Michael Koepke Joins Brannon Howse at CPAC-Texas 2022


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Voter Fraud In Wisconsin and Things That Got Out Of Hand

Things got out of hand. There are now a few great candidates who once elected will change things to allow bills that keep getting buried to come back to the forefront. These are bills to go back to study the 2020 election and possibly decertify the results. 

Brannon and Koepke talk about his visits to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and the great memories he has of the area. 

Then they move on to some of the problems in Wisconsin that are being addressed by the candidates running for office. They talk of how some of these problems are not just Wisconsin's problems but are also national problems. Fixes in Wisconsin are the beginnings of a complete fix nationwide. There are some investigations currently happening regarding ballot harvesting and voter fraud.

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