New Mexico Election Fraud - The Moment of Truth Summit

About 2 years ago

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Organized In New Mexico

In New Mexico, it seems they are very organized when it comes to registering to vote. Each day of every week it seems that according to the secretary of state, New Mexico registers the same number of people to vote. In addition to that, these registering voters are equally proportionate in their party affiliation. Each day of each week the same numbers of people who register to vote also register with the same party affiliations. 

We are amazed by the perfect symmetry displayed by the voters of New Mexico and wonder what it would take for other states to align their voter registrations in such a perfect manner. We do understand that it might take a lot of work since this has been going on in New Mexico for many years.

Printer versus Ink Markings

A problem has also been noticed with both ink and printer information appearing on certain ballots. The voting machines are printers as well as counters and there have been situations where an inspection has revealed both ink markings of the ballot along with printer fill-ins on the ballot.

Voting Problems and the Secretary of State

New Mexico's secretary of state is being called a tyrant and a bully. She has labeled the person who was once in charge of securing nuclear arms within the state as a grifter.

Voting problems have been noted in several counties in New Mexico. It seems the problems that everyone else is facing with incorrect ballot tabulations continue with the machines in New Mexico. The secretary of state has failed to certify these machines as required. People have voted to disallow the use of drop boxes. Pushback is expected.

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