Pope Benedict XVI; Thought Police Come for Jordan Peterson, Prince Harry's Gone Mad 1/8/23


What will be the fallout after death of Pope Benedict XVI on Christmas Eve? Seen as a Conservative priest, his ascension to the papacy was praised by Catholics, but his embrace of a more modern Catholic faith and exposure of the abuse scandals, led to many disappointments. Former Catholics like Brazil’s Bolsanaro and Hungary’s Victor Orban have been able to unify Evangelicals and Catholics into Conservative political powerhouses.

Prince Harry has a new tell all book that even his ardent supporters are crying foul over. It reads as a childish memoir comparing shooting down Taliban forces like playing a video game. A statement his fellow soldiers say, “goes too far”.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky praised the new United States speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, as France sends more tanks to the Ukrainian front while Russia is set to mobilize 500,000 fresh troops.

The Ontario Governing Body of Psychologists sent Jordan Peterson a letter demanding his re-education for “wrong think” in a seriously Orwellian move.

The country of Barbados is seeking reparations from actor Benedict Cumberbatch‘s family for his slave owning ancestors. All this and much more on this week’s EU and World News Weekly Roundup! Read More: 

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