrimination.

On the surface, this sounds great.  However, the resolution reads like a woke manifesto accusing the United States of having a "legacy of racism" then condemning the city of racial and sexual discrimination in every conceivable tier of public life.

Shuttering this new fairness ordinance is good for all.  Now, don't hear me saying I support discrimination.  What I support are free citizens entering into uncoerced, private contracts with whomever they desire - or not entering into contracts with those they deem unfavorable for any reason.

Freedom cannot allow room for condemning ideas deemed socially unacceptable.  The free market will assist in determining what businesses thrive and fail.  Creating protected classes is contrary to the foundational freedoms of humanity.

If we don't stop eventually, everything and everyone with be a protected class, which means no one will be protected.

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