The Longer The US Stays Involved In Ukraine, The More Ukrainians Will Die

about a year ago

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With US Aid the War in Ukraine Will Continue

Up till now we have sent over six billion dollars to Ukraine and they say it isn't enough. They have stopped fighting Russia in certain areas as they await more bullets to fight with. Critical elements of the war have changed with Ukraine leaving areas that have been demolished by Russia. They say there is no reason to stay there since the have nothing to fight with and the is no place left to hide. The US is sending more munitions to work with and this leaves the US with a bill total of over six billion dollars sent to Ukraine. 
Ukraines ports are backe dup since the war leaving many shipments of food and more undeliverable at this point.
If we had not become involved in this war acording to Will, it would have been done by now. We are ivolved in a proxy war with Russia. As long as we continue down this path, the war will linger on. If Trump were president this war would not have happened, Russia waited for us to become weak.