Florida Judge Ends CDC's Illegal Power-Grab

About 2 years ago

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Emerald Robinson: The Biden administration was handed another blow by a federal judge in Florida. We speak with the group that helped end the mask mandates on public transportation. Plus, it's hard to discern the disinformation coming out of the Russia Ukraine war. We asked General Michael Flynn what exactly we should believe. And we examine former President Donald Trump's endorsements heading into the 2020 GOP primaries. We have that plus an update on election fraud by True The Vote on this April 19th edition of Absolute Truth.

Video Clip: The Biden administration announced that the Transportation Security Administration would no longer enforce the federal mandate requiring masks in all US airports and onboard aircraft. (clapping and cheering) Congratulations.

Emerald Robinson: I just love these videos we see on airplanes everywhere as airlines celebrated the death of the CDC's power-grabbing mask mandate for travelers using public transportation. Yesterday, federal Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the CDC exceeded its statutory authority. Judge Mizelle also said the CDC never clearly explained its broad mask mandate. Hours after her ruling came in, most major airlines immediately celebrated by dropping their mask mandates. The announcement called the White House off guard, however. Here's White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki scrambling to explain why this policy was even enforced in the first place.

Peter Doocy: Why is it that we can sit here in the White House briefing room with no masks, but people can't sit in an airplane cabin with no masks?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Well, Peter, I'm not a doctor. You're not a doctor that I'm aware of. If you're a doctor I wasn't aware of that today.

Emerald Robinson: Jen Psaki isn't a doctor. Who knew? Well, let's bring in the people responsible for handing the Biden administration another blow to its power-grabbing agenda. Welcome the president and founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, Leslie Manoukian, and the group's lead counsel, Brandt Hattaway. Leslie and Brandt, first off, thank you. We were talking ahead of the show. I'm a mom with small children. It's just such a nightmare to travel with the mask mandate. And congratulations on your legal victory.


Brandt Hattaway: Thank you.

Leslie Manoukian: Thank you so much. It's great to be here, and nothing makes me happier than seeing all these videos and photographs of smiling faces. We've had dozens and dozens of people say to us, just saying, thank you, thank you, thank you. So, it's a wonderful time for us all.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I imagine you're going to be heroes everywhere you go where people know exactly who you are, definitely for the moms. Now, Brandt, I want to ask you, why was it so important for the Health Freedom Defense Fund, both you, Leslie, and Brandt, to shut this one down?

Brandt Hattaway: Well, as we've seen with a lot of the COVID tyranny since early 2020, it was important to lay down a marker. Now, we've talked about what I would call a post-constitutional order, where the president of the United States and his administration seemed to be granted a sort of exception to the separation of powers that were laid down under our Constitution and engaged in extralegal conduct on a repeated basis. This was just another example of trying to do something to restore the rule of law and restore the constitutional balance here between the federal government and the states in between Congress and the executive branch.

Emerald Robinson: Now, Leslie, when you started this, did you believe you would be successful? Because it seemed like the airlines have really embraced it. And the Biden White House had no intentions of doing away with it. So, did you go into this thinking that you would be successful and successful this soon?

Leslie Manoukian: Well, I believe that we are a nation of laws, and the law is very clear. FDA has stated that masks are emergency use authorized, which means that they cannot be mandated. Secondly, you have a separation of powers. Congress makes laws, and federal agencies can enact rules which have the force of law if they follow proper procedures. But neither of those things were done. The statutory authority under which they claim to have authority to do this didn't exist. So, we were actually pretty optimistic that we were on the right side of this. I think it's also really important that Americans understand that if we cede this ground to the federal government, what else can they tell us to do? The CDC is broadly charged with general public health issues like sanitation and bringing in contaminated or infected animals into the country, and things like this. The CDC has a recommended vaccination schedule for a reason. It's only recommended because the CDC is not charged with dictating health policy across the country. That power is reserved for the states, so we were pretty optimistic that we would win. And we think this is a really important line in the sand to draw in order to ensure that the federal government stays within its bounds.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I was a reporter at the White House during the time that the CDC started giving out these guidances, and it was really amazing to see the administration and the government just turn over this power to the CDC. But I think the question that most of us have, Brandt, especially myself, is, will this order stand? Judge Mitchell's order, is it final, or will there be a contest to it? Can it be overturned?

Brandt Hattaway: That's up to the Biden administration. It's really a political decision that they have to make. On the one hand, they could say, well, we have to do something to make sure that we can do this in the future, even if we don't intend on keeping it in place now. On the other hand, if they take this up on appeal and should try to get the order reversed. They will have some political blowback. I mean, the mask rule has been increasingly unpopular even among liberals in Congress. I think the administration was under growing pressure to lift it, and I think, in a way, the judge did the administration's job for them by removing what was a politically difficult situation from the tableallowing them to move on without having to disappoint their sort of masking wing of their party.

Emerald Robinson: I think you're right. I think this is probably a relief for the Biden White House, given that they were facing quite a bit of pressure from several house Democrats particularly. Once again, thank you, and congratulations, Leslie and Brandt. I'll look at booking my next trip now.

Leslie Manoukian: Yeah. Thank you so much for having us. We really appreciate it. It's great to be with you, Emerald.

Brandt Hattaway: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: And if you'd like to donate to the Health Freedom Defense Fund or become a member, head over to their website. HealthFreedomDefense.org. Now, a group of world-famous doctors has come together to remind people that the federal government has no business bulling you into taking an experimental vaccine. My next guest, Dr. Paul Marik, is a member of that group. He spoke recently at the Defeat The Mandate rally in Los Angeles, where he reminded everyone that masks don't work, vaccines don't work, lockdowns don't work, and the COVID madness must stop.

Video Clip: Dr. Paul. Marik. Thank you, America. We are here today for freedom, liberty, and the ability to choose. You should be able to decide what treatment you want. We do not want hospitals, state agencies, the federal government, the WHO, the NIH, or the CDC telling you what treatment you need. You need to decide.

Emerald Robinson: Thank you for joining me, Dr. Marik. It's really good to have you here because you've been one of the important voices out there talking about COVID. So, we appreciate you being here.


Dr. Paul Marik: It's a pleasure. Thank you. I'm happy to be here with you today.

Emerald Robinson: Now, I know there are a few doctors like you speak out about the COVID tyranny at clearly great personal and professional risk. You face repercussions for trying to highlight the truth. Can I ask you, given that we know a little more now and doctors like yourself have been proven to be right on so many issues with COVID, is there a growing number of doctors like you in the medical community? Or are most of them still living in fear of the CDC and Dr. Tony Fauci?

Dr. Paul Marik: Yeah. So, that is a good question. I think that you can only lie for so long, and eventually, the truth will come out, and the dam wall is breaking. So, I think there are more and more physicians who are questioning what's happening. Still, there's a lot of fear because I was made an example of, and Meryl Ness in Maine was made an example of. We are facing a very powerful enemy that will do whatever it can to silence people. So, essentially, my medical career was destroyed, Meryl Ness's career has been destroyed, and this is what the goal is. They want to make an example of people who speak out against the narrative, and that's what this really is. If you speak out against the narrative and if you question anything. Then they will go out of their way to consider you someone who promotes medical misinformation and must be taken out. They do not want the truth. If you think of it, science is based on dialogue and discussion. Let people discuss things, but they do not want a discussion because they don't want people to hear the other side. So, we have been censored, but I think the truth is coming out because you can only hold it back for so long. So, I think there are more and more people who are enlightened as to what's happening. There is still a sense of fear because they know that the state boards can go after them. However, the good news is that a number of states have actually taken action. You know, I've testified in New Hampshire, in Tennessee, and they have passed bills that actually protect doctors from state medical boards. You won't believe that while ivermectin is theoretically banned in Virginia, I was dismissed because I consider it. You can now get it over the counter. Let me say that again in New Hampshire and in Tennessee, they allow ivermectin to be distributed over the counter. So, this is an absurd situation in our country, and that in some states recognize that it's a safe and effective medication, whereas other states in the same country think of it as a toxic horse deworming medicine.

Emerald Robinson: And there continues to be a PR campaign against ivermectin. Now, I'll tell you, when I had COVID-like symptoms, I took it on day one. I felt better by day two and completely better by day three. But if you look at the headlines in The New York Times, particularly they're citing this recent study of the together trial that suggests that ivermectin doesn't work. But is that the case? Is this a valid study, and was it a valid sample, Dr. Marik?

Dr. Paul Marik: Yeah. So, you know what? Ivermectin is the biggest threat to the vaccine industry, which is worth a trillion or more dollars. It's the biggest threat to this global conspiracy. So, they will do whatever they can. Let me say that again. Ivermectin is their biggest threat to them. So, they will do whatever they can to discredit ivermectin. If ivermectin was approved, as it should be as a safe and effective treatment for COVID 19, the EUA for every single vaccine would be null and void and would render them ineffective. So, I think they are scared. They are scared of ivermectin because it is the biggest threat to their global conspiracy against humanity, and they will do whatever they can. We know that they have hired public relations firms who worked for the tobacco lobby to do whatever they can to promote misinformation, and the together trial is just another example.

Dr. Paul Marik: We need to know that Ed Mills and his group are controlled by Big Pharma. They are sponsored by Big Pharma. They have connections with Bill Gates. I might just read a few comments from Ed Mills himself, who is the PI guy, and he made a number of statements after the paper was released. Firstly, they are completely biased, and they had a preconceived notion based on incorrect data that it doesn't work. Ed Mills said this is a negative trial. It's a low-budget trial. He said there is not much interest in the use of repurposed drugs. It's not a widely used drug. So, he went into this with profound preconceived ideas and control. But you know what? We know there are so many mistakes with the study. There are so many errors in the study. It was published by the New England Journal of Medicine; despite these profound errors in the paper, the New England Journal of Medicine is controlled by Big Pharma. They published the Remdesivir study, which was a fraud. They published this study. So, let me read a quote to you from Ed Moles, who is the PI of the study? There is a clear signal that ivermectin works in COVID 19 that would be significant if more patients were added. You will hear me retract previous statements where I had been previously negative. That is from Ed Mills. So, he is saying that he would retract his previous statements, which he has not done. This is not a negative study. If you reanalyze the data correctly and scientifically, this is a positive study. But Ed Mills, the New England Journal, and the media have gone out of their way to insinuate this is a negative study. Let me say that again. What Ed Mills himself has said is there is a clear signal that ivermectin works in COVID 19 patients. This is from the investigator himself. So, he is lyingthe New England Journal of Medicine is lying.

Emerald Robinson: You know, Dr. Marik, it's so important that people go and look for themselves and understand that they have to look at the methodology. They can't just take the media's word for it. So, with that, I want to draw attention to your sub stack newsletter called the FLCC Alliance Community, so people can go and get accurate information about treating COVID and learn what is really in these studies. We thank you so much for being here, Dr. Marik, and for the work you're doing. We look forward to having you back on again to talk about the ongoing issues we face against Big Pharma and big media. Thanks, Doctor Marik.

Dr. Paul Marik: Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. I think it's because of people like you who are willing to speak the truth that people can understand. It's so important at this time in our history that we actually speak the truth.

Emerald Robinson: Thank you, Dr. Now, mixed messaging is coming out of the Russia Ukraine war. Is Russia winning? Is Ukraine winning? We ask General Michael Flynn next.


Emerald Robinson: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier today that Russia is advancing in the Donbas region. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also said that Mariupol is being destroyed by multi-ton air bombs. But the media keeps telling us that Ukraine is winning. And while the media and the Biden administration urge Ukraine to keep up the fight, former President Donald Trump is taking a more measured approach once again, urging the two countries to sit down for negotiations. In a statement saying quote, "This war should have never happened. The solution can never be as good as it would have been before the shooting started. But there is a solution, and it should be figured out now." The Ukrainian president also submitted paperwork today to begin the application process for the European Union. But the question remains, is Ukraine winning because there continues to be mixed messaging coming out of Eastern Europe. Joining me now to help us understand exactly what is going on is former national security adviser to Donald J. Trump, retired General Michael Flynn. Thanks for being here, General.


General Michael Flynn: Absolutely, Emerald. Thank you for having me.

Emerald Robinson: So, I talk to a lot of people. I hear from my viewers there is a lot of confusion about what we hear in different media. So, if you listen to Western media, it sounds like Ukraine is holding off Russia. But if you listen to not Western media, it sounds like Russia has the upper hand. So, which is it?

General Michael Flynn: Yeah. So, first of all, let me give you my judgment on where we are right now. I think that anybody that continues to put fuel on a blazing fire, meaning more weapons, ammunition, more of the sort of warfare type stuff that's thrown into this fire, is going to keep this fire blazing for a long, long time. I think that doesn't benefit anybody. It certainly doesn't benefit the people of Ukraine or especially the children and the families that are probably suffering through all this stuff. So, that's number one. I really think that cooler heads have to prevail there, and that has to stop. I said from the beginning that one of the key issues on the table was, and this goes back to 1994, to the Budapest Accords, that the key issue on the table is that there would be no further encroachment of NATO onto the Russian frontier or the Russian borders. That's always been there. It's been there for a couple of decades, and that was one of the things that Putin wanted. I think that could still be resolved if the United States, particularly if the United States, took a leadership role, which I do not expect from this administration. One of the things that we have to make sure of when we look at a country like Ukraine. So, all of the reporting is coming out of Eastern Europe right now, out of Ukraine. It's really, really difficult to believe anybody. I mean, who's shooting who, who's killing who, and all those different things.

General Michael Flynn: I know for a fact, that there are conditions and criteria for any nation to join NATO and any nation to join the European Union. In the case of Ukraine, they don't meet hardly any of those conditions because of the deep level of corruption that exists in Ukraine and has existed in Ukraine for a long, long time. So, there's a reason why Ukraine has not been invited into NATO. There's a reason why Ukraine has not been invited into the European Union because of those conditions and those backgrounds. I mean, we've seen from 2014 to now Zelensky all the different leaders they had, all the different issues that are in play, so that is a fact. Now what we have to do is we have to say, and I mean, it could happen today. If the United States of America, if the president of the United States called up Zelensky and said, we're not going to have any more discussion about you joining NATO or about you joining the European Union until you resolve some internal things. Then he calls up President Putin and tells Putin the exact same, tells Putin back off. Back off, we want to have these conversations. Now what we want to talk about is the resolution of the return of displaced people, the return of refugees, and maybe some reparations for some of the damages that have been done because of this invasion. I mean, that's the kind of discussion and dialogue that needs to go on. And what you're going to see, Emerald, is you're going to see people from the United States and principally from inside the Washington, DC defense and think tank area, arena that are going to be say, no, we've got to give Ukraine more weapons. We've got to give them more ammunition. We've got to do overflight. All of these things only continue to exacerbate the actual war that we are trying to resolve. What people need to do is they need to look from a different political perspective instead of a purely military perspective.

Emerald Robinson: Why is the DC machine pushing for this, and why is Biden listening? Why not pick up the phone when that seems like the best resolution and the best way forward?

General Michael Flynn: Yeah, I'm not sure that Joe Biden can even hear, but certainly, not the people that are around him. An incredible thing the other day he talked about; I guess it was somebody from the State Department who said they never even raised the issue of taking NATO off the table with the Russians when they did speak to the Russians some number of weeks back. So, that's not surprising to me. It's a stunning revelation, but it's not surprising that the State Department would do that. I don't know. I would just tell you I think this whole issue of anybody working or speaking on behalf of this giant defense and arms lobby, I would call it the security state lobby in Washington, DC. So, when these people are getting on there and they're talking about, we've got to provide more and more, and that includes politicians, elected politicians on both sides. You've got to look at who is benefiting whom. I think that there are people that benefit from war, people that produce war machines or war-like capabilities. And that's not good. What we need is we need really smart, cool heads to prevail. And we need a negotiated settlement that can be resolved very, very quickly with the right strong leadership and the right direction. I think that actually, we could stop this thing in 24 hours, I mean that. With some very, very smart diplomatic ways, it can be resolved very quickly.

Emerald Robinson: You know the corporate media is pushing for this as well. And one corporate media person took it even further. MSNBC's contributor Malcolm Nance says he's done talking, and he's gone to Ukraine to fight. Listen to him with Joy Reid.

Video Clip: The more I saw of the war going on, the more I thought, I'm done talking. All right. It's time to take action here. So, about a month ago, I joined the International Legion here in Ukraine. And I am here to help this country fight. You know what essentially is a war of extermination.

General Michael Flynn: Is he fighting for a fascist dictator, or is he fighting for communism? Right. I mean, whose side is he on here? You know, is he on the side of - I mean, really? That's the first time I've seen that clip, actually. I just find that fascinating. You know what? War is not fair. Is he supposed to be a journalist that's reporting the news, or is he out there trying to make the news? What kind of ploy is that? Frankly, I hope that he's being watched by the good Lord because he's in a very dangerous place. The fact that he's dressed like that, he could be killed soon.

Emerald Robinson: And I said note, he was one of the biggest purveyors of the Russiagate hoax as well on MSNBC, which had a direct effect on you. Real quick, before I let you go. I want to follow back up with my first question on who is winning in this right now. Who has the upper hand? Is it Russia, or is it Ukraine?

General Michael Flynn: To me, it really is Russia because Russia has not given up on these two independent states who declared themselves as an independent. They have not given up on Crimea. I know that there's a battle going on in this Donbas region here, but I actually think that from Putin's perspective, he said these were limited objectives. I mean, the media machine, the propaganda machine in the West, is going to play it differently. But I don't think that we are seeing what was described by the Western media play out. So, I really look at this and say, geez, you know, and frankly, the big losers here are the people of Ukraine and particularly the people of Ukraine, because they're dealing with a leader who the media is trying to make out to be this world leader. Actually, Zelensky is a guy to me that has dragged us, all of us, particularly the United States, into this war.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. And he keeps asking for more. Thank you, General Flynn, for coming on. It's very helpful to get your perspective.

General Michael Flynn: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: Coming up, True The Vote continues to highlight systemic election fraud in the 2020 election, and frankly, even before then. We talk to the group's lead data analyst, Greg Phillips, about what's to come next, so stick around.


Video Clip: Collectors, a collection point, or a stash house for all the ballets. The bundling of those ballets and then casting of those ballets by what we were calling mules in the drop boxes. So, it had each of those elements. As we began to sort of put the pieces and parts together, it really did dawn on us. Well, this sounds just like what's happening in Atlanta, San Luis, Arizona, or all these other pieces and parts that were coming together. And it was amazing once we finally started to unpack the true grift. And as you said, this is a conspiracy.

Emerald Robinson: Now, I know we showed you that clip last week, but it's so explosive and so important that we have The Absolute Truth felt that you needed to see it again. True The Vote continues to sift through data that they were able to purchase in different states across the country to see exactly how our elections were run in 2020. And joining me now to talk more about their work is the lead analyst for True The Vote, Greg Phillips. Thank you, Greg, for being here.


Greg Phillips: Glad to be here. Thanks so much.

Emerald Robinson: So, you have highlighted documents that you found with clear footage and data. You show as you said in that clip, that there does appear to be systemic fraud across the country, not even just in the swing states or blue states. But it's systemic, despite what the media has to say. So, can you just catch our viewers upon exactly what you've found so far? Some of them might not have seen some of your interviews out there or didn't catch our show talking about it last week.

Greg Phillips: Absolutely. You know, as this effort unfolded, we really did seek to find the truth. It wasn't that we were trying to make something up or talk about gunfights in Frankfurt, Germany, or satellite packages traveling from Rome or whatever. We were really seeking truth, and we felt that the only way to identify that truth and share it with everyone was to get into the data. So, Catherine Engelbrecht and I agreed to just go all in. So, we did. We went out and bought 10 trillion cell phone signals, which helped guide us to connecting the who to the when to the where. We were able to gather almost a petabyte of surveillance video. We have all sorts of documentation to support our hypotheses, and ultimately, we're able to use that documentation to prove that there was an abuse of these drop boxes. There were dirty voter rolls that were contributing, as you see in the video here, people gathering ballots and just stuffing these ballot boxes. It's pretty extraordinary as you think about the scale and scope of everything out there. We looked in Atlanta, Arizona, and we looked in Milwaukee. We've now looked in Broward and Racine Counties. We went to Wayne County and Michigan. We went to Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania, and everywhere it's the same thing, these dirty voter rules.

Emerald Robinson: That's what amazed me, Greg. That's what amazed me was just how organized this operation is and how there are so many parallels between state to state. Now, I know this is coming out in a movie in a couple of weeks with Dinesh D'Souza, and you're going to really detail how this worked in the film. But I also understand that you have other footage that you didn't even know you had until recently that actually shows some polling locations in the interior. Correct. Have you started going through that footage yet? And if so, what have you found or what do you expect to find?

Greg Phillips: Yeah, the way we found that was actually pretty interesting in and of itself. We asked for a video in Gwinnett County of this one particular drop box just outside Atlanta. And we asked, and we asked, and we asked. Kathryn and her team went back must have been a dozen times to say, hey, do you have this video? Do you have this video? You're supposed to have it. Do you, have it? And they kept saying, No, we don't have it. No, we don't have it. We made a complaint, Kathryn and her team made a complaint to the Secretary of State's office in late November of last year, and within a few days, all of a sudden, Gwinnett County came up with the video. As we unpacked that video and began to sort of understand what we had. Part of the challenge is that there are individual player types that go with each video, so you can't separate the player from the video. You have to watch the video on the player, and if you try to export it, you lose a lot of the metadata. You lose a lot of what was underneath. Well, what we did learn when we exported it was that there were hidden files. Those hidden files were of 16 individual cameras that were inside of central county in Gwinnett County. That's important for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is on one particular day in Gwinnett County on October 11th, at 7:30 in the morning, it was a Sunday. The ballot collectors came and got ballots out of that ballot box. The next morning, on Monday morning, about the same time, they came and got ballots out of that ballot box. During that period of time, the chain of custody documents say that 1,962 ballots were deposited, but both are cell phone signals, and our video now confirmed that only 271 people approached that box. So, it begs the question, how in the world could 271 people deposit 1,962 ballots? We hope we can find the answers to that inside of Central County. We could look at it and say, what actually did happen?

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I can't wait to see what you find there because that's just a staggering number. Greg, we really appreciate you being here. Please come back as soon as you can to give us an update because our viewers are focused on your findings. I think the next thing we'll talk about when you come back, and of course, we don't have time today, is what's actually being done at the state level, if anything, in regards to what you've shown state officials in this kind of data and footage that you have. Thank you, Greg, for your work. And thanks for being here.

Greg Phillips: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: Former President Donald Trump is combing through the 2022 midterm candidates trying to decide who's worthy of his golden endorsement. His endorsement has created, however, some criticism and praise for those in the America First movement. So, let's go through some of these and get right to it. Some of the former president's most recent endorsements with a political strategist and former Trump Georgia State Director Seth Weathers. Seth, thanks for being here.


Seth Weathers: Glad to be here.

Emerald Robinson: Now, the former president over the weekend weighed in on the Ohio US Senate race by endorsing J.D. Vance. What kind of letter grade would you give that endorsement?

Seth Weathers: You know that one; I'm a little conflicted because I have people close to Vance that say Vance's political opinions and views have shifted over the years. I guess that will remain to be seen. So, I'm going to give that one a neutral just because I'm really a little unsure about that. It's not one that I followed as closely, but I'm hoping it was the right one.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. And I watched him in an interview yesterday. He was on Steve Bannon that was on before my show, and he talked about the criticism he had, his positions in the past. He seems somewhat authentic. You know, a lot of these people, when they talk about that and try to grovel, don't seem so authentic. I kind of agree with you there. Now, the former president also stirred up a lot of criticism. I'll tell you. My phone blew up when he endorsed Dr. Oz. That's probably the most I've heard from both viewers and personal friends about anything that Trump has done. It seems to be the thing that really stirred them. What's your grade on that endorsement?

Seth Weathers: I can't say that one on your air, my grade. But we'll just go with F for now. You know, I predicted this. I think it was last November. I was like, look; Trump was not going to be able to resist this. You got a TV personality that has a look, you know, as Trump would say, and a former friend or, I guess, still a friend of Trump's. But the reality is, like Oz, it's a nightmare of a selection. I mean, the guy has done shows where he's talking pro children's transitioning with sex change stuff, hormone therapies, and all this for kids. This is part of what the conservative movement is fighting against right now, and now Trump's endorsed the guy that is own television show saying, this is great. Again, it just goes back. I think a lot of what's wrong is Trump has people around him, quote-unquote, and advisors that are encouraging him of endorsements. They don't have the America First interest at heart at all, and all of this goes back to the one thing that I've always complained about the most about Trump, his personnel issues. He's always, in a lot of cases, hiring people that are totally opposed to what he's tried to accomplish as president and since then.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. No, that described almost 95% of the White House and administration. All right. Let's move on to another one. Speaking of people who were in the Trump administration, this one is Morgan Ortega's. That's stirring up a lot of criticism as well. People don't see her, particularly as America first. Now I did work with her some as a reporter when she was at the State Department. A lot of people were behind Robbie Starbuck, who's also in that race. What are your thoughts on this one?

Seth Weathers: I'm 100% behind Robbie on that one. That was the one for me personally with my friend's world and everything. People blew up the most about that endorsement. Maybe it's because I'm a little closer. I'm here in Georgia. That's in Tennessee, but it was just such an unnecessary blunder. I mean, Robbie has been out there fighting the American First Cause since before it was cool in 2015. This guy has lost millions of dollars by outing himself as a conservative in Hollywood or a producer. I guess you'd say. Maybe not in Hollywood, and he has fought the fight from the beginning. Then for Trump to come out and endorse Morgan is just such a slap in the face. I know the reality is Trump probably did not know that Robbie Starbuck was in the race or anything else. Again, he probably had advisors that were saying, hey, here's our girl, Morgan, who we were involved with after she renounced you later on and worked in the administration. But she's a quote-unquote, a Beltway conservative. We've seen what happens when we get Beltway conservatives, and it's going to be more of the same for her. I have zero. She's not going to become a true conservative fighter. She's not going to be anything that Robbie Starbuck will be. They've got some ballot issues going on down there right now with Robbie and her on the ballot. Once that gets resolved, we'll see what happens. But I do believe that Robbie will ultimately survive that race. One that I've heard just from backchannels that Trump had some regrets after making that endorsement once he kind of got a little bit of the full picture on it. But again, it's just unfortunate mistakes. Like if he had people surrounding him that actually had the America First interest at heart, these things wouldn't have ever been an issue.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I like Morgan. She was good to work with, but she is very DC. She is part of a lot of those very establishment foreign policy-type groups. So, we can't let you go without asking about Trump's Georgia gubernatorial endorsed candidate, David Perdue. I get so many extreme reactions on this one from my friends in Georgia. Some say we think he's the only person to challenge Kemp, and other people are like, this is just Kemp all over again. What do you think?

Seth Weathers: Yeah. It may not be for the reasons as Trump, but I'm thrilled with that endorsement of Perdue over Kemp. I probably have issues with Kemp that others don't. Look, more like Kemp is a great guy, he's a great family man, etc. But as to the job he's done here in Georgia, it's lacking, and everything he's done has been a timid approach, or it's been when he's been forced into it by the base. That's not why we elected someone here to fight for, quote-unquote, America First or Georgia first is not to be timid, is to take on the charge. You know, is to fight the mask in schools, to fight the things that they're trying to do in schools right now. To not be afraid of the school unions. These are things that Kemp has been forced into it after the fact. Look, masks are gone, okay, in schools in Georgia. To come out after the fact, hey, I'm going to go to come out against mask because Georgia's against it. I'm not impressed, Brian. I would have been oppressed a year ago. The only reason he started doing some of these things is because of the pressure of having a primary candidate that's saying, hey, I'm going to actually do constitutional carry, hey, I'm going to do these things, which then Kemp's team, they're jumping to accomplish some of these things right before the election. But if that's not your heart, I don't want you to go into that final four years where you're not facing reelection. We're the only time we've ever done something truly conservative has been when you've been forced into it by the base. You're not going to have that pressure when you don't have a reelection campaign. So, that makes me fearful of what he would do during the final four years. So, I'm actually strongly supportive of Perdue. Perdue, when he was in the Senate, always held up to what he said. He was not a firebrand. He wasn't a fire-breather. He wasn't always on TV yelling and screaming about things, but the guy voted right. You will find very few instances where I think a true conservative would argue with his voting record. So, I think he's going to be someone that's going to follow through here in the governor's office as well.

Emerald Robinson: That's what they'll definitely try to highlight in his campaign for sure. You know, that's the most generous take I've heard on Governor Kemp yet. Also, why isn't Trump calling you to ask your opinion on his endorsements?

Seth Weathers: I don't know. You should ask him that. It's a big mistake. Big mistake.

Emerald Robinson: Well, we appreciate you coming here to tell us your thoughts and grade the endorsements and the candidates. So, we appreciate it. We look forward to having you back, Seth.

Seth Weathers: Anytime. I look forward to it.

Emerald Robinson: This guy keeps popping up and town halls and local meetings across the country and, quite frankly, making them a whole lot more interesting. The now infamous Alex Stein joins us next. You won't want to miss it.


Emerald Robinson: Right now, the viral "it" comedian of the moment is Alex Stein. He's a critic of the woke left, and he exposes the insanity of the left agenda by taking that agenda one step too far in public settings, as all the great comedians do. Watch this.

Video Clip: Online. Who would like to speak during the open time on open space district matters? - Yes, we have Mr. Alex Stein. - Hey, guys, it's a pleasure to be back. But listen, I have some serious issues in Marin County. Once again, my openly gay eight-year-old lizard daughter Lizzie is still being persecuted, and she's a trans-species. I don't understand why we can't in California be acceptable of trans species. Of trans children. No, they laugh at her. They won't put a terrarium in the classroom. They won't do anything to appease her. And like I said, I'm not trying to get the teachers to put the temperature at 85 degrees. I understand that would be uncomfortable for the other kids. But at the end of the day, it's just like making a little bit of an effort to appease my daughter.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, man, I watched that a dozen times, and I still laugh. You know, you probably know him as the guy who did a rap about killing Putin at the Texas City Council meeting.

Video Clip: I want to take a moment to think about the people of Ukraine and what they're going through. So, I've prepared a little song for them. Primetime, 99, on the grind all the time. Go insane for Ukraine. A bulletin Putin's brain. I'm out of time. Always on the ground. Always got to shine. And, you know, it's no lie.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, my goodness. Alex, welcome. That was pure genius. And it's so catchy. It's going to stay in my head all day.


Alex Stein: April, I'm not a genius. I'm a buffoon. I'm an imbecile. And it's just so easy to call out the left. No, seriously, a lot of you like, oh, Alex, you're such a genius. Yeah, right. What I'm doing is called culture jamming because I'm just taking a left's weakness, the craziness of the left, and jamming it right in their face. And I got to say this, one thing about the Ukraine video, the reason I made the song about killing Putin because, on the Internet, they said Facebook and YouTube, you can call out the murder of Vladimir Putin. So, this is what we're in. We're in this 1984 technocracy where they can control what the narrative is. So, you know, they try to say hate speech. I don't know any more speech that's hateful than saying I want to murder the president of a country.

Emerald Robinson: So, I have to ask you like we can't really see them. What kind of reaction do you get from them? Are they mad? Do they ever laugh?

Alex Stein: Well, listen, Admiral, they're freaking in NPCs, Non-playable characters. So, that's the problem in the video game of life is the person that you can't interact with, and you press the controller button A, they don't do anything. So, that's what happened. When I first started going to these meetings at the beginning of the pandemic, I would talk very earnestly, and I would say, you know, you shouldn't shut down the public restrooms. I'm at the park right now. I walk my dog here every morning, and they shut down all the bathrooms here. An 81-year-old guy named Rudy would stop coming and walking here because of his colostomy bag. He didn't like to change it in the porta-potty. So, I went, and I spoke earnestly, saying, hey, you know, this isn't based in science. But then I would hear other people talk about how the fire department didn't put out the fire next door in their house caught on fire, and they lost all their possessions, and the city council members just looked at them like they were jerks. So, I realized once I got goofy and started calling them out, I was like a quarterback. Like Tom Brady being like, Hut, hut, I drew them offsides. And that's why I've been successful is I've been trying to make these non-playable characters playable in the video game of life.

Emerald Robinson: So, speaking of non-playable characters and making them playable. I looked at your tweets. You say that MSNBC's main Russiagate hoaxer Malcolm Nance actually joined the Ukrainian Foreign Legion because of you. What's up with that?

Alex Stein: Of course, that's one of my most viral videos, and I'm not trying to name-drop Tucker Carlson had me on his show because I went to the Richardson City Council, and I tried to get people to join the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. And that's what's going on. People are actually joining a war between the border of Russia and Ukraine. Yet the border between Texas and Mexico is being flooded with sex trafficking flooded with fentanyl. I've had friends and family members, you know, I'm a comedian, but they have died of drug overdoses. Yet Kamala Harris will not come to our border for one minute. So, it's like, listen, in the clown world that we live in, I'm actually what you call a hack comedian. I'm not even creative. I'm just putting a mirror up to whatever Brian Stelter says, whatever Don Lemon says because Don Lemon would say, oh, white people, white supremacy is the biggest problem, yet he's married to a white guy, so he's married to the biggest problem in the world. So, these guys are hypocrites, so it's very easy to call out the hypocrisy like, I don't even have to do anything. It's just regurgitating what they say.

Emerald Robinson: Now, if you get Selter to go to the Ukrainian border, I'll be impressed. Now you do what you do culture jamming. Can you explain that? I love that term. Can you give us the definition for our audience?

Alex Stein: Culture jamming is throwing the worst parts of any culture right in somebody's face to expose it. Because sadly, this is what's going on. We have people like Lia Thomas, who swam on the men's team for three years and then, after one year of hormone therapy, got to swim against the women and compete and win an NCAA championship. And see the reason why I consider myself a little bit of a feminist. That's against women's rights. Women should not have to race against a person that still has their male genitalia. But that's not how the media portrays it. The media portrays Leah Thomas as a hero, yet that's not the case. So, I'm just jamming like one of my other viral videos. I went in a women's swimsuit, and I said, hey, let me swim against the women. So, that's really just the dictionary definition of culture. And they say, Oh, you're absurd. Why would you wear a women's bathing suit and say that? But that's really what's happening. This is really what's going on in the world. So, we are in the upside-down clown world.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, we are in peak absurdity. Well, I love culture jam. I hope more people get into it. Thanks, Alex, for coming on so much.

Alex Stein: Thank you. You got to have me on again. I apologize for being outside. I thought it was a phone interview. I didn't realize I was on camera, and I don't look that nice. I'm embarrassed. I'm in my cutoff sweatshirt. I'm in my Bill Belichick sweatshirt. I usually like to be in my suit and tie. You guys caught me slipping, but it's an honor to be on. Please let me come on again. And I'm telling you, I'll have a viral video very soon. So, thank you for your support, and thank you for sharing it. Tell your brother hello. Your brother rocks. He rules.

Emerald Robinson: I will. He's watching. Thanks, Alex. Now, if you're wondering why the Durham investigation is taking so long. Well, we are, too. We talk about it after the break.


Emerald Robinson: Now, let's talk about the slowest moving investigation in the history of the world, the Durham investigation. In a new filing, Durham has disclosed that Clinton henchman Michael Sussman allegedly made false statements to the CIA. Now, what was the information he lied about? It was supposedly information from a Russian-made phone used by Donald Trump after the 2016 election. The CIA, however, claims that it did not find the information that Sussman offered them to be, quote-unquote, "technically plausible." In other words, the information was fake and probably altered. One thing we do know for certain is that President Trump was telling the truth when he said that he was being spied on. Sussman passed this bogus information to the CIA and told the CIA that he represented a client who wished to remain anonymous. This version of events conflicts with an earlier story that Sussman told that he was definitely not representing a client and just volunteering information when in fact, he was billing the Hillary Clinton campaign for the hours he was working. Sessions' trial is set to begin on May 16th, and the question now is, Will Sussman cut a plea deal and name the people he was working for? Will he implicate his fellow 2016 Clinton campaign staffers like Marc Elias or the current National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan? And will anybody ever go to jail? Probably not. Sorry to disappoint you. The purpose of the Durham investigation is not really to arrest these Clinton operatives who created the Russiagate hoax, so much as to shift the blame from the FBI and the CIA to those in the Clinton campaign and attorneys. That's because the FBI and the CIA are facing a crisis in credibility. The American people are aware that both of these agencies conspired to spy and smear President Donald Trump. Nobody trusts them anymore, and rightly so. They both operate as unelected and unaccountable partisans who interfere in domestic politics. Durham is now trying to say that the FBI and the CIA were sent on a wild goose chase by Hillary Clinton staffers who basically deceived these agencies into spying on Donald Trump. This is totally false. The FBI and the CIA were active and willing participants in undermining President Trump, as Lisa Page/Peter Strzok's texts clearly show. These agencies want to rewrite history. Don't let them do it, and that's The Absolute Truth.