Raw & Reel: The Christian Response to Andrew & Tristan Tate- Keeping Wolves At Bay


In what is our most Raw and Reel episode yet with the Gibson Girls, we bring a Christian’s perspective to a couple of guys who have recently been making waves in truth movement. #AndrewTate has been on Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson & even Piers Morgan. Andrew and his brother Tristan were recently arrested in Romania on sex trafficking & money laundering charges. A deeper look into the past of these bros paints a troubling picture especially for Christian patriots. Do we, in the name of freedom of speech, defend everyone, even criminals, even those whose lives go against the moral and spiritual foundation of America? Andrew & Tate made millions of dollars by using very young women as online prostitutes. They admit to being internet pimps, to defrauding, lying, cheating, and more. They admit they have done illegal things that would land them in jail. What would Jesus say to the Tate brothers? Repent. Read More:

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