The Safe Was Empty. Did The FBI Informant Give Them Bad Information?


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Was the FBI Informant Legitimate?

Was the raid on Donald Trump's home a swatting event pulled on the FBI? The safe that was supposed to contain documents they wanted was found empty. Why did it take the FBI nine hours to conduct their search? They were supposed to have good information going in. So why so long? 

What was the FBI doing? They told the household help to turn off all security cameras on the premises. Trump's lawyers were not allowed access to the search at any time. Apparently, the help did not follow orders. We are told that agents were going through Mrs. Trump's wardrobe. What a way to humiliate the couple.

Many questions remain regarding who tipped off the FBI. Who would say such a thing about the president that could possibly have any inside knowledge?

People on both sides are saying that this entire endeavor was an abuse of power. They are saying that this may make the president appear as a martyr and will strengthen his bid for 2024.

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