Sen Kevin Lundberg Joins To Discuss The Law, Recounts and Questions Voters Have In Colorado


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Is the Secretary of State Not Following the Law?

Senator Kevin Lundberg tells of where it is written into the law and an overview of the rules and what it says regarding the handling of recounts in Colorado. 

The thing that really stands out in the law is "a presumption is created that the voter verifying paper records will be used for final determination". This is after a discussion comparing a hand count to a legally stated manual count to using machinery. 

It is quite extraordinary that the secretary of state adamantly refuses a hand recount whatsoever. There are many questions regarding the mechanical handling of this entire thing. This recount is intended to compare the paper records to what was reported as the outcome of the election. 

The secretary of state says that the equipment used is the gold standard. Yet she is very well aware of the many questions surrounding its use. This was her opportunity to prove her point by conducting a hand count at the expense of Tina Peters campaign to assure that this section of the election process is sound and sure. 

Senator Lundberg has questions from registration on up to ballot collection, to the actual count system. He states that when you look at the law, it very clearly states that we revert back to the hand count or the original paper ballot the voter marked.

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