Matt Hancock Resigns; London's BIGGEST Rally Yet! 6/27/2021


In this week's TOP news from around the world, millions in the #UK cheer as #BorisJohnson's corrupt right hand man, #NHS #HealthSecretary #MattHancockResigns 48 hours after his affair with aide #GinaColadangelo is exposed… but this isn't just about an affair, it goes much deeper. The heavy hand in the UK is not about the virus, it's all about their #BuildBackBetter initiative and they need economic control and downturn to make it happen.

But Brits are fighting back, yesterday, millions of people gathered for their largest protest yet, taking a stand against the tyrannical lockdowns and proposed health passports! All of that and so much more as we go around the world for this week's biggest stories you WON'T hear anywhere else!

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