Mike Lindell Announces That Walmart Has Canceled MyPillow


Please go to MyPillow.com and use the promo code L77 to save up to 66% off, and Mike Lindell will give a generous percentage back to The Lindell Report to support our free broadcasts.

Mike leads with breaking news that Walmart has canceled MyPillow! Since 2012 MyPillow has been a top seller in its class of products. In a conversation with a Walmart executive, he was told the reason was that MyPillow has gone below their threshold in their rating system. Rating system? When did they start this? They stated that it was a little over two years ago. Really? We all know what this is about and it's despicable. 

Trolls and bots have been marshaled by political action groups and activists to push narratives and disinformation that is designed to hurt businesses that don't fall in line with their agenda or beliefs. It's true. A recent article in Fortune magazine on "A growing army of online trolls is using dangerous lies to take down executives and companies" demonstrates how it works. They cover it from a different angle but the fact is, that is what is happening to Mike Lindell and MyPillow.

Mike explains that is why having FrankSpeech and all our great personalities is so important. For MyPillow customers, this isn't all bad. Walmart takes a healthy percentage and certain commitments that drive up prices. Mike announces that Ollie's a chain of bargain stores started carrying MyPillow a couple of months ago and we encourage Walmart shoppers to visit them. "Good Stuff Cheap" is their motto, and with inflation soaring now would be a good time to check them out.  

Mike and Brannon go on to talk about Bill Barr and the January 6th Committee and are joined by  Garland Favorito. Watch the entire show now!

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