Pastor Artur Free; Klaus Schwab at WEF: Be Prepared For System Crash 4/3/22


Ahead on this week's TOP News stories from around the World!

Australian Senator, Alex Antic walks into parliament and starts dropping absolute truth bombs about the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset; Klaus Schwab. 

We see helicopters patrol beaches in Italy to stop beach goers from breaking “pandemic measures,” while police brutally arrest a woman for not wearing a mask. What happened to beautiful large tomato and pasta based community? 

Then protests break out in Shanghai against extreme lockdown measures while a video of a nonchalant Chinese man smoking a cigarette went viral as he tried to calmly walk away from what appeared to be alien monsters covered head to toe in protective gear. 

Next, Klaus Schwab gives dire waring speaking recently at the World Gov't Summit 2022 saying: "we do know the global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected" Day 1 of the World Gov't Summit 2022 it took less than 30 seconds in... "The title of this session, are we ready for a new world order?" “This is going to be a difficult time". 

Prime Minister Trudeau warned of food shortages and rising energy costs as his gov't was set to increase the carbon tax on April 1, but changed their tune after tremendous backlash. 

In good news this week, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was greeted by cheerful, singing support after he was released from jail on bail; he spent 51 days in prison. One of his crimes? Preaching to the truckers: “stand strong, have faith, don’t give up, be blessed.” Artur is a real man and a real man of God. Lastly, we have another one of Neil Oliver's fantastic truth filled monologues. All of that and much more!
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