Pt 1 of 2 REVELATION REDPILL Wed EP14: Daniel's 70 Weeks Fulfilled!

about 4 months ago

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Pt1 of 2 of Ep 14 Ask any modern end-times theologian about the timeline in Daniel and they will break out intricate charts explaining that we are waiting on the fulfillment of Daniel's 70th week for Jesus to come back. What if I told you we aren't waiting for that 70th week, but Christ already fulfilled that prophecy? If Christ, the Messiah, was the fulfillment of Daniel's 70 weeks, then a future AntiChrist is completely ruled out of an interpretation of Daniel chapter 9 (one of the major underpinnings of modern pretribulation/premillennial 7 yr rapture theology) ceases to exist. Why is this important? Because how you read Daniel chapter 9 changes how you view yourself in God's kingdom & how you see the Body of Christ either advancing triumphantly, or in a constant losing battle until the Second Coming of Christ. Hint: we aren't losing!

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