Fauci and Biden Together: A Scientific Dictatorship


Originally posted to YouTube on Oct 29, 2020.  This video had 10,396 views and 701 likes.

Biden and Fauci Together: A Scientific Dictatorship. Biden has announced that the first thing he will do when elected president is to get on the phone with Anthony Fauci. Separately, he has said if the scientists tell me him to do it, he will fully “shut down” America again. This video describes and documents the disastrous results of this combination of two politicians who use fake science to justify their topdown political agenda. It also documents the corrupt political connections they share in common. The worst totalitarianism we have seen unfold in some of our most authoritarian states such as California, New York and Ohio will pale beside even more totalitarian measures enforced on a national level by Biden and Fauci working together. Read Dr. Breggin's blog on Fauci and Biden @ https://breggin.com/fauci-and-biden-together-a-scientific-dictatorship/

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