Pete Santilli and James Roguski on WHO Treaty That Will Steal America's National Sovereignty and Freedoms


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Brannon Howse: Pete Santelli joins us tonight along with James Roguski. I hope I'm saying his name right. Gentlemen welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Pete Santelli: Thank you for having us, Brannon. I really appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: James, welcome. Am I saying your last name correctly?

James Roguski: Absolutely. You're just wonderful.

Brannon Howse: All right. Thank you. Who wants to start tonight, Pete?

Pete Santelli: I'd like to start just because of the fact that I thought it was so important in talking to your listening audience, our listening audience here on, that I brought Mr. Roguski on with me because he was the one that I most recently actually started taking a look at his body of work. His website was exposing something that's going on with the World Health Organization and especially with some of these meetings that are coming up in May. And he was the one that I was relying upon. He's got a library of work. As a matter of fact, we'll share all the links. But I need to tell this story and also let everybody know of the recent discoveries.

I just came to this just in the past several weeks that the World Health Assembly under the World Health Organization was going to be getting together, and I heard it referred to as a pandemic treaty. And then Mr. Roguski was kind enough to tell me he's very, very knowledgeable. The treaty itself, come around June or so, will be put into effect. But even more frightening is what will be taking place at this World Health Assembly, the amendments to the agreements that essentially have already been put in place. They've been in the works for decades, for that matter. There's actually a doctrine that has been assembled that allows the World Health Organization to seize total dictatorial control and power over 194 countries.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Pete Santelli: There's IHR, which is the International Health Regulations. Through my research, and especially as a result of Mr. Roguski's publications, I learned about the International Health Regulations, the IHR. Most recently, I actually landed on a website that was the World Council for Health, and I watched the video. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger was an insider at the W.H.O., and she thought she was doing good work. But she discovered how they were proceeding with the W.H.O. to essentially, and this isn't just a sensational statement I'm going to throw to Mr. Roguski here. The W.H.O. has literally positioned themselves through this effort and what will happen is this meeting come May 22nd, I think it's going to be a seven-day series of meetings.

The United States and 193 other countries are going to surrender their sovereignty and give total and complete control to the W.H.O. The methods by which they're going to do that is what we're going to reveal tonight on your show exclusively. I was shocked to find out about this. I also confirmed with Dr. David Martin was aware of where some of this information had come about. We have documents from the federal registry that we're going to reveal tonight, dating back to the day before President Trump was put in office, that they had planned for this entire series of events that we're about to see take place.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Pete Santelli: But, Mr. Roguski, can add and kind of clean up my presentation a little bit because I'm a student of his body of work. We're all learning this, but the urgency by which we need to get this information out it's critical, Mr. Roguski, isn't it?

James Roguski: I believe so. Should I just dive right into it?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely. Please do.

James Roguski: First and foremost, I'm not a hacker. There's none of that going on. There are no Russians involved. I am not an insider like Astrid Stuckelberger. I'm not revealing any classified information or anything like that. I simply read really boring documents to see what's being hidden. And I literally found, well, figuratively, I guess I found what is a needle in the haystack of a pile of words. The first one that was mentioned was on January 18th, the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs submitted to the W.H.O. a document which was amendments to existing international health regulations.

Then that document pretty much disappeared. There was one article that was written about it and credited to that organization. I read it. I saw what it was in mid-March or so, and I was able to just understand the implications. There literally was a line that was crossing out the existing regulations. It's in the amendments to the international health regulations. They would seek to amend many things, but the particular one is Article 12. Sections two, three, and five, where they're essentially crossing out wording in the regulation that limits the power of the World Health Organization and makes it so that sovereign countries have the right to control what goes on in their country. And currently, the W.H.O. pretty much has to ask permission.

Well, the amendments seek to remove that limitation, and it's that kind of double negative that makes your head get all twisted up. But if you remove a limitation that's essentially transferring power, I was on a four-hour call with a number of lawyers today, and we went through all of the details of the many pages of amendments, over 13 different Articles in the international health regulations, and we could not find one word that just, you know, was not just absolutely evil. There's no redeeming anything in the entire body of all of the amendments.

Brannon Howse: I went over some of this, by the way, on my radio show today and TV show today at 1:00 with mutual friend Leo Hohmann. This is the WHO document. James, can you tell me which one is it? Is it article 12? Which one is the one that starts crossing out the lines?

James Roguski: If you go to the top of the amendments, there's a cover letter from the WHO. There's another cover letter from the WHO on the second page. The third page is the cover letter from the US Mission.

Brannon Howse: The United Nations, everybody, just so you know.

James Roguski: On January 18th and then number one up above Loyce Pace, who is the Assistant Secretary of Global Affairs. The first line here is very important. These are submissions of the United States of America's proposed amendments to these different articles. And the nomenclature is such that if something is bold and underlined, it's new, and they're adding it, and if it is struck through, it means they're removing it. And so all of the regular text, just plain text, is the existing regulations as they stand today. They're adding bold and underlined, and they're subtracting things that are struck through.

Scroll down to Article 12, Section two., line six, and off to the right, you see that something is struck through, and it says, "and the state party are in agreement regarding the determination." That's the needle in the haystack. That is a limitation on the power of the World Health Organization. I'll use an example that's a real-life example. Back in January 2020, I'll keep it so that nobody has any controversy. Something was going on in Wuhan, China.

Brannon Howse: By the way, we don't mind the controversy. That doesn't bother us here. That's our middle name.

James Roguski: I'm having some fun.

Brannon Howse: Okay, I was going to say, “This is Lindell TV. Come on.”         

James Roguski: Something was going on in Wuhan, China. And maybe somebody really knows what happened. Maybe nobody does. But what happened in terms of the W.H.O. trying to get information was the sovereign Chinese nation, say what you want about China, but they're a sovereign Chinese nation. They basically told the W.H.O. to go pound sand, and the W.H.O. left with their tail between their legs because they don't have the authority to override a nation that is not in agreement with what they wanted to do. A couple of days later, maybe the Chinese government had a few things that they needed to clean up before they wanted to let the W.H.O. see what was going on., the W.H.O. came back.

Maybe it was a few days, a week or so later, and then they were able to reach an agreement, and announcements were made, and the W.H.O. declared it not a pandemic. Don't ever use that word because it's not a legal term. It's not defined in the law. Love to come back to definitions. We can have a lot of fun with that. I'll come back to that in the future. The International Health Regulations give the World Health Organization the opportunity to declare a public health emergency of international concern. But they can only do that if the nation that is having a problem agrees.

These amendments that were proposed by the United States would extract that limitation and essentially give dictatorial powers to the dictator-general, who, I don't usually call that. He would become the dictator general of the World Hypnosis Organization because all of this is just witchcraft and spell-work and changing language and confusing people with words that have different meanings. Because in the laws and regulations, they change the meaning of words.

Brannon Howse: And by the way, I know you're a smart guy, so I'm sure you're aware of this, but the word pharmakia from the Bible actually means witchcraft or sorcery.

James Roguski: And that's what they're doing. And so, tell me where you want to go.

Brannon Howse: And obviously, audience, pharmakia is where we get the word pharmaceutical. Well, this is fascinating because this is the actual document. So, you found the needle in a haystack which is struck out here, "and the state party are in agreement regarding this determination." So, in other words, once the director-general gets this passed, he may in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article 49?

"And I seek the views of the committee established under Article 48 here and after and the emergency committee. And if the director determines that the event constitutes a public health emergency of international concern, then it is, and the state party doesn't it matter." So, if the United States is the state party and it says, "No,” and the W.H.O. director overrules it. We have just put the Constitution underneath the W.H.O. The W.H.O. now becomes the supreme law of the land, not the Constitution or our elected officials. We are now the slaves of our masters at the World Health Organization tied to the United Nations.

Pete Santelli: Can I supplement what you're going to say, and Mr. Rogowski, you can add to this as well. Essentially, what is happening right now is we're on the front doorstep of surrendering our sovereignty to the point where Mr. Boutros-Ghali, or whatever his name is. He's a communist dictator who will have absolute power over the United States of America.

James Roguski: Yes.

Pete Santelli: And the red flag, because of this incestuous relationship between the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the W.H.O., that the W.H.O. will have plenary power and our flag will literally fly below the United Nations flag if a public health emergency of international importance is declared.

James Roguski: So, the terminology that the W.H.O. uses is they refer to it as a public health emergency of international concern, PHEIC. Which is pronounced "FAKE." They want to add the ability to allow their regional directors to declare a public health emergency of regional concern so that they can ferk the world region by region. They also want to be able to add an intermediate emergency. It's actually an intermediate health alert.

And so, it's kind of like Oprah Winfrey when she gave away cars. You can have an emergency, and you get an emergency, and you get an emergency. The purpose of this has got nothing to do with health. There's nothing in the amendments that talks about types of care, early treatment, essential medications, any of that sort of thing. There's no discussion of that whatsoever. This is just purely a power grab to keep a constant state of emergency at the dictates of one person, the dictator general of the W.H.O.

Brannon Howse: So, he basically becomes almost the President of the world in some regards. I mean, he's going to have an awful lot of power. The CDC: Racism and Health, you guys can see that's clearly from the CDC website, Centers for Disease Control Prevention. What does it say? Racism is a Serious Threat to the Public's Health. And, of course, by racism, these guys being under their cultural Marxism, they mean the free market system, capitalism. We've already been described as white supremacists. That's again, in my book, Marxiantity. That's the kind of stuff I've been warning about. I held my first conference in November of 1997 at the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.

Which said, "We need to prove that the source of all suffering and oppression is Christianity and the free market system, Christianity and capitalism." So, we're in a public health crisis, the free market system. This is why Klaus Schwab wants to go to what he calls now, not shareholder capitalism, but stakeholder capitalism. Everybody has a stake. The redistribution of wealth. So, they can come around and declare climate change a public health crisis, racism a public health crisis, owning guns, and the Second Amendment a public health crisis. I mean, they could, you know, free speech is a public health crisis. The hate speech of people like Pete Santelli. He's a public health crisis, for Pete's sake.

Pete Santelli: Unbelievable. Yeah. And also, SEL, which is Social and Emotional Learning. There's a big effort by the CDC to infiltrate our school system. We have a public health crisis because “parents haven't created an environment where children can succeed. They don't get proper nutrition, and they're emotionally unstable.” So, the government will take control and have jurisdiction over our children.

Brannon Howse: And your business better comply with the ESG standards: Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, which is Agenda 21. Again, they can bring everything under one crisis, one after another. James, that's what you're saying, right?

James Roguski: But we've not even scratched the surface. I don't know how much time we have left. The rabbit holes that I find myself in go on and on and on. If we have time, Pete, do you think we should talk about the document that was in the Federal Register?

Pete Santelli: If I could set that up very briefly so as to my conversations with Mr. Roguski, because, you know, I wanted to make sure that I had an understanding, and I said, "I'm your student. Tell me what to expect here." I believe that this is an important event coming up on May 22nd.  It's a seven-day conference. Then, The Pandemic Treaty, when they have total power, that's going to come in June. But Mr. Roguski shared something with me that this has been in the works for a long time, it is documented that right before Barack Obama lost and surrendered power, the transition of power on the day prior to the inauguration, they literally set the stage for this world government.

Brannon Howse: And is this it? Is this the document right here?

Pete Santelli: That is the Federal Register. And I'm going to let Mr. Roguski guide you through, and our audience through, in the same fashion that he did with me. It's very upsetting.

James Roguski: This document was published in the Federal Register on page 6969, on the bottom right. It's the final ruling by the CDC that you were just talking about. It’s their rules regarding quarantine. They changed a number of words. One of the words they changed was non-invasive, and they use it. Again, as a double negative, they carved out an exception. In the international health regulations that are existing, and personally, I would prefer to abide by those rules because they say that inserting something into your nose or your mouth or your ear is considered invasive and is not allowed. I can get along with those rules. That's fine by me.

The Obama administration changed the definition of non-invasive, and again, it's a whole bunch of double negatives. The end result is, according to their regulatory cover, which is not really a lawful, passed by Congress, law. They carved out an exception so that the day before Trump became president, they said, “It's okay to stick something up people's noses, in their mouths, or in their ears.”

Brannon Howse: I'm laughing because you can tell they were laying the foundation for the whole pandemic.

James Roguski: Certainly, the "testing" that enabled them to claim that there were so many cases and the other term that they redefined was "a public health emergency." Well, the W.H.O. does not use that phrase. They have “a public health emergency of international concern.” That is on the next page 6970. People can find it on my website. We don't need to go searching for it in the Federal Register. I've got that all on my site. They added the ability for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to have regulatory cover to claim that we have an emergency in the United States if the Director-general of the World Health Organization merely makes a recommendation or something to do with the disease. I kid you not.

Brannon Howse: I'm at the bottom of 6969 right now, okay.

James Roguski: And that's where the first two are. But on page 6970, on the top left number five, left column.

Pete Santelli: Four and five are really important.

James Roguski: Number five: "Any communicable disease event for which the Director-general of the World Health Organization, in accordance with those articles, has issued temporary or standing recommendations for purposes of preventing or promptly detecting the occurrence or recurrence of communicable disease." Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I think that's pretty darn vague and should be void for vagueness. It essentially says that our Secretary of Health and Human Services could declare a public health emergency in the United States if the Director-general of the W.H.O. speaks the word. If he makes a recommendation.

If there's something going on somewhere in the world that's a regulatory cover for our Secretary of Health and Human Services to start that whole process and all of the money flows when there's a public health emergency. It's a 90-day event, and it's been renewed ten times. People have paid attention to the national emergency that President Trump declared and then Biden renewed twice. That goes for a year, we don't have the paperwork for you on this one. I have it but I just haven't sent it off to you. There is a law in the Federal Code of Regulations that the Senate and the House are obligated every six months to debate and vote upon a joint resolution to determine whether or not a presidentially declared emergency, a national emergency, should be ended by the will of the people or should continue.

And the Senate did that once a couple of months ago. But we've been in this particular situation for two years. So, at least four times, the House under Nancy Pelosi has absolutely broken the law by failing to express the will of the people as to whether or not we feel that we're still in what should be called a national emergency. Now, it's not just the COVID emergency. If you look on any website, you can easily find what's related to this. There are between 30 and 40 ongoing national emergencies. Most of them deal with sanctions and things like that but just do a Google search. Wikipedia is not a good source, but you can find a starting point on something like Wikipedia. There are at least 30 or 40 national emergencies that are ongoing for years and even decades.

Congress has absolutely abdicated its responsibility to represent the will of the people. Do we think all of these emergencies should still be in effect? Well, by law, they're supposed to hold that discussion, vote on a joint resolution, and express the will of the people. So, in my opinion, possibly the 48 senators who voted no that the COVID pandemic should end or the emergency declaration should end. Maybe I might consider that they should stay in office. Maybe, okay? But every other congressperson in the House, and I believe it was 47 senators, at least, voted this time. But absolutely everybody in the House has just failed to obey the law, and nobody has said a word about it. And quite frankly, I'm not happy about it. My voice is not heard, through our representative process.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely, in agreement. Let me ask you this in closing. Karen Kingston, who'll be on here in just a little bit with another update tonight of something that she needs to say, provided this to us. This is a 2013 document: Pathogens and Politics subtitled Further Evidence that Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism. This is right there on the NCBI and the NIH website, 2013. I'm going to scroll really quickly through it to get to this part right here. This shows that the top way to get people to surrender to authoritarian government is through a pathogen prevalence or famine. Well, isn't that interesting?

James Roguski: I would like to give a shout-out to David DeGraw. He pointed that out to me about two years ago.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

James Roguski: And I wonder why they don't want people to take hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which are anti-parasites? Now, I want to clear up one thing before we close because it's super important. Astrid Stuckelberger talks about the W.H.O. Constitution. Everything that she says about that she's spot on, and it's frightening. But a lot of people who listen to her speech in what she says, they transpose some of that information, and then they talk about this supposed pandemic treaty. And I'm here to tell you that both of those things are things that we should be discussing after this assembly in May because all of that is meant to be a decoy, a distraction.

Piles and piles and piles of words and videos and documents and discussion. It's crazy. It's an absolute abomination. But it's designed to take your eye off of what is going on right now with amendments to the International Health Regulations that are going to be voted on. And the reason why everybody should be upset is it's been hidden. The documents have been hidden. The names of the delegates and the entire delegation that is going no one can find it. And please realize, this is not just the United States. This is the entire world I'm talking about.

Brannon Howse: Who do we call it? Do you call your senators? Our Senators? Our congressmen?

James Roguski: Well, at the very least. I have this on my site, I have a whole activist toolbox for people. Here's what you say to your congressperson. I'll be publishing that as soon as we get off the air here. I trust that some people in Congress may know about this. I can't prove any of that, but I would imagine that some people do. But I also imagine that many of our congresspeople and senators are also in the dark. So, step number one is to call them and inform them of this.

There's actually another law on the books. And again, it's all on The domain to go to is, if you can remember if someone's trying to take your sovereignty, the domain is, no apostrophe, Y-O-U,, not .com. All of the information is there. What people should be most upset about is that this has been hidden. If someone is going to go and submit what I think are traitorous documents giving away our sovereignty, number one, we need to know who's going. I'm pretty sure they made travel plans and hotel accommodations unless they're all going over on Bill Gates's plane and are going to stay in his mansion.

But if we don't know who's going to the WHO, it becomes an Abbott and Costello routine. Who did this? Who wrote this? Who's in charge of this? I don't know. The WHO is the one who benefits from the additional sovereignty, and every American should call their congressperson and senator and everyone else you can get your hands on and say, "Look, maybe you don't know about this. I'll cut you some slack. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But I'm telling you now, and you need to investigate it. You need to call people in for hearings and affidavits and subpoenas and get all this information and, at the very least, bring this all to light so people can see that somebody is trying to get their hands in the cookie jar of our sovereignty." But if everybody's watching the cookie jar, I think all of the rats are going to run.

Brannon Howse: While everybody's distracted by Ukraine and the border, and Hunter Biden's laptop, which are all important things. But while all this, and the food crisis. While all of these things are going on, well, inflation, then this. They're stealing the world.

Pete Santelli: On January 19th of 2017, there's a document in the Federal Register to set them up for how to bring in COVID tyranny under the W.H.O. before COVID even existed.

Brannon Howse: I covered this on my radio show, and I covered this on a TV show in early 2020. But let me just show you guys the London School of Economics. We know that's the Fabian Socialist School tied back to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. So, these are Fabian globalist groups. All right. London School of Economics. Those are Fabian. I mean, that was started by the Fabian Society folks and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We know that these schools have had different names over the years. You folks can go look up that. All right. We'll look at this. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine received $40 million in a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates. Right off their own Bill and Melinda Gates Press Room, Press statement. Okay?

Now, of course, we know Francis Galton, the Father of Eugenics, set up his eugenics record office in 1904 at the University College of London, which is tied back to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Father of Eugenics. Okay? Then we know that his cousin was Charles Darwin. We have the Galton Institute that talks about all this. Talks about him setting up his school. The Eugenics at University College London, right there. And they called it what? The Society for Race Hygiene, okay? That was created in Berlin, The Society for Race Hygiene.

That's a nice way of saying eugenics. Their own articles go through this on the Institute, explaining what it's really all about. And then we see the London School of Hygiene, and they're bragging about Bill Gates visiting their school in 2016. Well, guess who else? Oh, by the way, back in 1899, the London School of Tropical Medicine, guess what? It talks about them and being set up. And then, in 1921, they have a committee that gets put together with a proposal by the Rockefeller Foundation. You mean those guys that put out a lockstep document in 2010 telling us about a pandemic that was coming? And then we see that the Rockefellers helped build the new building for it many years ago when $2 million was a ton, a ton, a ton of money. But guess who's a graduate? Yeah, the Director-general of the World Health Organization.

And they bragged in 2017 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine that he was coming back for a visit. Right? So, we can tie the World Health Director, I believe, as I did in my TV show that I presented in early 2020, right back to the eugenics of all of these other guys, and by Tedros speaking at the Family Planning Summit, about abortion on demand after euthanasia and much more. I could go on. So. if you think we've seen the worst of it, we ain't begun to see anything.

Pete Santelli: And the two largest donors to the W.H.O. are GAVI and Bill Gates Foundation.

Brannon Howse: There you go.

Pete Santelli: He's a dictator who will, of course, be beholden to them. And he's going to be a dictator of a government, a communist government lording over 194 countries.

Brannon Howse: Closing comment, James.

James Roguski: Thank you for having me, first of all. Step number one is to share this video. Anyone listening, if this video has an impact on you, text it to your friends, email it to your friends, and make this thing go viral. Share it any way you can. Call all the people you know. There's no way you should believe what I'm saying without checking it out. All of the documents, the beautiful thing about this is the evidence is right there. And it's not that I have documents that I hacked. They're still on the WHOs website. So, it's right there. They're on the Geneva Mission website.

What people should be upset about is that it's been hidden, and you haven't had a chance to comment, and the Senate hasn't had a chance to comment on a change in international law. We don't know who is supposedly representing us. Step number one is to get informed. So, on the bottom, there says,, you can find the information that we're talking about. It's evidence-based. It's not fake news. There are no Russians involved. They're going to try to say a lot of things. We had one person who called their Senator, and the Senator replied, or the office replied, and they said, "Oh, we're so happy that our constituents are looking into Senate Bill 2297."

Well, the Senator is either confused or is trying to divert everybody, but that's a whole nother mess. Okay? And so, there's proof of treason all through this. And there's a law on the books that if you know of a treasonous plot against America, whether you've taken an oath of office or not, you are obligated by law to speak up and report it. So. consider this to be my report. I think there's some treason that they were attempting. A couple of days or a week after they submitted the documents to the W.H.O., 40 countries signed on in terms of giving their support to the amendments. Well, they've never published the amendments on any government website. So, who is in this cabal that wrote this language, which is very skillfully crafted? I must commend them for their craftiness, its witchcraft and spellbinding and confusing. So, thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: Thank you. Let me ask you this. If you have any updates next week, will you both come back on?

James Roguski: All you have to do is call me. This is my life until we win this battle at the end of May, and we'll come back and crack a beer and toast our victory.

Brannon Howse: All right. Any update you get, I want to get you right back on. All right, guys?

Pete Santelli: Absolutely.

James Roguski: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: Pete Santelli, you're on every morning here on Lindell TV at what time?

Pete Santelli: The best morning show on the Internet from 8 a.m. Eastern Time until 10 a.m. Eastern Time, right before Steve Bannon.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. And James, his website again is

James Roguski: Wonderful. Thank you, sir. I appreciate your time.

Brannon Howse: No, thank you. Thank you, guys. Thank you, Pete. All right. Again, just trying to get you guys up to date and up to speed. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Isn't that the old saying?


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