Libs On Tiktok Segment With Emerald Robinson & Sofia Carbone


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Libs on TikTok

On the Absolute Truth, Emerald Robinson and Sofia Carbone talk TikTok users and Liberals. TikTok users have taken Johnny Depp, covering the actor’s lawsuit against his ex-wife. In a video that shows the completely different behaviors of Johnny Depp,and his ex. Robinson talks about the interesting ways that this video is being portrayed on social media, corporate media, and other outlets. The biggest thing is the shift from the “believe all women” narrative to “she’s a liar.”

Sofia further elaborates by saying “maybe we made a mistake by just saying believe all women.” The world has gotten to a toxic place where a woman’s words are more important than a man in these cases.

This became clear during the Johnny Depp trial when his lawyers played a recording of a fight between the couple. In the midst of the fight, Amber Heard claimed that he could tell someone about the abuse, but nobody would believe him.

Conservative viewpoints and mindsets are now being posted on social media and liberals are not liking it.

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