Mitchell Shaw Exposes The Cultural Marxist That Biden Has Picked To Head His Ministry Of Truth


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Brannon Howse: All right. First-time guest tonight. Joining us is an author with The New American. Our buddy over there at is Alex Newman. He's a broadcaster here as well on Lindell TV. Well, this will be my first time interviewing Mr. C. Mitchell Shaw. He is also a columnist over there at The New American. He joins us tonight. Mr. Shaw, welcome to the Lindell report. Thank you for joining us. Appreciate your being with us.

Mitchell Shaw: I'm glad to be here. Thank you, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Thank you for your patience. So, we're over at right now checking out your website. Here we go. Look at all these great articles. He's already gotten another one up there since I was there last. Report: Big Tech Caught Tilting the Scales for Biden Changed Outcome of 2020 election. I got to get into that. But I’ve got to go to this one first: DHS Creates Disinformation Governance Board Resembling Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Mitchell, I just played a long video of Joe Biden and all his many, many lies. Lying about where he passed in his class, almost near the bottom.

Lying about his education, plagiarism. I mean, the lies are on and on and on going back to the 1980s. This is one of, I hate to say it, but I believe it, one of the biggest congenital liars to ever be a U.S. Senator. One of the biggest congenital liars ever to be the President. So-called "president." For him to start a Disinformation Governance Board to root out disinformation, I said, "It is so funny. It's so hypocritical. It's laughable because that'd be like Bill Clinton starting an organization to promote abstinence, you know?"

Mitchell Shaw: Absolutely. Yeah. I saw that clip when you played it. And what stood out to me was maybe the only thing he's ever told the truth about is that his name is Joe Biden. But I'm not even sure. I mean, can we know for sure? Right? Like, how would you know?

Brannon Howse: Well, I will say this. I do think this is one time Joe Biden was telling the truth. (Video Playing)

Joe Biden: I've done some dumb things. I'll do dumb things again.

Joe Biden: Ladies and gentlemen, I've been dumb.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. So, he was telling the truth then.

Mitchell Shaw: Okay, so he's told the truth at least twice. And perhaps the only two people he's never plagiarized are you and I. I'm not sure. Right? But you're right for him to want to launch this, what do they call it?

Brannon Howse: Disinformation Governance Board.

Mitchell Shaw: Well, no, that's not creepy at all. That's nothing to be alarmed about here, folks. If he had called it the Ministry of Truth, it couldn't really have been any creepier than Disinformation Governance Board. But this gal, he's put in charge of this. I saw the clips you played of her earlier, singing and dancing. But just troll her Twitter feed.

Brannon Howse: Let's do that. Let's go to your article at and bring up your article because I think you did that.

Mitchell Shaw: Yeah, she's a man-hating, can I say shrew? I'm just going to say it.

Brannon Howse: Hey, Logan, make a note. Let's bring this guy back on more often.

Mitchell Shaw: Yeah, let's do that.

Brannon Howse: Let's bring him on more often.

Mitchell Shaw: She's unapologetically a man-hater. So, you talk about the other book, her more recent book, or maybe it's an older book: How to Lose the Information War. Which is a stupid title for a book. But on top of that, the book here that I talk about in that article is: How to Be a Woman Online. Now, is anybody confused by how to do that? I'm sorry. But beyond that, to sell the books, she has to hate on men. Talking about men bursting violently into your mentions in life like the Kool-Aid man demanding your attention. Hawking's opinions, they believe, are unarguably manifestly correct and indispensable. Oh, wait, like you're doing right now on Twitter?

Brannon Howse: So true. What other tweets did she put out? Here's another one.

Mitchell Shaw: Oh, yeah. This is now this is one of my favorites because this is the one that she knew she stepped in it. I mean, it took her two years to know she stepped in it. But she, you know, I'm not saying she's quick on the uptake, but anybody will eventually figure it out. Right?

Brannon Howse: Right.

Mitchell Shaw: So, so she pulls this little stunt. If you look at the time stamp on this, this is during the last presidential debate, and she's tweeting what's going on. You know, I guess for those people who have Internet but don't know how to watch the debate for themselves. So, they'd rather listen to her comment on it live on Twitter? I don't know. But she refers to it as the "laptop from hell" and notes that Biden talks about these 50 former NATSEC. For people who aren't up on the acronyms.

Brannon Howse: National security officials.

Mitchell Shaw: National Security Officials and five former CIA heads believe the laptop is a Russian influence op and Trump's response is Russia, Russia, Russia. Right? So fast forward now; this is at a time, and this ties into that article that you pointed to right before we got on this one that I just wrote about Big Tech Keeping its Thumb on the Scale. Right? Kind of tipping the scales for Biden. This is during the time that Twitter suspended the account of The Washington Post for daring to report on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Brannon Howse: Which turns out to be true! And I don't know if you know this.

Mitchell Shaw: Now the New York Times is even saying, “Well, yeah, I mean, we've actually validated everything.” So that happened. There was that.

Brannon Howse: And do you know that you know that we've interviewed the owner of that computer shop? I've had him on my show.

Mitchell Shaw: Yeah, it was amazing. Okay, he's clearly a Russian op, and so are you. So am I. I mean, and Hunter Biden dropping his laptop off there and abandoning it. He's clearly on the payroll of the Russians, trying to, I don't know what. I don't know what they paid him in, but we can assume.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. The thing is, she left it up there. She's had all this time to pull it down and say, "I better get that out of there."

Mitchell Shaw: She waits until they appoint her as the arbiter of all truth, right? In charge of the Ministry of Truth. And then suddenly, "Oh, oh, shoot. That's right." Because Twitter started eating her alive over it, so her response to that is to say, “For those who believe this tweet is a key to all my views, it is simply a direct quote from both candidates during the final presidential debate. If you look at my timeline, you will see I was live-tweeting that evening.”

Well, sure enough, I searched her entire timeline, and she was indeed live-tweeting that evening. Six tweets during the debate. This is the only one she claims is a direct quote. The rest of them were her analysis. And then she wraps it up the next day. This is her analysis. So, this fits perfectly with the laptop being nonsense. Because she says the next day, “I was thinking of pitching a quick piece about the election security section of the debate, but I realized it could be summed up in a tweet. One candidate cogently discussed actual policies for keeping our democracy safe. The other spouted convoluted conspiracies.”

Well, as I write below that, “To be fair, she was right. She just had the roles reversed.” Yeah, right. It was Trump who was like on point, and it was Biden who was spouting conspiracy theories saying this was Russian propaganda. This was Russian disinformation. But now, the gal who fell for that two years ago and will not even admit that she was wrong. Heck, The New York Times has almost admitted they were wrong, but not this gal. She's too busy trying to make cute TikTok videos or something. I don't know, but she won't admit she was wrong. But she is going to be in charge of deciding what is and is not true. And she has no love in her heart for free speech.

Brannon Howse: So, if she gets power and she was singing about wanting power in that little piece, where she ends up cursing and using the F word, which I apologize, went over the air. If she gets power, what will she do? What will she try to do to Lindell TV, Brannon Howse, The New American, and to you, Mr. Shaw?

Mitchell Shaw: If she had free rein, she'd simply shut you down. She'd shut the New American down. She'd have us all barred from any kind of polite society because, and I addressed this to some degree in the article.

Brannon Howse: All right. “She is an enemy of free speech, which would go a long way in a job where she will have the authority to silence those with whom she feels she finds fault. April 25th will be watching in the wings for the announcement of her appointment as the arbiter of all truth. She tweeted about free speech absolutists, making her shudder.”

Mitchell Shaw: They make her shudder. She shudders at free speech absolutists. You know, like me and you. And apparently, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, must just keep her awake nights. I'm not accusing Elon Musk of being a conservative. I don't think he fits that mold. And that's fine. But if their worst enemy right now is a guy who ten years ago would have passed for just your average run-of-the-mill liberal, what does that say about Overton's window where liberalism is concerned?

Brannon Howse: Maybe explain Overton’s Window. For those who don't know what Overton’s Window is, that's a great comment you just made.

Mitchell Shaw: So, Overton's window is this idea that as things continue to move, the spectrum shifts, and what was in the dead center is now all the way over to the side because the entire window is shifted. So, it's sort of like, okay, if you're driving down the road, are you looking out the window something enters your driver's side window as you're looking out the window along the front. But as you drive past that, it's all the way to the back. Everything that would have been in between those two things that you passed also shifts.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Mitchell Shaw: And actually, Elon Musk did this very well in a meme that just inflamed everybody and his sister. It's a stick figure of Elon Musk, and he addresses himself. He's one of the stick figures. And it says, “me” so that, you know, it's him. And then over to the side, there's a little line that steers the center, and he's just left of center. And there are my fellow liberals standing right beside him. All the way over to the other side is a conservative, and that's 2008. He shows that same figure in 2012, but his fellow liberals are running as fast as they can, all the way to the left.

So now the bar gets wider right shifts a little bit. Elon Musk is now actually on the right side of center because center has shifted because the left has gone so far left. Then it shows 2022 at the bottom. This guy's all the way over there, and he's shouting at Elon Musk, "Bigot," and the conservative is going. "Lol." Right? Because Elon Musk hasn't moved at all since 2008. He just joked that he'd like to buy Coca-Cola just to put the cocaine back in it. Okay?

Brannon Howse: He is kind of a transhumanist from what I've studied.

Mitchell Shaw: That's funny, but he is sort of an odd guy.

Brannon Howse: But what you and I believe was standard was pretty standard fare in the eighties during the Reagan administration. We haven't moved. We haven't changed. Those FBI agents are the same guys that were fighting communism. Their own agency has moved to the left, and they've not changed.

Mitchell Shaw: And they can't fight because it owns them now. That's right. But, so, it's sort of like the old joke of the old couple sitting in the car. Remember cars used to have those bench seats in the front, right? So, they're sitting in the car, and they pull up behind this young couple at the light in front of them, and they're sitting all against each other, all snuggled up. And she says to him, "You remember when we used to sit like that?" And he's got both his hands on the steering wheel. And he looks at her, and he says, "Well, sweetheart, I haven't moved. If we're not cuddling anymore, you moved." Right?

Brannon Howse: Right.

Mitchell Shaw: So, for all these folks who just don't understand how far things have gotten to the left, we're so far to the left right now that Elon Musk looks like a conservative. And he's got to be driving Janowitz nuts, this Nina Jankewitz gal, he's got to be driving her out of her mind because he just laid down $44 billion, with a B, to purchase a platform to try to restore free speech. Twitter employees are losing their minds over it. I don't know if you saw the report on the leaked meeting from Twitter.

Brannon Howse: No, I have not.

Mitchell Shaw: So, it was a Slack meeting. And somebody recorded the audio from this meeting and leaked it. It's these employees just losing their marbles over simple stuff, like not being able to ban people. They listed amongst "worst-case scenarios" the return of Trump to Twitter. If that's a worst-case scenario, you've never had a bad day in your life if you think that's the worst thing that can happen. Right? Think what you want about Donald Trump, love him, hate him, whatever. I mean, the worst-case scenario is that he could be back on Twitter and send tweets that might hurt people's feelings?

Brannon Howse: Exactly right. Let's go to this other article because this is a good one. Report: Big Tech Caught Tilting the Scales for Biden Changed Outcome of 2020 Election. I'd love to hear your here your synopsis of this article at

Mitchell Shaw: So, this one, the synopsis is going to be really, really simple. I summed it up in the last paragraph. I said, "In the end, big tech interfered with the presidential election, causing the outcome to be different than it would have been without that interference. And all the while, Big Tech joined in with others, including the DNC, major media, and intelligence folks, to cry out loud about Russian influence." One of the things from this report that I was citing in this, which by the way, is from the Media Research Center that drilled down into more than 640 examples just over the last two years. They limited this to two years, March to March, a two-year period, and they showed 640 examples of big tech silencing anything that would have made Joe Biden look bad.

Not only the Hunter Biden laptop story, which they moved heaven and earth to block. Even slapping a warning label on the GOP House Judiciary Committee's website when it would post things on Twitter. But beyond that, a full third of the posts that were censored, and by censored, I mean they were either taken down completely, or a big warning was put up on them saying, "This is Disinformation." Don't believe this. Or people actually had their accounts removed from posting things. Do you remember all the creepy pictures of Joe Biden going around kissing his granddaughter on the mouth?

Brannon Howse: Yep.

Mitchell Shaw: So, somebody put together a meme that showed those pictures in a collage and said, "Find someone who kisses you like Joe Biden, kisses his granddaughter." Right? Now that's grotesque. But I see the humor in it. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't.

Brannon Howse: I do.

Mitchell Shaw: So, the person who posted that got it taken down, and they took a screenshot. Facebook said, “I violated its policy against sexual materials.”

Brannon Howse: You do know that Facebook, Mike Lindell has the screenshot, when we put out our first documentary, they put a thing over it that said, “Contains pornography and nudity.”

Mitchell Shaw: Right, right. So, they bend their own rules and overspend that coin. All the while, I mean, you have a Facebook account, or maybe at some point in your life, you've had a Facebook account. How many times have you known of people who've reported outright nudity on Facebook and had them come back and say, "Well, no, we look at it and thanks, but this doesn't violate our policy?" However, a picture that embarrasses Joe Biden is pornographic and has to come down.

Why? Because Joe Biden actually did that. Quoting Joe Biden, in his own words, accounted for a huge portion of these tags and pull-downs and what have you that were happening and banning and shadow banning and account nuking and all these things. A large part of those was from people quoting Biden in his own words. So apparently, when Joe Biden makes Joe Biden look bad, it's conservatives' fault.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely it is.

Mitchell Shaw: You are to blame for Joe Biden embarrassing himself.

Brannon Howse: So, we're going to have you back. You're a great guest. You bring some humor to the topic as well. You write at Do you have your own personal website like Alex Newman does?

Mitchell Shaw: No, I'm not as slick as Alex. Alex is a lot sharper than I am. I do host a podcast, though.

Brannon Howse: Where can they find that?

Mitchell Shaw: Well, anywhere they search any platform, it is subtly titled: Enemy of the Surveillance State. It's about privacy issues and how you can protect your privacy. That's really my kind of bone to pick with the police state and the deep state because in the absence of them being able to harvest all of your data, they can't really control you. So, if people would learn to protect their privacy, we would at least be one step closer to being able to tell the deep state to go pound sand.

Brannon Howse: I tell you what, how about if I have you on next week? We'll get into some of those ways we're turning into a police state.

Mitchell Shaw: I'd love it.

Brannon Howse: That's a very interesting topic. Let's do that.

Mitchell Shaw: All right. Sounds great.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Mitchell. Thanks for being with us.

Mitchell Shaw: Thank you, Brannon. God bless you.

Brannon Howse: You, too. Mitchell Shaw, checking in. Great columnist over at


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