Gaslighting the Geoengineering Plan


Look, up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's...a plane...spraying us with chemicals?  Let's break it down.

We’ve all seen it: you look up in the sky and observe an airplane flying overhead at 30,000 feet. Behind it is a long white trail that doesn’t dissipate; it just chills there, in suspended animation. This is called stratospheric aerosol injection, a purposeful dispersal of chemicals into our atmosphere. 

Some will refer to this as "chemtrails", however that is not a scientific term and is often used to discredit those fighting against geoengineering.

Climate manipulation is used by the military industrial complex to  engineer weather for the purpose of managing our enemies' ecosystems.  What happens when our military prevents rain over our adversaries, halting growth of crops, crippling food production?  Armies can't fight if they can't eat.

It's important to note that governments have been engaging in stratospheric aerosol injections dispersing mercury, barium, strontium, and aluminum into the sky for nearly 7 decades. Now, scientists have all but admitted their use, contending that Solar Radiation Management will reflect sunlight back to outer space, halting global warming.

Ironically, It is the spraying of these very chemicals which cause the planet to warm, destroying oceanic life, inflicting massive droughts in some areas and torrential downpours in others. 

Untold billions of dollars have been spent cleaning up the dangerous effects of climate manipulation. Now they recklessly gaslight us trying to convince the public that the very destructive activities causing global climatic terror is what is needed to fix our ecosystem. 

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