Rudy Giuliani Discusses Our Two Tiered Justice System, Having His Law License Suspended and The Biden Crime Family

about a year ago

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Rudy Giuliani: Justice is Not Being Served

On Brannon Howse Live, Howse invited Rudy Giuliani to talk about the current state of the justice system, Giuliani’s law license getting suspended, and the Biden Crime Family.

For those arrested on January 6th, there are two tiers of justice. Most of these individuals have been in jail for a year and a half. In desperate attempts, some of these individuals have accepted plea deals. Recently, one of the defendants proclaimed he was not guilty because the officers allowed him entry. The judge agreed and proclaimed him not guilty. While people who are actually causing riots only spend moments in jail, these innocent and peaceful protestors have been disconnected from the world, ignoring their rights to a speedy trial and due process.

Meanwhile, lawyers like Rudy Giuliani have gotten their law licenses suspended. According to Giuliani, his law license was taken away because he “incited a riot.” While the judge dismissed this notion, saying there was no evidence, the Bar Association suspended him anyway for the danger he is posing. Although Giuliani has done nothing but talk about his ideas on TV and on podcasts. Giuliani believes he was suspended for telling the truth, including the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop.