Former Federal Agent Dave Gaubatz on His Latest Investigation into a Terrorist Tied Mosque in Michigan


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now is Dave Gaubatz. Dave is a former federal agent. Dave, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us. How are you doing, Dave?

Dave Gaubatz: I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing?

Brannon Howse: I'm hanging in there, buddy.

Dave Gaubatz: I had had concerned citizens in Florida, and Michigan ask if I would go to Troy, Michigan, last weekend to determine if what CAIR is saying about Troy and the people of Troy, the non-Muslims is true. Essentially CAIR and the people from the Adams Community Center in Troy, Michigan, have been telling the zoning board and Troy officials that there is absolutely no mosque operating inside of Troy. It's because essentially that non-Muslims are discriminating and hate Muslims and hate Islam, the same rhetoric that they always use. So, I did go there with another researcher this past weekend and went to the place where someone said that they think a mosque is operating.

And indeed, inside Troy, Michigan, CAIR was lying. CAIR also told federal authorities that there was no mosque inside of Troy. Well, I found the mosque. It's inside a building, a two-story building. They have a basement prayer room, a large prayer room, many books, of course, many violent books that should not be in any place of worship by convicted terrorists. They have about 60 to 100 members. They're trying to convince the Troy zoning board that they need 20,000 square feet to build, to put in all the members. For ten years, they've been operating there illegally, as one of the Muslim worshipers told me. He said, “They've been operating illegally there for over ten years, and they only have 60 to 100 members.” Now they need to move to 20,000 square feet.

Brannon Howse: Let me stop you right there for a second because I'll make sure our audience understands. Dave is a former federal agent, by the way. He's the co-author of the book Muslim Mafia with journalist Paul Sperry. It's a big, thick book. I'm sure you'll find it on Amazon. Dave, first of all, why are they operating underground? So, they're not operating in a normal mosque? Is this a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque number one? Number two, why are they operating underground from your reports, so you're saying? Number three, why do you say they're operating illegally?

Dave Gaubatz: Well, they've been telling the Troy zoning board that there is absolutely no mosque, no place of worship for Muslims in Troy. Although per the Internet and Muslims I've talked to, there are about 69 Sunni mosques within just a few miles of Troy. But again, they do have a mosque in Troy. There are several reasons that they're doing it. First, they've got CAIR, who is representing them in federal court against the city of Troy.

Brannon Howse: Let me stop you again right there to remind the audience CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is an organization that poses as a civil rights group for Muslims. It's really the Muslim Brotherhood, which was started in 1928. Then, after 1928, they ended up starting Hamas in 1980. Dave, off the top of your head, what year?

Dave Gaubatz: I don't have the exact date.

Brannon Howse: I'll find it. It's my notes. And then, after they started that, they started CAIR. So, when you talk about CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, you're talking about Hamas, which is a terrorist organization, correct?

Dave Gaubatz: Correct. Even according to the UAE, they have designated CAIR as a terrorist organization. Federal judges have designated CAIR as a terrorist organization. So, this mosque is using CAIR in court to try to intimidate and harass the non-Muslims in the area, saying that they are discriminating and that they have no place of worship. They have a place of worship. Well, they have a place of worship for men. Inside that mosque, I had a female researcher with me. They took her to a backroom that I would call nothing more than a broom closet with some handmade furniture and a little speaker that the women get to listen to. Four women, maybe sixty men there. They treat the women awful. Plus, they have books in the mosque by convicted terrorists.

Brannon Howse: All right. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. The Muslim Brotherhood founded Hamas in 1987 as their terrorist wing. Then Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas officials founded CAIR in 1994. All right. So, the issue isn't that they want to have a mosque per se. The issue is that they are not disclosing to the local government that they already have a Mosque?

Dave Gaubatz: Well, that plus they were told ten years ago they could not have a mosque at that particular place that they're at now. They need a 20,000-square-foot mosque, similar to what I've been to throughout the U.S. Large mosques with maybe worshippers totaling a hundred people. Many mosques, as I found out in Iraq, were used for terrorist sleeper cell activity, safehouses, and places to store weapons. That's what we found in the mosques in Iraq weapons, terrorists, and safe zones for the terrorists.

Brannon Howse: Is that what happens in America?

Dave Gaubatz: That happens in America. We have al Qaeda. We have ISIS. We have the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas throughout America. This mosque is simply going to be used; the new mosque that they want to move into is 20,000 square feet. It was just a building, a restaurant at one time. It's more of a showplace to bring politicians. It's going to be used, in my professional opinion, as a sleeper cell camp for Islamic terrorists hiding in America.

Brannon Howse: I am looking at pictures you sent me of the literature and everything. All your documentation to document that this is a mosque and that, and you're documenting that they are raising money to build 20,000 square feet, correct?

Dave Gaubatz: Correct.

Brannon Howse: Why? Why do they need 20,000 square feet? This goes back to you being on my show not too long ago, talking about another place where they look like they're going to be expanding. Why, all of a sudden, the need for all this space? Are they expecting a bunch of Islamists to show up?

Dave Gaubatz: Well, it really looks good when they bring politicians in and the media and very naive non-Muslims to show them this is a place of worship, a place of peace. Behind the doors, it's not a place of peace. They have Islamic terrorist material from convicted terrorists inside their mosque. A place of peace does not have that type of material. It's Sunni or Wahhabi taking direction from Saudi Arabia.

Brannon Howse: Do you believe this mosque is funded by Saudi Arabia?

Dave Gaubatz: I have no doubt a mosque is coming into Troy, Michigan, to establish what is going to really be a sleeper cell camp.

Brannon Howse: What did you find? Did you find anything about who's funding this?

Dave Gaubatz: Yes, we did. We have gotten pictures of the names of people who have donated for this new mosque. And we've gone public with it. It's going to go into the hands of the Troy County officials and city and also to law enforcement. Its possible money laundering is going on within the mosque. I encouraged law enforcement to investigate.

Brannon Howse: Your report here shows the total property cost of $2 million. Donations collected, so far, are half a million.

Dave Gaubatz: Yes, exactly, and it's going to be much more than that. In the new 20,000-square-foot place, CAIR is telling the courts and the media that they're going to have 1,000 to 5,000 people at this new location. Where are they now? They do not have 1 to 5,000 people. They've only got parking at this huge mega-mosque for 140 cars total. That's by the blueprint that was in the mosque in Troy. So, you've got 5,000 people with only 140 parking spaces. It just doesn't add up.

Brannon Howse: Okay. Will you keep us posted on this?

Dave Gaubatz: I definitely will.

Brannon Howse: Let me ask you this real quick. Did you see where it's being reported that in Austin, they're doing a rehearsal for radiation? Like some kind of explosive radiation? Some are saying that it has something to do with expecting terror cells with explosives to come over to the U.S. Have you seen that this rehearsal has been done in Austin, Texas, or is going to be done?

Dave Gaubatz: Yes, I have, and that really goes to FEMA, F-E-M-A. That's happened in more than one place, not just in Texas.

Brannon Howse: What are they worried about?

Dave Gaubatz: They're worried about a possible nuclear strike, tactical nuclear, or whatever Russia or China may throw at us.

Brannon Howse: Interesting. All right. If you have anything new, we want you to come back. Let us know, will you?

Dave Gaubatz: I will. Thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: We're going to encourage folks to get his book, Muslim Mafia. Muslim Mafia by Dave Javits and Paul Sperry.


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