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Emerald Robinson: The CDC has pushed for the DOJ to appeal a federal judge's decision, reducing their rulemaking power. Plus, Florida lawmakers are pushing back against Walt Disney's privilege. And the Biden regime is preparing to address the drug crisis facing this nation. Or are they? Today is April 21st, and you're in on The Absolute Truth. The Center for Disease Control is now pushing the Department of Justice to appeal a federal judge's decision in regards to lifting mask mandates on public transportation. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the CDC's overreach by saying this.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: And the Department of Justice, as you noted, has indicated that they would appeal not just because they think it's entirely reasonable, of course, to have this additional time to look at it. But because they think that for current and future public health crises, we want to preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future.

Emerald Robinson: Preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future. I think that was the most telling line. So, let's welcome in the president and founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, Leslie Manookian. HFDF was the organization responsible for legally challenging the CDC mask mandate and won. And we just talked about this, what two days ago, Leslie. I'm glad to see you back. Not maybe in these circumstances, and I have to say, I'm a little bit surprised. Were you surprised?

Leslie Manookian: Well, we were a little bit surprised, but not totally surprised. And we were a little bit surprised because DOJ's initial statement was, we'll wait and see what CDC wants to do, which suggests that it's actually a political question, not a matter of public health or an emergency. Because they said we're going to wait until CDC assesses the situation and makes a decision. Now, if this is a matter of law, they would have appealed it immediately. If it's really a matter of public health, they would have appealed it immediately, but they didn't. They sat on it, and we called them out for that, so now I think they've issued a statement. Of course, you'd have to ask the government why they did what they did. But they say they have now filed a notice of appeal. What's interesting, Emerald, is the CDC didn't present a strong argument, obviously, according to what the judge ruled, and as a result of that - and because of the fact that there were two - sorry, there were two other major cases that happened. I'm a little bit wiped out after the last four days. There were two major cases happened that pushed back that went against CDC. I think that DOJ has been thinking about that very seriously because DOJ knows that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is where our case will appeal, and the Supreme Court, had already stricken down some of CDC's power when they tried to issue the eviction moratorium. And when they tried to issue a mandate on anybody boarding a cruise ship departing Florida. So, they have an uphill battle against them, and I think the DOJ realized that. So, they kind of threw HHS a bit under the bus.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I think it's probably good that you're in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals because you said they have a track record of not giving in to the Biden administration. But I think it really isn't the argument here - what it boils down to, and you heard what Psaki said, is they want to preserve CDC authority. But the CDC isn't a lawmaking branch of government. Isn't that really the basis here for your argument?

Leslie Manookian: Well, I think there are two things. So, first of all, police powers are powers reserved for the states, not for the federal government. So, the CDC historically has always been in a position of supporting the states. Health laws are police powers, so this is why the CDC has a recommended vaccination schedule but not a schedule that's enforceable. And so, the CDC has been really overstepping its historical role, but also the law. What you just mentioned is correct. The federal government can issue policy ideas, and then the federal agencies which fall under the executive branch can issue rules based on proper notification to the public and then take public comment. They didn't do either of those things, but they also had to have the statutory authority to do what they wanted to do. The judge ruled this. The CDC lacked the statutory authority to implement the mask mandate because it's a violation of individual liberty, and never before in history has the CDC dined to instruct hundreds of millions of Americans about what they have to wear or a medical device that they had to use. So, it's an overstep on those two factors, and then another thing is that their science doesn't support the case. She ruled that it was arbitrary and capricious.

Emerald Robinson: Well, we will be following the appeal process and see how it goes. So, we'll have you back for updates because our viewers are really concerned about this case, and we're thrilled about your win recently. So, we'll be following this. Thanks for joining us so quickly again, Leslie Manookian.

Leslie Manookian: Can I make one more comment, Emerald? I just think it's really important that Americans understand that we are a nation of laws, and it doesn't matter which party you belong to or which side of the spectrum you're on. We should care about the rule of law. We should care that our federal agencies follow the law, and we should also remember that freedom is not a partisan issue.

Emerald Robinson: Absolutely. Democracy is based on the rule of law. Thank you, Leslie.

Leslie Manookian: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: Well, I'm thrilled to welcome back legendary journalist Michelle Malkin to discuss a range of issues in the latest headlines, particularly about the corporations behind child grooming and election fraud in Colorado. Welcome back, Michelle.

Michelle Malkin: So glad to be back. Thanks, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: So, I was doing research on Disney and grooming. I came across some articles you had written on child grooming going back to 2009. You were really one of the first people to discover these networks and organizations trying to push LGBT grooming in our schools and the corporate money behind it. You trace it back to the Obama administration, right? What can you tell us about this?

Michelle Malkin: Yeah, it actually goes back even further than that. My first encounter with what I call the alphabet mafia happened in 1997 when I was an editorial writer and columnist for The Seattle Times. In Seattle, there was a nationwide movement to incorporate, quote-unquote, "Anti-bullying curriculum into the K through 12 schools,' and a national non-profit organization called Glisten at the time. Gay, Lesbian Straight Teachers Network was connecting elementary, middle school, middle, and high school students to a website called Alt Kids. A parent was shocked and disgusted to learn that one of those links was essentially a grooming and dating site. The graphic was awful vile. It should have been illegal for two young boys and then a body without a head attached to it putting its hand on two boys who were without clothes from the chest up. This parent alerted the school officials and the local district attorney to it. They removed it. There were no consequences for it. Of course, over the last quarter-century, the kind of smut and what I consider kiddie porn marketed as anti-bullying, diversity, and tolerance curriculum has metastasized in the schools, and a new generation of parents is finding out about it.

Emerald Robinson: Now, Michele, this continues today, and you, in another article, highlighted all that money. I remember the teacher’s union got a ton of money under the Biden administration for COVID relief funds. Some of that money, a lot of that money, is going to be used to promote this organization this agenda even further. Is that correct?

Michelle Malkin: That is correct. The organization has been renamed Glsen, and I highly recommend that parents do their own homework. They can find my columns on this with all of the links’ G-L-S-E-N, and during the Obama administration, as you refer to. I did all the reporting on the head of this Glsen organization, Kevin Jennings, who became the so-called safe school czar under the Obama administration. Now, this same organization is recommending to local and state education districts across the country that they leverage $189 billion in COVID funds that are supposed to help the schools with COVID. Which, of course, is over and never starts, to begin with, to use that money to advance the LGBTQ plus agenda, which includes using that money to convert bathrooms into all-gender bathrooms. Follow the money.

Emerald Robinson: What does that have to do with COVID?

Michelle Malkin: Absolutely nothing. But, you know, it reminds me, of course, of the leveraging of COVID for the election agenda of the left. These people really know what they're doing. I mean, I guess we do have to give credit to the left because they take this money and run with it and unless parents and elected officials do something about it $189 billion in COVID education fund could be used to propagate the same kind of curriculum that now parents and some state legislators are trying to tamp down on across the country. Do your homework. Protect your kids.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, do your homework. Go look for Michel's articles. We'll put them up. Now, also, the left is really good at preparing in advance for elections and creating false narratives like the one we talked about the last time you were on the show, the fake paper shortage. We also talked about what was going on in your county, in Colorado, El Paso County. This is being used to keep using the corrupt electronic voting machines. Where are we now? Are there any updates on that battle in Colorado and the so-called paper shortage?

Michelle Malkin: Yes, of course, that pretext is still being applied. This past week, on Monday, a House committee just passed through that legislation that we talked about, which is essentially a way to retaliate against election fraud whistleblowers, SB 55123. So, it's headed towards being signed by the billionaire tech governor here. It has been espoused by the Soros secretary of state, who's trying to punish many of the local election officials who are trying to protect election integrity. So, I would say not only Coloradans need to know about this, but everywhere across the country. This is the blueprint. This is what I talked about in the documentary I did called Rocky Mountain Heist. So, it is coming to a locality and state near you for sure.

Emerald Robinson: And speaking of being punished, you're fighting battles on several fronts, including with Airbnb, which has banned you because of your politics, you and your husband, and you have a lawsuit going. How is that going? Tell us about that.

Michelle Malkin: So, the lawsuit has not been filed yet. I'm still trying to raise funds, and you can go to, Michele fights Airbnb or just goes to my website to find out what happened. This is particularly troubling because my husband, who is not a public figure, was banned from Airbnb for speeches that I gave to groups that are disapproved of by these woke companies, Airbnb. And really, what I think is of special concern here is that they use data and research from the lie machine, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled every good faith, conservative patriot out there a white supremacist, including me. Of course, this defies anti-discrimination, fairness, and housing laws across the country. That's why I'm lodging this fight. I have great First Amendment lawyers who say the case is strong. I wouldn't fight it if I didn't think it was, and this isn't just about my family and me. I mean, it's absurd. It's guilt by secondary and tertiary association. It's not just freedom of speech that's under siege, Emerald, that I think people need to understand. It's freedom of association that is in the crosshairs of the far left.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, and Airbnb continues to rent to criminals, but not Michelle Malkin. You can go and support her defense fund. We'll put up that a little later. You'll see a link to that on my Substack as well. Thanks, Michelle. So, good to talk to you again.

Michelle Malkin: Appreciate it. Thanks, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Florida just handed Walt Disney a massive loss. We discussed that next.

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Emerald Robinson: We got some breaking news just coming in to share with you. CNN + is being shut down, according to sources. The digital platform is being yanked by Warner Brothers. The platform fell to attract subscribers, so the company reportedly is looking to put it out of its misery. The platform launched on March 29th and will be shut down on April 30th. No word yet on what Chris Wallace plans on doing after leaving Fox News to jump onto a sinking ship. Additionally, CNN is undergoing several change-ups at the network under new leadership. According to other sources, media pundits Brian Stelter's days at the network are also numbered, and these were reliable sources. Florida Senate passed legislation that would end Disney's tax privilege, self-governing power, and special exemption status. The move comes after Disney crossed the line and got itself involved in pushing legislative disinformation against Florida's parental rights and education law. The left - without reading the legislation, mislabeled it by referring to it as the Don't Say Gay bill. Now that the Senate has passed the elimination of Disney's self-governing status, the state's House is expected to vote on it next. If it passes, independent special districts that were created prior to 1968 and haven't been renewed will be eliminated. This means oversight of the area will likely go to the Orange and Osceola counties, where the Disney parks are located. Now let's bring in Florida Representative Anthony Sabatini. Thank you, representative, for being here. Sabatini is also running for Congress in Florida's 7th  District. Thanks for being with us, representative.

Representative Anthony Sabatini: I appreciate you having me on.

Emerald Robinson: Now, you have not gotten the chance to vote on this piece of legislation just yet. Will you support it? And if so, why will you?

Representative Anthony Sabatini: Absolutely. I'm going to support it. I'm going to support it very emphatically. I think it's one of the best pieces of legislation I have had the chance to vote on in my four years here. I expect it to pass on a party-line vote, and the reason is that Disney and these woke companies had benefited from an enormous amount of laws here in the state of Florida that was designed to help them back when the Republican Party was a lot more influenced by corrupt corporate interests. I just don't think they deserve those special privileges, especially now that they've actually declared war on Florida families and Florida businesses, and they're just not really deserving of these special carve-outs. So, it's time to eclipse those, I think.

Emerald Robinson: You know, representative, it's interesting. I've seen some high-profile conservatives out there criticizing DeSantis for this move, suggesting that he should punish the corporation that they say benefits Disney's economy. But doesn't it come down to crony corporatism? And what do you say to these critics on the right of this move by Florida?

Representative Anthony Sabatini: Well, I think they're ridiculous, but they're very predictable. You still have a lot of the old guard in the Republican Party who take their commands from corporate special interests and the old chamber of commerce. They don't understand the threats to our republic today, to our country today, which are coming from these companies, this sort of corporate fascism. Where these companies are now pushing policies and politics that are very unpopular in the state of Florida, but they've been effective at doing it because you had cowards in the Republican Party who were never fighting back. Things have changed now that we have leaders like Governor DeSantis and like some of us in the legislature who are willing to stand up and fight back. But, you know, I really think those folks are part of just the old guard, the Republican Party of the Bush-era, who really on a leash from these big corporate interests for many, many, years.

Emerald Robinson: That was actually interesting. I saw a few people in the Trump administration who are typically very vocal about the culture war giving this criticism. So, it's interesting to see how it plays out. But I think, by in large, most parents, even if they're not in Florida, agree with this move from Ron DeSantis, given that the corporation really has made itself political. So, finally, I do want to ask you, you do expect this to pass and the governor to sign it, and it does become law. Is that correct?

Representative Anthony Sabatini: That's exactly correct, yes.

Emerald Robinson: And then how long would it take for Florida to rid Disney of this special status, or do they have some kind of conditions that they can adhere to in order to keep the status quo?

Representative Anthony Sabatini: Well, actually, sort of dive into the details. The bill that we're going to pass says that their self-governing special tax status goes away in one year. So, what we have is an opportunity to structure it in a way where they have to pay down the debt they owe. We could do it in pieces. We could do combine reporting where the corporation, Disney, has to pay down the debt left in that special tax district. We can do a whole host of things. So, what we're doing today is getting rid of the district, and then we have a year to sort of flesh out the details of how that's going to look. I expect the bill to get signed immediately, possibly this week or early next week. Then we'll have the next legislative session to work on the details of how we want to get rid of this debt.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Very interesting. I mean, Ron DeSantis, in Florida, just keeps hitting at these woke corporations in a way that other governors and other legislatures are afraid to do. So, we'll be watching to see that bill pass, and we'll definitely look forward to talking to you in the next session, probably before then, but especially when you have more details. Thanks, Representative Sabatini.

Representative Anthony Sabatini: Thanks for having me on.

Emerald Robinson: The flow of fentanyl to the US has quadrupled under the tenure of President Biden, as you can see from this Breitbart headline. That's four times as much fentanyl coming across the southern border as the previous two years under the Trump administration. The Biden White House is now saying it's looking to get a handle on it today as it officially rolls out its drug strategy noted in the announcement this morning that nearly 107,000 drug overdoses occurred in the US in the last 12 months. Tragic. Joining me now, a former director for drug policy under the Trump administration, now the director for the organization called Recovery for America Now. We like to welcome Art Kleinschmidt. Art, thanks for being here.

Representative Anthony Sabatini: Yeah, thank you for having me. Appreciate it.

Emerald Robinson: So, Art, I understand you were at a summit yesterday about drug strategy. I think you probably had a chance to look at what the White House put out today and will be formally announced in an event, I assume, later today. What are your thoughts on this? Does it really address the overdose crisis we are currently seeing in the United States?

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: I should probably say some of it does. I believe there's a little bit of misinformation when you look at the fentanyl and like you just said, it's skyrocketed coming into the country. A lot of times, they'll say, and I heard at the conference from certain officials, that the drugs come into the country just from ports of entry, and they come in on cars. But, you know, I've been to the border a couple of times, and they mule the product all the time. So, I was at a roundtable event in Arizona, right across from Nogales, where they have secret cameras hidden in the desert that way. Then they had a big picture behind us, and while we have our conference, you see two smugglers with backpacks and camouflage coming right across muling the fentanyl methamphetamine. Generally, that's a lot of the drugs that they're muling and fentanyl being more potent.

Emerald Robinson: As part of their strategy...

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: What's that?

Emerald Robinson: I was just going to show you as part of their strategy, they did say that they plan to address the flow of drugs at the southern border, but so far, their policies do nothing about that. And I want to go over some of the other pillars of this strategy. It says, "expand high-impact harm reduction interventions like naloxone,"  I think you say that. "Going after drug trafficking and illicit drug profits reduce the supply of illicit drugs smuggled across our borders, among other measures." Now, first off, I want to ask you. What are harm reduction interventions? And do they work? 

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: It's a way that people can supposedly control the way somebody gets high. Like certain sort of officials. I don't know, social workers and that. They can actually monitor the way somebody gets high to avoid any other consequences that arise from that sort of behavior. As a therapist, you have to make a little bit of harm reduction when working with your clients. But I believe the messaging in this is awful. I was just looking at the New York City, put out a brochure on how to use fentanyl properly or safely with fentanyl strips and that sort of a thing. So, while they're trying to, I guess, save lives, the messaging is awful, but that actually tells people there's a safe way you can ingest fentanyl. There's a safe way you can ingest heroin, and I believe they don't quite have an understanding that the disease is progressive. So, even if they save some guy with naloxone, it doesn't mean that person's going to stop using it right away. They generally keep going on, and as they use, the disease gets progressively worse.

Emerald Robinson: So, as they do this harm reduction method, they keep using the other drug. Then I would assume, at some point, the treatment runs out from the government treatment, right. Then they just go back to using. Is there ever really a success in this in this harm reduction model?

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: They would point to it, with the sort of peer-reviewed evidence they put out. But if you look back on how we got into the opioid crisis, there was a lot of peer-reviewed evidence that showed that increasing pain as the fifth vital sign was actually an effective strategy as well. That actually was what really caused the opioid crisis to begin with. It was predicated on that policy where the pharmaceutical drugs and pill makers pumped large volumes of legal prescription medications into the country.

Emerald Robinson: So, let me ask you. How much of a departure is this from what you are doing under the Trump administration to address the opioid crisis.

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: Well, in the Trump administration, we were very cautious about enabling. We didn't want to actually give off false messages that there's a safe way to consume heroin. There's a safe way to consume fentanyl. You know, there's a safe way to do that, I guess, ingest cocaine. What I'm trying to say is that messaging is actually very appealing to somebody who wants to keep using it. They're normalizing the disease of addiction. They're not generally stigmatizing the person. What I see them doing is destigmatizing the actual self-destructive act, and in the Trump administration, we were very mindful of doing that.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I know that that was a big focus of the Trump administration. It seems to have taken a backseat in the Biden administration. I think we'll particularly be watching, considering that they say part of the plan is to keep the flow of drugs off over the southern border. But they really tied the hands of Customs and Border Protection. So, we'll see if this changes anything. We really appreciate you.

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: I was just going to say the Customs and Border Agents are too many dealing with the migrants to actually adhere to watching the interdiction flow of drugs coming into this country.

Emerald Robinson: That's what we hear from them as well. All right. Thank you. People can check out your organization if they're looking for resources to help themselves or some of their loved ones deal with opioid addiction or drug addiction. Thank you, Art.

Art Kleinschmidt, Former Director for Drug Policy: All right. Thank you. I much appreciate it.

Emerald Robinson: Man, it pays to be in politics, especially if you're a relative of Representative Jim Clyburn. We will discuss the congressman's questionable payments with Judicial Watch founder and author Larry Klayman next.

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Emerald Robinson: A major Democrat politician has been paying out his own family members with campaign money in recent years. House Majority Whip James Clyburn has steered more than $200,000 in campaign cash to five close relatives, including two of his daughters. Let's welcome the founder and former chairman of the very successful non-profit foundation Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman, to discuss this corruption. Also, we'll note that Larry is the author of the book called It Takes a Counter-Revolution: Wake Up America. Thanks for joining us, Larry.

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: Good morning. My pleasure.

Emerald Robinson: Now, you probably filed more lawsuits against Democrats, and well also, Republicans, too, but particularly Democrats and the Democratic Party than anyone alive. Does James Clyburn have any legal exposure here, or is it unethical behavior but not necessarily illegal behavior?

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: He has major legal exposure, and we need to see exactly what his relatives were doing. But here's the thing in this country today is that because of his race, unfortunately, everybody should be created equal. He has what's, in effect, black privilege. He won't be prosecuted, particularly by the Biden Justice Department. That's for a fact, and he knows it. He's cocky about it. It's why he did it. It's similar to what happened with Ilhan Omar marrying her brother and others who take advantage of other factors to violate the law. Also, as a general rule, the higher-ups he's very powerful in the Democratic Party. He's the one who's most responsible for getting Joe Biden elected in the primary back in 2020, 2019, leading up to that election. He's not going to be touched, and that's really the outrage of what goes on in our legal system. That's why we need to take back our legal system, which is what I wrote about in my book; It Takes a Revolution. We have the right to meet out the law, ourselves, the law of nature, and nature's God, as it says in our Declaration of Independence.

Emerald Robinson: You know, Ilhan Omar didn't just marry her brother. She also steered money, millions, to her current husband and his consulting business. And Maxine Waters has paid her daughter lots of money over the years as well. But my question, I guess, is if this was a Republican, would the current Biden D.O.J. be going after a Republican, or are they getting away with dirty deals like this as well?

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: If it were a lower-level Republican, they would do it, but there's an unwritten contract in the Washington DC community. The legal community. The political community. You don't touch the higher-ups. Thereby the grace of God goes thee. These specially privileged people, these protected species, whether it's someone like Hillary Clinton or someone like Mitch McConnell who also takes money through China, through his wife's family, and became a millionaire. He is, of course, the Republican leader of the Senate, the minority. These people are untouchable, and what really makes it a sham is that the American people think there's a fight between the two parties. There isn't. They're all part of the same club. It's like the National League, the American Conference, and the national conference. That's why we have this corruption which continues to grow year after year. That's why we are at the point of, frankly, a violent revolution. It wasn't on January 6th. It wasn't violent, but you can see the first manifestations of it. The people have caught on that the government, as we call it, the so-called government, no longer represents them. I'm trying to head that off, which is why I wrote this book. It takes a counter-revolution. Citizens, grand juries, trials, we're going to be trying.

Emerald Robinson: I was just going to ask you just give us a summary of how we do that because I feel like I talked to so many people and citizens. They feel hopeless and overwhelmed by what is clearly a corrupt system in DC.

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: Well, in 1992, the late, great Justice Scalia, one of the few great ones in modern history, wrote a majority opinion for the Supreme Court, United States vs. Williams, where he held the majority that the grand jury belongs to the American people, not the three branches of government. This is what we did in the old west before we had a Justice Department. The Justice Department is not exclusive. In fact, he writes about that, too. We have the right to commission citizens, grand juries to indict, to try to seek convictions, and meet out sentences. In 48 states, we even have a right to citizens' arrest. Even California, the most left-leaning of all states. If you know of someone committing a felony, you can have them arrested and turn them over to law enforcement. So, what we are doing, and we've been in the process of it. You can see it at We've indicated, for instance, Biden for bribery from communist China, Russia, and Ukraine before President Zelensky came to power. We are trying him between May tenth and 12th, and we're going to seek convictions for that and seek to have law enforcement and the military carry it out. They've had it with him. They don't want him as president anymore. So, give them a legal process. I'm convinced they'll do something here to get rid of him. We need to get rid of him peacefully, legally. You can't survive another three years with this guy as president.

Emerald Robinson: I think a lot of people don't really understand how the constitution works. I recommend you get his book, go to his website, and we'd love to have you back in May to talk about that trial and how the developments are going. Thanks so much for being here, Larry.

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: Yes, thank you.

Anthony Fauci: You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won't have a surge of infections because you're dealing with an immunologically naive population to the virus because they've not really been exposed because of the lockdown.

Emerald Robinson: If you're like many of us, you may be wondering if the reign of Dr. Fauci will ever end. Alas, there could be hope on the horizon, according to Senator Chuck Grassley, who was in his home state recently during the town hall, suggesting that the top paid government officials' days are numbered if Republicans take back the House and Senate. But at The Absolute Truth, we're kind of skeptics. You all know me. So, let's bring in the person who literally wrote the book on Fauci and the follow-up book or the booster book, if you will, Fauci and Booster. Radio host and Blaze TV host Steve Deace. Steve, you're the best person I know to ask these questions.

Steve Deace, Blaze TV Host: Good to see, Emerald. How are you?

Emerald Robinson: I'm good. So, question. Grassley is saying if the Republicans take House and Senate in the midterms and Senator Rand Paul becomes the chair of the Senate Health Committee, that Dr. Fauci will just retire. Do you believe that?

Steve Deace, Blaze TV Host: I think it is possible. There's really only other than venting, anger, and frustration. I can think of only two affirmatively good reasons to vote for the vast majority of Republicans this fall. I'm talking on a federal level. One is you may stop a few more bad judges; I suppose. Maybe, who knows? But the other is Republicans know that if they're not going to substantively fight Biden on anything. Right. We can't afford a government shutdown. It'll kill us root and branch, according to Mitch McConnell. We can't fight on anything at all, right. So, they're just going to do a bunch of showboats. That's not going to feed the content stream for places like Blaze TV, you, Fox, Newsmax, and everywhere else. We've got to tell our audiences something every day other than, hey, Republicans did surrender theater again this afternoon, more tomorrow. So, what I think the content they plan on feeding us is we are going to expand the Overton Window a little bit on figuring out the origins of COVID, and that absolutely connects to Anthony Fauci. So, I think that that level of scrutiny, that additional sunlight, may cause such a cockroach to scurry. I think it is possible.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, or we hope they don't just write strongly worded letters if that is the case. But Fauci will retire with quite a nice pension and retirement, so I don't think he'll be hurting too much. There is some new news. A new line on Fauci, this from the National Pulse, talks about a deal between - really, what people don't understand is Fauci's pet laboratory here in the United States, the Galveston National Lab, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. There was a deal made between the two that allowed Wuhan to keep some of their materials methods secret. Now, Galveston was in charge of training Wuhan on safety measures, and I'd actually heard about this a couple of years ago. A whistleblower came forward and told me that Galveston had this really shady deal with Wuhan and that Wuhan definitely wasn't up to safety standards, and we knew about it. What are your thoughts on this latest piece?

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: I think it ties into what I told my audience almost two years ago now, what I thought was the origin of the virus. I believe our scientists were actually working with Chinese scientists on creating a preemptive vaccine for the next Sars or Mers level event. And, everybody is focused on this term gain of function, Emerald. That's a very important term, but it's the purpose of the gain of function here that matters, I think all the more. They were looking for what's called, quote, "spillover potential." And even when we wrote Fauci Bargain, it was published a year ago. You still couldn't talk on social media about the virus not being of natural origin when we published the book. I still made sure to kind of leave this breadcrumb in the book at the time. Here's why spillover potential is so key. Because they were looking to see, they were making the gain of function as a methodology it is dangerous enough, but they were specifically provoking viruses that they were also creating like Mongoloid or Frankenstein. They're called tremors. They were specifically creating these things and provoking them in labs to see what might cause them to leap from an animal to a human. To give you an analogy, it's like doing an atom bomb test on Bikini Island but then leaving people on the eight holes because you actually wanted to observe in real-time what radiation did to them as humans. That's essentially what they were doing from a virology standpoint.

Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Founder: This was always going to be a ticking time bomb, so there's a lot of truth when the Chinese come back and say, this was our virus. Sadly, I believe, some truth in this. Now the debate comes down to how did it get out? Was it malfeasance, or was it incompetence? Because the head of the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology was also the former head of the Chinese bioweapons program. So, that's the real debate. But see, our scientists have had their fingerprints in this all along. I think that's why they had the genome sequence for the vaccine so fast because the vaccine is the virus. What got out of that lab was their attempt to create a vaccine, and that's also why they denied natural immunity for so long. They were concerned that they had created something that violated natural laws, sort of a Frankenstein's monster virus version, and they weren't sure if the old laws of immunity in virology applied. I think the whole thing about greed and everything else that's their cover story. I think they were deathly afraid they had let out of there some form of a captain's trip, and they weren't from the stand. They weren't sure if it lined up with natural laws or not, and this is just another piece in that chain of evidence.

Emerald Robinson: The more we learn, the more it validates your hypothesis. I think it's very telling that Dr. Fauci continues to defend China and even their zero-covid policy. Thanks for being here, Steve. Always fun to talk to you. The biggest name yet to get canceled on Twitter is coming up after the break.

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Emerald Robinson: Trump, Bannon, Alex Berenson, Jesus? I mean, I'm more honored by the day to be on the Twitter banned list. Our next guest, Pastor Dave Scarlett, was permanently suspended from his Twitter account over the Easter weekend for posting this picture on the left of Jesus on the cross. Welcome, Pastor Dave. Now, tell me, what exact reason did Twitter give you for giving a permanent ban. I mean, I don't understand that at all. It's Jesus on the cross.

Pastor Dave Scarlett: It is Jesus on the cross, and it was Jesus who said, it is finished. This is the post that went viral. This was posted on Good Friday. M.C. Hammer, the rapper, started following his glory on Saturday of Holy Weekend. He retweeted it, and then we got a message from Twitter; lookout, you have somebody that has 3.3 million followers now following you and tweeting. After that, all hell broke loose, literally. They banned us about an hour to 2 hours later after that. They gave us no reason, no warning just completely shut us down and said it was a permanent suspension.

Emerald Robinson: They say they give you an appeal process. That's what they told me. But I don't buy it because they also say they have three strikes, and you're out. Clearly, you didn't. You've never been warned before, from what I understand. So, are you going to try to get back on Twitter, or do you even care?

Pastor Dave Scarlett: We don't care. We did the appeal process because we wanted to see what grounds took down His Glory. We reached 20 million people in every country in the world, and if you can go after a ministry on a holy weekend, like Good Friday, or Easter weekend, there's no stopping what they'll do next. This thing has turned around to be a boomerang on them. It's getting a lot of exposure. It's just a sad time when they can take down freedom of speech, but they also take it down on the most religious weekend in Christianity.

Emerald Robinson: It seems to target Christianity because we know the kind of accounts that are also out there on Twitter, like the Ayatollah. You see Muslim extremists posting on Twitter, and that doesn't seem to be taken down or flagged. What do you say to Christians about what we're seeing on social media? And clearly, even with the Biden administration and their push toward domestic terrorism. We understand that some of the keywords they use would tend to be someone who would label themselves a conservative Christian.

Pastor Dave Scarlett: That's right. Well, that would be His Glory. I mean, we have many patriotic people follow His Glory, including generals like General Flynn, McInerney, and many more. So, we are a threat to them, and we're a threat to the truth. So, they're going to attack Christians. If they can take the Christian community down, then they've won. Christians need to stand up and say no more to get this Eagle Nation back. We must stand and fight like the Black Robe Regiment did to start this country. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values to create this great constitution. We need to get the Lord back into this country so that we can repent and heal the land.

Emerald Robinson: That's right. The Bill of Rights was based on Calvinism, and Judeo-Christian values, as you said. Now, they might not find you on Twitter, but our viewers, if they want to follow you, can go to to follow you and keep up with you via the website and all the things you've got going on which is a lot. So, thank you for taking the time to be with us today, Pastor Dave.

Pastor Dave Scarlett: Well, thank you for having me. You could follow us at HisGlory.Me.

Emerald Robinson: Well, I don't know exactly how you can get more woke than canceling Jesus, but there were a lot of other attempts this week. Let's check them out in our Week in Woke. It's now time for The Week in Woke. Well, joining us to discuss is a senior digital strategist for X Strategies, Greg Price. Greg, thanks for being here.

Greg Price: Thank you so much for having me. Good to be on with you.

Emerald Robinson: You're one of the more fun people to follow on social media. You are constantly highlighting some of the crazy woke things we see out of there with always a very clever take on it. So, I'd like to get into our first story, which concerns Netflix. Its stock is subscriptions are collapsing. Elon Musk and pregnant Japanese men now Netflix stock took a 35% tumble yesterday after the company announced that it lost over 600,000 subscribers in North America and 700,000 subscribers in Russia and Ukraine. The company blamed password shares for the $50 billion loss, but Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk blamed woke mind virus in a tweet. I like the term woke mind virus. Still, the news won't stop Netflix's new original series from being released, which is called He's Expecting. Yes, you see that correctly. I thought it was a joke at first. So, that's a real promotion for their new biology denying series. This new release will have many level headed subscribers also ditching the streaming platform. So, Greg, is Elon Musk, right? Is it woke mind virus that is afflicting corporations like Netflix?

Greg Price: Yeah, I think absolutely. First of all, you know you've reached peak power when a single tweet from you can crash a multinational company stock by 30% in one day. So, imagine having the power that Elon Musk has, but he's exactly right. Companies like Netflix and Disney have started to feel the effects of their push to Wokeness. Netflix shares four years of gains have essentially been wiped out in a single year. That's unbelievable, and they've lost thousands of subscribers that they've blamed on password sharing. But the bottom line is people are sick of the crap, the woke crap they've been pushing on us. You know, one of the truest things that Donald Trump and I think any human being has ever said is when he said everything woke, turns to, you know the rest. That is the truest thing that's ever been said. Disney is about to incur a nine-figure tax burden from the state of Florida because of their push to wokeness and Netflix's stock, and their subscribers have just crashed because people are tired of it.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I think that's one of my favorite Trumpisms, and yes, we can't say it on air. So, I appreciate your self-censoring. But let's turn to another woke Failure. The Naked Family Sex Show is being canceled, thank goodness, after it received backlash for being a theater troupe for children. The Bristol-Based play was expected to start in May, but now we'll no longer go on. The creepy show described itself as a fun and silly performance about the painfully awkward subject of sex, exploring names and functions, boundaries, consent, pleasure, queerness, sex, gender, and relationships. This play was geared to children Greg as young as five. Now I have a five-year-old, and I was talking to parents, and you know, I'm not shocked that parents didn't want their five-year-olds learning about sex, queerness, and gender identity. I'm actually shocked, though, that the show didn't go on, given what we're seeing in the landscape out there right now.

Greg Price: Well, there was a time when if you push this crap on children, you'd immediately be fired and or arrested. Like, it's ridiculous, and the left wants to tell you that your children aren't being sexualized. That's just a myth that the right-wing is pushing, but it's not. It's happening, and if you're a parent out there. You need to be cognizant of it. You need to be cognizant of what's happening in your children's schools because the sexualization of your children is happening. Children who are very young and the left can deny it and deny it and deny it, but it's absolutely happening. And every parent needs to know what is happening with their children.

Emerald Robinson: I think it's probably parents standing up that got this show canceled because I think even, you know, a couple of years ago, it might have slid under the radar pre-COVID before parents were involved. Now let's turn to Chicago Mayor Lori - go ahead.

Greg Price: I was just going to say, the biggest way this came out was during COVID when kids were going to school at home and parents were finally learning, seeing what was actually happening in their children's schools. The movement for parents is what is going to be the deciding factor in the 2022 midterms.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, I agree. Now you see all these pundits out there on TV attacking parents who don't want their children groomed like beta males over MSNBC and Maria Shriver Lachey, Matthew Dowd, who yesterday suggested that Jesus Christ would be considered a groomer by Republicans today, which was a really outrageous statement.

Greg Price: How's his run for lieutenant governor going?

Emerald Robinson: (laughing) Oh, wait, we've forgotten that's even a thing; how's that going. Let's turn to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who was grilled for even thinking about running for re-election—speaking of campaigns after destroying her city.

Video Clip: Real Chicagoans are asking me; how could you possibly even consider running for re-election as mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you've caused?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Well, I disagree with you fundamentally, and I don't think I need to address and dignify your comments one second further. Next question.

Emerald Robinson: So, Lori Lightfoot there asked how she could even think about running for re-election, considering she's destroyed the city, and she just refused to answer the question, Greg.

Greg Price: She has been there in the history of America. You know, she was elected when a crime wave was happening in Chicago, and homicides have only gone up in her time in office. And then you add on to all of her draconian COVID restrictions, and she's essentially destroyed the city of Chicago. But what's even sadder is even if she does run for re-election, even if she loses, Chicago will probably, you know, elect somebody who governs similarly to her. People like her get elected in all of these major cities over and over and over again. We just saw in New York that Eric Adams was supposed to be a transformative candidate who ran, and he wasn't like most Democrats. He was going to be tough on crime and clean up the city, and as we've seen so far, he's governed no different from the way that Bill de Blasio would have governed. So, it's really sad what is happening in America, cities across the nation, and it's even sadder that they just are going to keep electing people like Lori Lightfoot.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Adams has been one of the biggest bait and switches out of the last election cycle. Biden told you what he was going to do. Eric Adams kind of pretended to be something else. Well, thanks, Greg. We appreciate you being here.

Greg Price: Thanks for having me.

Emerald Robinson: All right, well, that does it for today's show. We certainly had an action-packed show with lots of guests. We appreciate them all being on. Join us back tomorrow for more Absolute truth.

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