Rudy Giuliani Discusses Turning Over Evidence Of Crimes Committed By The Biden's To The Justice Department and It Being Ignored


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Why the Raids on Donald Trump and Not on the Bidens?

Giuliani says he gave the entire case to the justice department two and a half years before Biden ever ran for president. He claims to have accompanied a lady to Ukraine to collect offshore money. Upon return to the US, she was given to the FBI who stated that would see her. He gave a lot of info to the FBI and none of it was used. 

Giulianai says that the raid on President Trump was an act of fascism. We don't do that to political opponents in America. Can we imagine the outcry if Trump had done that to Biden when he was running? Giuliani says Biden was guilty as sin.

They have been after Trump for years and have never found any crime he was guilty of. He is the most investigated person in the history of America.

Why do this to Trump when past presidents all have documents?

Is the FBI trying to do something else? They wouldn't allow lawyers to watch what they were doing. They carried in backpacks full of whatever. Are they trying to plant something else on Trump? 

Is Donald Trump's life in danger from some lunatic?


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