JD Rucker on the Out of Context Attacks on Kathy Barnette by Ric Grenell


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is JD Rucker of jdrucker.com. That's his website. Look at the headline here, guys. The Cult of Dr. Oz Ric Grenell Posts Insanely Out-of-Context Tweet from Kathy Barnette to Disparage Her. She was my guest last night. JD, I saw your article. I knew I had to get you on, even if it's just for a few minutes. Please tell me what this is all about. What's going on here?

JD Rucker: Thanks for having me on, Brannon. It's always a pleasure to be on this show. So, Ric Grenell, who I've always liked. I've always liked Ric. I think he's a patriot. I think he's a smart dude. But he did some pretty bad things today, and it was more than one thing. He really hates Kathy Barnette, and he has endorsed Dr. Oz. And you know what? When people are opposed to a candidate, so be it. Let's talk about their policies. Let's talk about their history. What he did was he took an old tweet where she basically tweeted, #BLM, #defund the police. He tweeted it, as you know. "Oh, my gosh, look at this." What he didn't tell anybody is that if you click through to that old tweet, you find out what she was talking about.

She was using those hashtags to link to a video in which she was opposing Black Lives Matter. She was lambasting them because at the time, and she was crying throughout this video, there was apparently a one-year-old black baby who had been shot and killed. She's like, "Where's BLM for this?" And she was opposing defunding the police. She said, "We need more police. We need more police funding. We need the streets to be safe." But of course, Ric Grenell, you know, he posted this, and he was trying to insinuate that she was supportive of BLM and supportive of defunding the police.

Brannon Howse: After a ton of feedback and corrections he's pulled that tweet, right? That's what he did. He pulled it, right?

JD Rucker: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There's still, trust me, you know, the beauty of Twitter, and he knows this. The beauty of Twitter is that when they see this, when they see somebody like Ric Grenell, who a lot of people know and respect, they're going to say, 'Oh, my gosh, and they're just going to stop right there with the #BLM, #defund police and they're going to assume, “Oh, my gosh, Kathy Barnett, you know, she's a liar. She's bad. She supports BLM.” Let's face it. Unfortunately, most people, most voters don't go through and investigate. They just take what's told to them, and they act upon that. That's what he was hoping for.

He did it again a little bit later, though, Brannon. He did it again with a video that is spliced together of little parts of her talking. We're talking like two or three-second parts spliced together, and it makes it sound as if she's supporting it. There's one part in it where she actually says, “Systemic racism.” Then it cuts to later on in the same thing where she says, “Especially in law enforcement.” So, if you're not watching the screen and you're just listening, it makes it sound like she's saying critical race theory, especially in law enforcement. But if you actually watch the video, she's opposing critical race theory, and she's calling people out for saying that it's part of law enforcement. Which she knows it isn't. I've been going back and forth with Grenell all day.

Brannon Howse: Oh, you have?

JD Rucker: Like I said, I still like him.

Brannon Howse: Oh, you have? Is he responding to you?

JD Rucker: It's actually uncomfortable. I've gotten phone calls. What is the deal with Grenell and you? Like, I don't know. I've never even spoken to the guy on the phone or anything. I've never met him, you know. But all of a sudden, he's, like, throwing. 'Hey, J.D. Rucker, what about this? Hey, J.D. Rucker. What about that?"

Brannon Howse: The former DNI is contacting you?

JD Rucker: Yeah. The former acting DNI has been contacting and sending me tweets. I mean, he pulled a tweet from like 2011 where she was attacking, you know, saying that Islam agrees with pedophilia or something like that. And he's like, "Do you agree with this, J.D. Rucker?"

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute. Has he not heard of Mohammed marrying Aisha at six and consummating at nine?

JD Rucker: Well, and he's even twisted that.

Brannon Howse: I bet if I asked him who Aisha is, he wouldn't even know who Aisha was.

JD Rucker: He's a smart dude. He probably does. That's the sad part, is that he knows what he's doing here, folks. This isn't just, "Oh, he's mistaken, or he's kind of getting it wrong." He's intentionally trying to mislead people. This is how desperate they are right now. And I'll tell you, here's the thing.

Brannon Howse: To save Dr. Oz?

JD Rucker: To save Dr. Oz.

Brannon Howse: Which, by the way, she was my guest last night.

JD Rucker: She's awesome. I love Kathy.

Brannon Howse: She spoke out against critical race theory and all of that stuff.

JD Rucker: Right? Of course. But this isn't him just trying to help Dr. Oz. I want to be clear about this. He's falling on his sword. He is debasing himself. This is a theory. I'm not saying this is a fact, but my theory is that he is going out all the way trying to do anything they can to help Dr. Oz win the primary on behalf of Donald Trump. Donald Trump had an ill-advised endorsement, Dr. Oz. But Trump can't go out there and attack Kathy Barnett. You know, that just wouldn't do. I mean, he would be lambasted like Grenell is being. So, Grenell, in my opinion, I think that he's falling on his sword and saying, "Okay, we've got to get this win. And it'll be super embarrassing if the actual America First conservative and Kathy Barnett beat the RINO that we endorsed. So, I'll go ahead, and I'll do some things, and I'll recover later.

I'll just go out and call everybody a homophobe, and then I'll be in everybody's good graces again. This is what he's doing. And again, this is my opinion. I don't want to get sued. I'm not stating this as a fact. You know, I don't know if Trump's involved. I'm assuming it would be his people and not him directly who would be involved. But I think that he's trying to do whatever he can to weasel his way into helping Dr. Oz win the primary. Because if Dr. Oz loses after getting the Trump endorsement, that will be devastating for Trump. It really would be devastating.

Brannon Howse: I think, you know, Trump is right now, what, 22 to 1? It was 22 to 0. He's only lost one.

JD Rucker: Yeah, he's going to get most of them. He really wanted 100%.

Brannon Howse: He's 50 something to 1 now, I think. It was 22 to 0. Now it's 50 something to 1 or whatever it is. But anyway, the point is, so what? He loses two or three. It's not worth what this guy is doing.

JD Rucker: No, it's not. But they look at this as the highest-profile endorsement out there. I mean, this is the big one. This is the one where if he wins, they'll be able to say Dr. Oz was losing, and then Trump endorsed him, and he won. So, Trump is still in control of the Republican Party. If Dr. Oz loses the primary this week, next week, rather, then that's going to be broadcast. You'll see everybody from FOX News to CNN; they're going to attempt to destroy him.

That's why I believe that Grenell is going out of his way to fall on his sword, to destroy his own credibility if that will save Donald Trump. So, from that perspective, I want to be clear. Okay, I'm a little bit torn because I don't want Donald Trump to be embarrassed, but shame on him for endorsing a RINO globalist like Dr. Oz. For listening to his, whoever he was listening to, whether it was the MAGA-donors or the poor advisors or whoever it was.

Brannon Howse: Sean Hannity.

JD Rucker: Or Hannity. There you go. Yeah, Hannity's among them.

Brannon Howse: That's what I was told.

JD Rucker: Yeah. And that's very possible. I could definitely see that because Hannity has been a big Dr. Oz fan for a long time.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, that's what I was told. All right, jdrucker.com. As always, thank you, JD.

JD Rucker: Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Jdrucker.com


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