Interview with Scott Bennett - What's Coming; The True State of Things; God Wins!

About 10 months ago

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Warriors Rise

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In 2011, 2LT Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and Psychological Warfare analyst, worked in the highest levels of counterterrorism, intelligence, and politics in Washington DC. He was a leading writer and thinker at the State Department Counterterrorism Office, U.S.Special Ops Command, U.S. Special Ops Command, and the George W. Bush Administration.After discovering and exposing massive corruption within the Obama White House and military contractors, he was unlawfully imprisoned on trumped up charges by the Obama Administration. Keeping his military officer's oath, Bennett had filed intelligence analysis reports exposing illegal terrorist finance corruption and money-laundering operations involving the Clinton Foundation, the law firm Covington and Burling, the Department of Justice (Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer, Loretta Lynch, Kevin Downing), Saudi Arabia-Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, US Central Command, and the international defense contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton. Scott Bennett's integrity and knowledge and the truth he shares (legally, nothing that's not public accessible) is Truth that will set you FREE! Please like and share share share ....You can find his books and more videos at the links below:www.globalfreedomtv.comGreat Cancer Killing Black SalveDestroy-Cancer.commention: JODIfor Free ShippingJodi LoDolcewww.WarriorsRise.netYOUTUBE:JodiL792 Warriors Rise (not all content shared here)RUMBLE: Warriors4ChristRiseBrighteon: Warriors RiseFrankSpeech: WarriorsRise TV107 Daily: Jodi LoDolceTwitter: @JodiL792Facebook: Jodi LoDolceGETTR: @WarriorsRiseTruthSocial:Jodi LoDolceIf you feel led to support WarriorsRise - go to our donate page on the website or support us by using our PromoCode BelowMyPillow:PromoCode: WR21DrStellaMD.comPromoCode: JodiCovicare Packagewww.meehanmd.comNatural Healthcare remediesPromocode: Warriors23For Cancer Killing Black SalveDestroy-Cancer.commention: JODIfor Free Shipping


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