How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century



Ronald Gruner founded, served as chief executive and sold three successful technology firms during his long career: Alliant Computer in 1982, Shareholder.  com in 1993 and Sky Analytics in 2009.  Each of Gruner’s firms were a pioneer and leader in its industry: Alliant in parallel processing, in investor relations and Sky in legal analytics.  Unlike many technology firms, each company delivered a healthy financial return to its investors. Alliant went public in 1986 while and Sky Analytics were profitably acquired by major public corporations in 2006 and  2015, respectively.  During his thirty-five years as a chief executive, Gruner faced the challenges of making difficult decisions; balancing the interests of shareholders, customers and employees; and focusing on the long-term even as short-term pressures seemed overwhelming.   Gruner’s experience as an accomplished executive has resulted in a different breed of presidential history. Taken from his business experience, We the Presidents focuses on effects rather than causes, on results rather than politics; on economics rather than ideology; and  WE THE PRESIDENTS on the connections linking presidential administrations rather than isolated presidencies.  Gruner lives with his wife, Nancy, in Naples, Florida where he is a private pilot, amateur radio operator and consistently poor golfer.

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