Hide Your Package From The USPS


The FDA is in cahoots with the USPS confiscating international packages containing Ivermectin. 

Yet the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin is not the driving force behind the confiscation.  Those in power are purposely overstepping their bounds and showing you that nothing is sacred anymore. You no longer have rights over your self, there is no personal choice, there is no right to privacy.  Self dignity waved bye-bye long ago.

The American public has been conditioned for this for 20 years. After the events of September 11, the TSA was placed in all airports. Your friendly TSA agents forced you to take off your shoes, go through naked body scanners, place their hands all over your buttocks, your genitals, your wife and your daughters’ breasts.  They even search grandmas in wheelchairs because they think they could be terrorists with bombs.

All the while, men stood by and watched as their families were molested. This Is humiliation, plain and simple. You will be subject to what your political masters say. They will do whatever they want to your body, your home, your family to exert their power.

Having your mail searched, and your medication seized, does not validate or invalidate the usefulness of ivermectin. It does not speak to its effectiveness. This method is no more than the new TSA searching your possessions without your permission, violating your right to privacy, to show you through humiliation, degradation, and violation that they are the ones in charge. 

The FDA, USPS and TSA just can’t seem to keep their hands off our packages. 

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