Meet Meryl Nass, MD on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour - August, 26 2020

about a year ago

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Peter R. Breggin MD

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Originally posted to YouTube on Aug 26, 2020.  This video had 1,424 views and 114 likes.

Be bedazzled by Dr. Nass, as I am with her. Meryl Nass MD is an internist but she is really something more extraordinary, a doctor who all her life has sought out the truth about medications to treat viruses and vaccines to prevent them. For a very scientific and yet impassioned discussion about COVID-19, treatments and potential vaccines, this is the hour for you. We also have the fun of actually becoming friends on the show, which adds a delightful aura to all knowledge we exchange together and with you. Meryl Nass will entertain and enlighten you.