How Parents Can Make An Impact On The College Curriculum


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Stop Funding Schools That Only Teach the Destruction of America

If you want to make a difference in situations like college, then you first do so by affecting the purse strings. Jason D. Hill states that years ago when he was a college professor, any intrusion by the parents was considered heavy-handed. He is now happy to see that parents are taking an active interest in colleges and K-12 education. Part of this has occurred because students tell their parents things like "not to gender them". They say that at school they can be a girl or a boy or whatever they want. When parents see that the values they have instilled are being broken by educational institutions then they become upset.

He also goes on to say that we should be advocating for more school vouchers, more charter schools, and homeschooling. We should be cutting taxes for those that send their children for more private education. We should be telling alumni and school donors that there should be conditions attached to the monies being donated. There is no conservative teaching of the social sciences. There are only radical left teachings. Donors should be stating that their dollars should be used with conditionals attached, They should say they want more conservative teaching, and so on.

The federal government should stop funding schools that teach the hatred of America. There is no reason for taxpayers to fund their own destroyers.

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