Pure Genius! Gov Abbot Using Texas DPS To Bring Trucks Coming Up From Mexico To a Halt To Pressure Mexico To Stop Flood Of Illegals

About 2 years ago

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Truck Safety Inspections At The Border

Brannon Howse Live welcomes Todd Bensman, author of America’s Covert Border War to discuss the border crisis. The latest information is Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, announced a few measures to help counter the mass migration problem.

Nearly 18,000 migrants come to the border every day. The Texas Department of Public safety will start doing enhanced safety inspections on trucks coming out of Mexico. By doing this they caused a massive backup on one of the busiest roads in Laredo.

This will severely slow down international trade and put pressure on Mexico to hopefully hold their end of the border by preventing illegal border crossing. These inspections have caused almost 10 miles of backup. By slowing international trade, this will put massive pressure on the Mexican Government.


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