The FBI Tricked Tina Peter's Husband Who Is In a Nursing Home With Dementia Into Signing a Divorce Decree

about a year ago

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The FBI Acts Viciously Against Someone Who Exposes Voter Fraud

Tina Peters talks of how the FBI came in and seized all of her electronic devices. She was arrested and placed on a $500,000.00 bond. They did this to her, Sheronna, and two others. It was a couple of days later that they went into the nursing home where her husband is with advanced dementia and had him sign several documents including power of attorney to his sister. SHe proceeded to contact her attorney on the matter. He called back a couple of days later and said the DA told him not to her as she was under investigation. In January she had announced that she was running for clerk and recorder. On February 12th the Biden administration said they were going to halt the Halderman investigation report where he exposed fraud in the voting machines and stated both parties be made aware. It was two days later that she announced that she would be running for Secretary of State. They round back to the viciousness of the FBI who also had her husband sign a divorce decree. She is asked why she doesn't stop talking about things and just drop it, and she replies that she feels she must let everyone know because our country needs to know what is going on. Before we lose our country these people need to be exposed as criminals and need to go to jail for what they have done to our vote.