Elon Musk Purchase Twitter For $44 Billion


Emerald Robinson: Elon Musk officially owns the libs, and it's glorious. We'll discuss their overreaction to the $44 billion news. Plus, a federal judge has just halted the Biden administration's plans to lift Title 42. And House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been awfully quiet after a recording leaked of him pushing to recommend former President Donald Trump's resignation. What's his future within the GOP? We'll discuss. Today is April 26th, and you're in on The Absolute Truth. Well, it's official. Elon Musk is now the owner of Twitter. The platform became his for the small price tag of just, you know, $44 billion, all cash. After the news broke yesterday afternoon, the left-wing extremists and cable news couldn't hold they are fearmongering any longer.

Video Clip: You own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you. You don't have to explain yourself. You don't even have to be transparent. You could secretly ban one party's candidate or all its candidates, all of its nominees. Or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else. And the rest of us might not even find out about it until after the election. Elon Musk says this is all to help people because he is just a free speech, philosophically clear, open-minded helper.

Emerald Robinson: Well, they should know, shouldn't they? Yes, censoring the political opposition and removing content that goes against your preferred candidate would be an awful thing for any major social media company. It's great to finally see MSNBC speaking out against election interference, and we see how MSNBC is handling the news. Let's check-in at CNN.

Video Clip: If you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody. Do you actually want to go to that party, or are you going to decide to stay home?

Emerald Robinson: He's a personal favorite of mine. Yes. Brian Stelter, you can count on us to be in on that party. Let's welcome Revolver News Editor Darren Beattie. Hi, Darren. The news is that this big Musk buyout was confirmed yesterday.

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: Indeed, it's huge news, extremely optimistic. Great stuff. It's the greatest show on earth right now.

Emerald Robinson: I know. I'm hesitantly hopeful. You've been the clairvoyant in this, and you kind of kicked this off in writing about it initially. But you know who's writing about it now is Jack Dorsey. The former Twitter CEO put out a thread of tweets reacting to that news. Dorsey said, Twitter as a company has always been my sole issue and my biggest regret. It has been owned by Wall Street and the ad model. Taking it back from Wall Street is the correct first step. In principle, I don't believe anyone should own or run Twitter. Solving the problem of it a company, however, Elon is a singular solution I trust. Now that surprised me a little bit. Does this surprise you from Dorsey?

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: No, not really. You know, from a lot of conservative quarters and right-wing quarters, Dorsey had been portrayed as this kind of censorious henchman. But I think that's not really an accurate characterization of who he is. I think he's somebody who came up in the early stages of the Internet and had been imbued with that sort of free speech ethos of the early Internet but kind of became smothered in his own company by the censorious woke culture that took over everything, and he couldn't stop it. Now he sees an opportunity to correct that with Elon Musk, who is perhaps in a better position to steer Twitter back in the direction it had originally intended for. The free speech wing of the Free Speech Party. I think Dorsey is on the right side in that respect and more or less is aligned with the free speech vision that Musk seems to be animated by.

Emerald Robinson: Well, this is my skepticism, and it's what you just talked about is that Twitter is so deeply infiltrated with woke culture propagandists that I wonder, can Musk really take it over? And at what point do we actually see a change in Twitter, and who's allowed on there?

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: You know, it's a great question, and it remains to be seen. I say I would give a chance for success in terms of implementing free speech. I might give it on a good day, 15 to 20%, which is actually outrageously optimistic. But it's the only shot we have. It's the only shot at something that is actually real. Everything else out there is fake and performative and designed for gullible people to donate their money that goes nowhere. This is something that's actually real, and if it's pulled off successfully, now we've got to give him credit. He took the big step of actually purchasing the company and is going to take it private. If this works, it's the biggest thing going on right now. And if I have just a couple more seconds, I'd like to say it's an interesting analogy to what happened in 2016 in a weird way.

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: You have the election which we won, Donald Trump won in 2016. But what a lot of people forgot was that was just the beginning. Trump had to exert authority and control over the executive branch, and that's where there were questionable results. Analogously, Elon now has Twitter, but he needs to wield control over this apparatus. Now, this is kind of a smaller thing than the whole executive branch of government, but he's not just going to be going against the woke employees at Twitter, as I've stated in earlier analyses. Twitter is the crown jewel of our national security establishment, and every stakeholder in this regime is invested in maintaining control over information flows on this platform. So, if he takes the next step and starts implementing free speech, this is a declaration of war on the regime, and they're going to throw a lot more at him than just a couple of disgruntled Twitter employees.

Emerald Robinson: That is a great analogy, Darren, and great insight in that Twitter is a great platform for the national security state to conduct psyops. So, I'm like you. They're not going to let go of power very easily, but let's say he does manage to open up free speech on Twitter. What will this mean for other platforms like Getter and True Social that have really just launched?

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: Well, you know, I'm very sympathetic to the parallel institution approach. I think it represents an admirable kind of entrepreneurial response to the censorship we've seen. And I think those could exist as a different kind of product and service than what Twitter is. I don't think you can really have an alternate Twitter because Twitter is inherently characterized by its network effects. So, I don't think there would be no place for these alternatives. I don't think there was ever an alternative Twitter in the cards. So, restoring Twitter back to what it was even saying in 2013 or 14 would be just such a special and remarkable thing. Again, cautiously optimistic it might not happen. There are a lot of things that could derail it. But if that happens, it's truly a game-changer within our society.

Emerald Robinson: I mean, there's already a lot of celebrating going on, but I think you and I probably feel the same about it. I'll believe it when I see it. And 10 to 15%, your projection probably doesn't mean I'll be getting my account back, Darren, but thank you.

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: You never know.

Emerald Robinson: You never know. Thanks, Darren. It's always good to talk to you.

Darren Beattie, Revolver News Editor: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: And be sure to go to Revolver.News to keep up with the latest news that Darren is reporting. He's one of the best out there. All right. Well, as we said, when the news broke on Musk's mega purchase, the left lost its mind. Left-wing extremists were so triggered that they even flooded the platform with hate crimes, conspiracy theory tweets, and with tips on how to deactivate your Twitter account. This advice was taken up by professional race-baiter Shaun King, who took the opportunity to delete his account hours after the news broke. We just want to thank you, Shaun, for going ahead and getting ahead of the game on that one. And let's bring in a guy that knows a thing or two about triggering the left, Alex Bruesewitz, and the CEO of X Strategies. Hi, Alex. Now, also, you have a new book out today. Congratulations on Winning the Social Media War. We're going to put it up on the screen, but this is amazing timing. Did you coordinate this with Elon Musk?

Alex Bruesewitz: I did it, and honestly, my book has been delayed on a handful of occasions because I didn't get the writing done in time. So, my publisher wanted to kill me. Then they set it on April 26th, and then just a couple of days ago, it was announced that Elon was buying it. I don't know if it was God's plan or what, but it was really great timing. We just hit number one on new releases this morning. A lot of people are fed up with big tech, and they want to win the war on social media. This is a book with a game plan of how we're going to do it. We're glad to have Elon Musk in the fight now.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I liked what Musk tweeted yesterday, that he hopes even the people who don't agree with him stay on Twitter because that's really what free speech means. If he accomplishes this, Alex, you're always looking ahead at the landscape, political landscape, and the social media landscape. If he accomplishes this, what is this going to mean for the free speech movement, and what kind of knock-on effects might we see from this in the positive direction?

Alex Bruesewitz: Well, it's not just the free speech movement. It's all about the direction of our country. We will never have a free or fair election again in this country if we don't have free speech reinstated to the public square, which is Twitter. Twitter is where the conversation happens. Last night and yesterday, after the news broke, I probably looked like a crazy person because I tweeted in all caps, "RESTORE DONALD TRUMPS TWITTER ACCOUNT, RESTORE EMERALD ROBINSON'S TWITTER ACCOUNT, ALL OF OUR TWITTER GHOSTS." We need to restore these people because that was part of the Democrats' plan to steal a 2020 election. It was silencing and censoring us because they knew that their ideas couldn't win, so they needed to shut down ours. We can restore free speech to Twitter and other social media platforms. The Democrats are going to probably never win another election in the near future because that was almost just as bad as the Dominion voting machines and all of the rigging.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, absolutely because they can control the flow of information and essentially what people think. We've seen it with the COVID pandemic, and that's particularly what I got targeted and banned for sharing information on the coronavirus pandemic that they didn't want out there. And they were very, very quick to issue a ban on me. But look, Alex, you've been in this political game for a few years now. You really got into it when Republicans weren't winning on the media, culture, and social media front. They weren't addressing the issues on the cultural side, especially when it comes to young people, and there seems to be this whole shift. It seems that, in some ways, Republicans are gaining ground in culture in media. Do you see this trend continuing? I think some people are hesitant to get too excited because they've gotten let down a lot by Republican leaders.

Alex Bruesewitz: Yeah, I think we have a long way to go with our elected officials, but I think a lot of strong voices like you, Emerald, Mike Lindell, Charlie Kirk, and even great leaders on my team that reach tens of millions of people every day. Like a great guy named Greg Price, who's networking with me. There are a lot of people that are not elected officials that are moving the needle, changing the conversation, but we have a long way to go in Washington. We have a long way to go with our legislatures. Our politicians don't really get it. In one day, Elon Musk did more for conservatism, and the Constitution than the majority of our elected leaders have done in their decades-long failed careers in Washington. So, we need to continue to put pressure on our lawmakers and elect America First members of Congress who understand what's at stake if we don't restore free speech. But we're going to continue to promote people who get the issues right, and I want to fight in this cultural war.

Emerald Robinson: Well, you know, Alex, I'm really excited to read your book because I know how instrumental you and your company have been in pushing conservative content and kind of breaking the barriers of these social media giants in Palo Alto and getting messages out there. I think anyone who is interested in doing so and just questions how we even got to this point where there is a little bit of a shift in Republicans, messaging, and social media would find your book very interesting. I can't wait to read it again. It's called Winning The Social Media War. It's available right now today, right, Alex?

Alex Bruesewitz: Yes, today is the release date, and we're having a lot of fun already, and I believe it's going to be required reading for every elected official who wants to take big tech seriously. For those of you who want to get in the fight, you're on your own. Start building a following and amplifying your voice. There are a lot of great techniques, and we've interviewed 75 plus leading conservatives, including Mike Lindell, for this book. So, it's a great book, and it was a lot of fun to work on. I got the book deal in June of 2020, months before the 2020 election was stolen, and then after the stolen election, my priorities kind of changed, and my life kind of changed a lot, but it's a lot of fun. This book was a lot of fun to work on, and I hope you guys pick it up.

Emerald Robinson: Definitely. We'll make it required reading for our show for certain. Alex.

Alex Bruesewitz: Awesome. Thank you, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Thanks for being here. All right. Up next, a federal judge has just ordered the Biden administration to temporarily halt its plan to lift Title 42. We'll discuss that next.

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Emerald Robinson: A federal judge has just temporarily blocked the Biden administration's plans to lift Title 42. The judge said quote, "For the reasons stated on the record, the court announced its intent to grant the motion. The parties will confer regarding the specific terms to be contained and the Temporary Restraining Order and attempt to reach an agreement." This ruling came after Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Louisiana. Several other states have since joined on now, according to reports. Border Patrol is already not using Title 42 to expel some migrants from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Instead, those migrants are being processed under Title eight, but sadly, this delay has not stopped the chaos at our southern border. Texas National Guard member Bishop Evans's body has been recovered after he drowned while attempting to save migrants, which ended up being drug smugglers. Evans went missing on Friday, and here's how the White House responded to the news about Evans's body being recovered.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Of course, we are mourning the loss of his life, and we are grateful for the work of every National Guardsman. I would note that the National Guard works for the states, so he is an employee of the Texas National Guard. And his efforts and his operation were directed there, not by the federal government.

Emerald Robinson: That was Jen Psaki yesterday saying President Biden has not reached out to the Evans family even though he went missing on Friday. Sounds like that was because she says he was a state employee, not a federal government employee. But I'm not sure the family feels that way. So, to discuss the White House's attempt to distance itself from this hero's preventable death and temporarily halt the lifting of Title 42 is AFL's John Zadrozny, with who we often have to talk about these issues. Thanks for being here with us today, John.

John Zadrozny: Hey, Admiral, thanks for having me on. Good to be here.

Emerald Robinson: I mean, first off, before we get into the nitty-gritty of what this means for Title 42. What was your reaction to Psaki's response when asked about Evan's preventable death? It's based on the Biden policies.

John Zadrozny: Jen Psaki, his answer was just flat-out disgusting, and it's disgusting because it's one of those things that we see with a lot of people in Washington where they all love being in charge, but they're never responsible for anything. So, yes, it's obviously the federal government's fault that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are coming to the United States to cross the border, and that anything that flows from that, whether it was something the White House wanted to happen or not, is at least indirectly their fault. To say that it's their fault, going to Texas and say, well, this isn't really our responsibility. You know, these are people who should be in charge. They don't have it in charge mind mindset. They don't have a leadership mindset, and it's a shame. My heart goes out to the Evans family, and I'm sure most Americans' hearts go out as well.

Emerald Robinson: So, what will this really mean, the halting of the lifting of Title 42 if Border Patrol agents aren't employing it for the Northern Triangle countries where you see most illegal migrants coming from? Does it even make a difference that the judge halted this Title 42 from lifting at this point?

John Zadrozny: I mean, Emerald, it does have an effect. But I want to point out that you were absolutely correct at the beginning of the segment when you said this is a temporary restraining order. I think a lot of the coverage from both political vantage points has been incorrect. They've either been caterwauling or cheering about it being suspended and that Title 42 can't go away. That's not what happened. The judge in the western district of Louisiana basically said, well, it looks like you are currently undermining Title 42, which should still be in effect. And we're going to have a longer track for a decision before the May 23rd announced the date of withdrawal of Title 42. But in the meantime, because it looks like you're actually violating the current law by not enforcing it. I'm going to institute a temporary restraining order to make sure that we can have a reasonable discussion while the law is still being followed. So, yes, it's just temporary. My understanding, too, is temporary means temporary. That is really only a two-week hold on the situation. But it just goes to show that in the Biden administration, laws don't really matter. They just do whatever they want, and then they'll say they're doing something. I actually think they've been breaking the law for a while because the reality is there are still hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are crossing the border, notwithstanding the fact that you've got Title 42, which has been in place. We've heard rumors from the Border Patrol and people we've talked to that they were already undermining Title 42 with the litany of exceptions they've got to Title 42. But also, they are violating the federal court order from last August to reimplement the migrant protection protocols or MPP or remain in Mexico, which is basically saying that you can't just let people in. If you're going to reimplement MPP, they have to wait in Mexico pending their asylum hearing date. We know, for a fact, they've let in over 800,000 aliens since the beginning of the administration and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens since that court decision. So, I don't know how Mayorkas and company are not in contempt of a federal court order.

Emerald Robinson: Well, I had a different question for you, but now I have to ask you this. Why is it that when a Republican administration is in office, like when you were working with the Trump administration, they comply with injunctions and frivolous injunctions, even many of their voters would say, of the courts? But Democrats don't seem to ever have to comply with similar injunctions.

John Zadrozny: I mean, that's a good point. I can't speak for every Republican administration, but I think we had a lot of lawyers who were very sensitive to court orders because they were not only lawful people. They had confidence that the right thing would happen in the end once it got to the highest authority, and there was a lot of patience on our side. I don't think the left has that sort of patience, and I don't think they really care what the courts say. However, I will say this. The mere fact that they probably are doing some things to obey this court order knows that they're in dire straits. They can only really poke so many courts in the eye before courts start shutting down everything they're doing. So, I think they've got to play a fine line here. We'll see if we start hearing in the field over the next couple of days whether or not they're actually obeying the temporary restraining order.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. We'll definitely keep our ear to the ground on that one because it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. And we want to have you back as the developments happen in that district court to see how it proceeds with Title 42. Thanks, John.

John Zadrozny: Thanks, Admiral. Good to see you.

Emerald Robinson: The White House released its latest COVID plan in developing news today in the wee hours of this morning. Surprise, surprise, they're now focused on antivirals. Well, at least ones made by Pfizer, particularly the one-sheet released by the White House, sounded a lot like an ad for Pfizer's new Paxlovid: Treatment for COVID 19, saying, quote, "One of the most effective available treatments is Pfizer's oral antiviral pill Paxlovid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by about 90%. The US has committed to purchase 20 million treatment courses more than any other country in the world." Now, if you go to the website for Paxlovid, you immediately see this warning, noting that the drug is also under emergency use authorization and still being studied. But recall that the White House, the CDC, and Dr. Tony Fauci have repeatedly demonized other inexpensive antiviral treatments that have been around for decades and proven safe, like Ivermectin. But in this new approach, with new this new costly drug from Pfizer, the White House plan includes - Doubling the number of places oral antivirals are available in the coming weeks, launching a new effort to stand up federally supported Tests-to-Treat sites, supporting medical providers with more guidance and tools to understand and prescribe treatments, and also communicating to the American people that safe, effective treatments are widely available. Well, that's definitely a 180 flip from where they were with vaccine-only pushes over the last couple of years. Now, COVID coordinator Ashish Jha will join Jen Psaki today in the briefing room to take questions on the announcement. Let's see if they get asked anything about Ivermectin. Now, we do want to give you a programming note. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when Dr. Naomi Wolf joins us to talk about her work, combing through the released Pfizer documents and what she found and what her team is finding now, along with her new book. You won't want to miss that. And immediately coming out, California resident and reporter Jen Van Laar of RedState joins us to talk about Kevin McCarthy's future after the notorious leaked audio. Jen was at the California GOP convention over the weekend, where McCarthy spoke. We'll discuss it after the break.

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Video Clip: I never told the president to resign. It was a conversation that we had about scenarios going forward, but that's not really what critical happened 15 months ago. What's happening is what's happening on this border right now. - Let's say Republicans win and your speaker again, or you seek to be speaker again. Do you think this tape has any impact on that? - No, I don't think it has any impact at all. What really has an impact is what we're doing today. To make sure Title 42 does not get lifted.

Emerald Robinson: Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, employing max level spin to divert attention away from last week's bombshell leaked tape of a call where he's telling Rhino, Liz Cheney, that he wanted then-President Donald Trump to resign in the days following January 6th. McCarthy clearly has his sights set on the speakership again. Should Republicans take back the House? But does this revelation damage his dreams on that front? McCarthy says it doesn't, but let's see what California resident and investigative reporter at RedState, Jennifer Van Laar, has to say about that. Hi, Jen. Welcome.

Jennifer Van Laar: Hey, Emerald. Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: So, you were at the California GOP convention over the weekend where McCarthy did speak despite what was going on. How was he received by California Republicans?

Jennifer Van Laar: Well, it's really hard to say overall because he never left the VIP lunch or dinner where he spoke. There are the people who paid to be there, got to see him and maybe speak for 2 seconds, but he never spent one minute out with delegates.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, being with people who paid to see you is probably a little bit safer, I would say. But what is the climate there for him? You know, California politics inside it out as you do national politics and the party overall. This isn't the first bump in the road for McCarthy. He's had a lot of back and forth and had some touchy moments with the base. Will this damage him? Of course, the left is billing this as the end of his political career. But will it really be, Jen?

Jennifer Van Laar: It's hard to say for sure, but I know the mood of the California Republicans. There's hard to find anyone who will really like him, genuinely. People like him because they fear him. The general mood of the delegates is they feel kind of like Stockholm syndrome. They don't feel that any opposition to him is going to be effective. So, why put the energy into it? If they see a credible challenge to the leadership of the party, which, make no mistake, Kevin McCarthy runs the California GOP through Jessica Patterson, who's a wonderful lady, but she's Kevin McCarthy's girl, basically, and running the party. So, if they don't see a credible challenge to that power structure, they're just going to stay quiet because there's no outcome for them to do well in politics or even have a future as a delegate if they're openly against McCarthy.

Emerald Robinson: In a tweet from last year that I found from you, you actually noted the kind of nature of McCarthy, which some people weren't really aware of. Maybe then, but those who are inside politics know that opportunists often go along with his name. And I'll say even in the Trump camp. They look at him as a good fundraiser. And that's why it appears nothing really happens to him.

Jennifer Van Laar: Right, and that's the same thing with his power structure within California. They raised money for themselves and the RNC for his chosen candidates that he likes. But overall, they're not really doing a whole lot for the cause. And when he sees an opportunity to be in a good relationship with another politician, even if they don't agree, which that's obviously true, what happened with Trump. He was never a Trump guy, but he knew he had to be if he was going to go forward in his career.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, he's actually more of a Liz Cheney guy. He backed her as long as he possibly could, but I do want to talk more about the California GOP because, in other states that are more red states, we're seeing a split between the establishment and more grassroots Trumpian Republicans. What's going on within the California GOP? And do you think there is any potential in the midterms for California Republicans to gain some ground under current leadership?

Jennifer Van Laar: So, we definitely have the same divide going on in California as far as the establishment and the grassroots that's been for a long time. It's even a bigger rift now at the nominating convention on Sunday morning or the endorsement part of it. There had to be multiple revotes and challenges because of all of the proxies that the McCarthy people brought in and just some different scandals going on there. However, we have some great candidates that the grassroots and the establishment seem to agree on. If we can unify on that, especially for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. We have a great candidate that all he needs is 50% plus one to win outright in June and not have to go to November. So, in my opinion, what needs to happen there is everyone needs to work together to get that done and then work together to see what we can do in the fall because we haven't had a statewide elected candidate in almost 20 years in the California GOP. So, just getting one through in June would bring such an energy to both of those parts of the party to work together in the fall.

Emerald Robinson: So, California's seeing the same kind of scandals we see intraparty as in other states, and speaking of such, you wrote you had an exclusive yesterday. We had Robby Starbuck on earlier in the day, and you had an exclusive article on the fight that he and Morgan Ortega are in now to try to get back on the ballot. Now, you laid it out really well with what they're doing. Do they stand a chance?

Jennifer Van Laar: Well, I would hope so. I would think that the legal system is the only chance they have for that. The Tennessee GOP and their spokespeople, I guess not their official spokespeople, but the ones in the press and the activists, are just digging in on this line that what they did was legally sound, even though it violated the Tennessee Open Meetings Act. And there was no due process, as they claim that there was. As you know, because Robby was on your show, he didn't have a chance to even know where the vote and the meeting were going to be or be able to be there to see what evidence was being presented, evaluated, and perhaps correct any information or to ask him any questions himself.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, it was kind of amazing, and when we saw that, we couldn't wait to have him on to talk about it, and even though technically they're running against each other, he and Morgan Ortagus are sort of in this fight together. But I want to back to what you said about the California scandals related to McCarthy proxy votes. Is it the same kind of thing? What did that involve? I hadn't even heard of that.

Jennifer Van Laar: So, in California, at our conventions, each delegate can carry two proxies for people who aren't at the convention. So for years, the problem has been that a lot of people who are delegates just won't go to the convention, which is a problem. If you're going to be a delegate, you should go to something and take part. They give their vote to somebody else. So, what McCarthy's people do is they're constantly contacting delegates who they think are going to go along with what they want to happen in that session and say, are you coming? Are you not? Can we get your proxy? So, they've done this for more than a decade. They're really good at it, so we knew. There were just as many proxies at that convention on Sunday morning as there were live people. So, you basically had a half and a half split, and you knew that those proxies were going to generally split really high in favor of whatever McCarthy and the establishment wanted.

Emerald Robinson: Amazing. Well, we appreciate you being here, Jen, to share all this with us. We definitely want you to come back very soon to tell us more of what's going on in California and with McCarthy and a lot of your other great work, which you can find at RedState.com. Thanks, Jen.

Jennifer Van Laar: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: That's time for your daily Round Up. New emails from Hunter Biden's laptop revealed that he urged his brother's widow to get tested for HIV after the two slept together. In the subject line, Hunter tells Hallie Biden quote, "You need to get tested for HIV, Hallie." Hunter goes on to say, "You need to inform me of the result today. I'm getting tested today. I have been sick, scared, Hallie, and you hung up on me. Get tested and tell me the results today." In the same email, Hunter accuses Hallie of turning his niece against him, saying, quote, "Serious, long-term professional help." Now let's turn to a much lighter story, more positive. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation yesterday that aims to promote election integrity. The legislation will strengthen security measures by requiring voter rolls to be annually reviewed and updated. Strengthening ID requirements, increasing penalties for ballot harvesting, expanding the ban on Zuckerbucks, and establishing an election integrity unit in the state government to enforce its election laws. Now, in another story, a cancel culture takes another hit. Podcast host Joe Rogan claims Cancel Culture provided him with a new 2 million subscribers. Spotify does not publicly disclose the number of Rogan subscribers, but the podcaster has been dominating the industry thanks to his desire to uncover the truth. And that's your Round Up. Coming up, inflation, as businesses and the Biden administration, are making changes while the student debt debate continues. We'll discuss with some authoritative voices each issue after the break.

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Emerald Robinson: Inflation continues to soar, prompting companies to have to adjust. Coca-Cola is saying it plans to return to reusable glass bottles. The Biden administration is also looking at making changes, it says, due to rising inflation, which might include easing Trump-era tariffs on China. But it appears to be the small businesses are getting hit the hardest. Here to discuss with us is a small business owner and a candidate for Georgia's sixth district. Blake Harbin. Blake, Good to see you.

Blake Harbin: Hey, thank you all so much for having me.

Emerald Robinson: Now, you know, you're a business guy, and you understand how inflation works much better than most of us. So, why is it that small business is more affected by inflation than large companies like Coca-Cola?

Blake Harbin: Well, because small businesses are generally operating on a much smaller profit margin. We have to battle that sort of thing every single day. So, when inflation and prices move up, it makes it much more difficult for us to move around just because we simply don't have the margins nor the reserves.

Emerald Robinson: Right. Also, you're in the mortgage lending business, and I also hear from a lot of Americans, a lot of my friends, who are on the fence about when is the best time to buy a home? Should they wait? Should they bite the bullet now? Headlines like these and these in the last 24 hours make it even more confusing. You have one headline saying that housing prices are falling and another headline from Forbes suggesting, okay, well, they're going to soar this year. So, which is it, Blake? Can you guide us on this? Clarify.

Blake Harbin: They're still going to continue to rise because we simply don't have enough inventory, so it's kind of like our own supply chains across the country. Well, this just happens to be the housing market. So, we do not have the same amount of inventory as we did as we once did. When people can compare it to the 2008 and 2009 crises, well, if you take a look at individual homebuilders, for example, homebuilders are only building approximately 24% of what they were in 08 and 09. So, we're definitely in a different place where we have less inventory and a lot more responsible lending.

Emerald Robinson: I have to say, for me, it's been good. I purchased last year, and it's been kind of amazing the gains we've seen on our house, but unfortunately for some of my friends who are out there home buying. It's a bit daunting when they look at the price tags of homes that just didn't cost as much a couple of years ago, and that's one of the issues I hear from just regular voters worried about putting food on the table. Between that inflation, also, rent prices are out of control. You know, you're running for Congress. You want to be in the nation's capital making laws and affecting policy. So, let's say the GOP does retake control of Congress in the midterms in the fall. How will a Republican Congress address and affect the rising inflation and kind of what Americans are facing now economically? What policy shifts would we see, and can it be affected at this point?

Blake Harbin: I think it can be affected, especially due to the fact that we think we're going to take a lot of, what, 40 to 80 seats is the estimation. And the thing about it is, if we get to work on day one, which is what I planned, and have bills ready to go. We unite all of the freshmen Republican congressmen, and then what we do is we start putting out things such as securing the border and finishing the wall. But then we also have to cut this wasteful spending because that's what's really driving inflation. We have to get back to setting an actual budget. The entire population of America has to operate on a budget. But for some odd reason, the government thinks they don't have to. That's what we have to fix because if we stop flooding the markets with so much liquidity, then we wouldn't have those same problems.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. You know Blake, I covered hours in the White House and Congress during a Republican majority with a Republican president, and the spending was still out of control. What I'd always hear is after the next election cycle, we're going to fix that. So, I think some Americans are a little skeptical that Republicans will really address it. I guess that remains to be seen. And speaking of the election, before I let you go, I have to ask you about election fraud and integrity since you are running in Georgia's sixth district, which we talked about before you came on our segment, which was quite tumultuous. In Arizona, candidates in the last week filed for an injunction to block voting machines from being used in the state's midterm elections. The same machines are used in your state. Do you, as a candidate in Georgia, support such a move in your state as well?

Blake Harbin: Oh, absolutely. The controversy surrounding the current voting machines we have is out of this world. It's almost comical because we see a lot of the left-wing media every day saying, oh, no, there's no fraud. Our election systems are completely bulletproof, and that's simply not the case. What we're seeing right now is not only every Republican candidate is putting out there about election integrity, voting, and whatnot. The Democrats are doing the exact same thing. So, you know, hey, maybe if both sides believe it, then maybe we can get it fixed.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. It seems there's definitely been a pushback from leadership in your state to do something about this. In fact, they've been making sure to make deals that these machines are used. Do you think there would be a move amongst candidates like yourself to do a similar injunction like Harry Lake and others in Arizona?

Blake Harbin: I think it's a true possibility. You know, we've had we started noticing it last cycle in 2020. Well, just like most of the world, but even in the primary area, we saw this as well with them not counting certain ballots and just leaving them out. You know, I had a conversation with a Fulton County during that time, and they told me, yes, we'd got another 70,000 plus ballots to count, and he goes, we may not get to them. This was in a primary, but no one cared because it was a primary. So, of course, we saw how that worked out.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. These issues preceded November 3rd, 2020, and corporate media outlets would report about it a little bit. Thanks for being here, Blake. We'll keep a watch down on Georgia six. Thanks for joining us.

Blake Harbin: Hey, thank you so much for having me.

Emerald Robinson: The student loan crisis is out of control. Currently, 45 million Americans owe roughly $1.6 trillion in student loan debts. Radical Democrats believe that all of that should just be written off at the taxpayer's expense. One of the politicians championing canceling student loans is Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren went on a media tour over the weekend in an attempt to nudge the president and his administration to just cancel their debts. Take a listen to her logic.

Video Clip: Let me ask you about student loan cancellation, which you have been talking about for quite some time. You want the president to do it unilaterally. To Obama-era economists Senator Warren, Jason Furman, and Larry Summers have warned against the president's extension of the student loan moratoriums during this time of inflation, saying, quote, "It's regressive and adding fuel to the fire of inflation." - Actually, what I'm calling for is to cancel a big chunk of student loan debt. - They say that will add to inflation, Senator. - No, actually, not paying student loan debts has already been baked in.

Emerald Robinson: Already baked in. Warren cited that the Biden administration's current pause on paying back federal loans, as I said, is already baked into inflation. Interesting, so let's welcome Nelson Partnered Student Housing CEO Patrick Nelson, who knows more about this than I do. I'll be honest. So, Patrick, thank you for joining us.

Patrick Nelson: Any time. Great to be here.

Emerald Robinson: What do you say to what Senator Warren said there on NBC and her plan to just get rid of debts from something that will hurt students long term? What do you say to her comments on this?

Patrick Nelson: Emerald, there are so many things that you could say to her. I don't even know where to start. I'll just say this. First of all, you're talking about some of the most capable people in the entire country that all have college degrees, and you have one of the most flexible abilities to pay it back. It's not like a credit card, right. For example, if you miss one payment, it goes to your credit, and you're out and paying an intense amount of interest. In this case, you have lower interest rates, and you have a million different programs that allow you to defer, or if you don't make enough money, you can get additional time. You get up to three years in deferral, and the amount of money is so high, $1.6 trillion. Also, it's totally unfair. It's unfair to guys like me who, for example, waited tables at Red Lobster for five years, delivered pizzas during college, parked cars, worked really hard to keep a budget, and get out most student debt. But somebody else comes in and runs up a couple hundred thousand dollars at a private college in a degree where it's not really paying the bills. All of a sudden, they get a huge free ticket home. That's just the first one. What are your thoughts?

Emerald Robinson: Well, my question for you is, what do you do about it? Because let's be honest, there are people who are graduating with massive amounts of debt. They're not getting the kind of jobs to really warrant the pay. The wage doesn't warrant that amount of debt. Is it that tuition costs are too high? They're significantly higher than when I went to college, and I won't say how long ago that was. So, what is to be done?

Patrick Nelson: Well, I'll tell you this. You probably went to college way after me, so it wasn't long ago. Tuition has gone up over 130% since 1990 after inflation. If you include inflation, it's still going double the speed of inflation. So, that's all going way up. This leads to another point. If you waive college debt and just forgive it all, somebody else is going to come to get that money. What I mean by that is the institutions, universities, they'll just raise the rent, raise tuition, or the people will raise that because we know that students can pay more because they're going to get it all back. So, somewhere in there, somebody else is going to benefit, and that money is still going to get spent. It's not like it's going to go straight to the students, and the people are really working hard that need it. I believe that there are some people in some situations, but if you also look at some of the programs out there right now. There are over 700,000 people that work in the public sector who are already being forgiven. Also, during the pandemic, not only are they being forgiven, but they're not making any payments, and credit is going down. So, it's not just being deferred. So, if you work for the government, you get a free pass already. There are so many inequities coming right now from the loan forgiveness and the potential there that it's totally unfair.

Emerald Robinson: So, what I hear from you, this isn't just a pitch to appease progressives. They're actually sliding the policy in and possibly going in that direction. I mean, even that anchor talking to Senator Warren, Kristen Welker, who's left-leaning, sounds like she even thinks this is not a good idea, but they're really considering it. Is that what you're telling me?

Patrick Nelson: Well, I think it's a huge headline right now to try to grab votes from the far left. They're coming in saying, hey, we need to get headlines, we want to get college kids, by the way, that's a whole other issue that right now the college campuses across the country are big Democratic think tanks. It's very difficult to be a conservative kid. I call them kids, students on most of our campuses. In fact, sometimes there's pressure. I say the majority to just pressure. If you run a paper, even with conservative values, you won't get an A, or you won't get a fair grade. So, that's one thing that we've got to do as conservatives get support for campus groups and even hire conservative people and professors so that we can actually teach conservative principles and not just make it super trendy and cool to be liberal, which it is right now. This all leads to this type of thinking in terms of students. Even if you're a conservative student and you've got student debt. If the government says, I'll give you free debt. It's like asking a kid if he wants to play at recess in elementary school or go back to class. Of course, he's going to say, okay, thanks for the free money. Then what do they do with it? I mean, they buy flat-screen TVs, they buy more phones. Where do they spend their student loans if they know there is a freebie at the end. Are they really getting the right education? Do they pick the best schools? I mean, there's a lot that is going into it.

Emerald Robinson: There are a lot of knock-on effects, and I do hear from even my conservative friends who have some student debt. They're like, why would I rush to pay it off now when there are programs going on, as you talked about, and there's still conversation about canceling student debt because what if I pay my off and then they cancel it? So, there's also that situation. Thank you so much, Patrick Nelson, for joining us.

Patrick Nelson: Anytime, Admiral. Thanks for having me on.

Emerald Robinson: Up next, are House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's days numbered in DC? My thoughts on that next.

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Emerald Robinson: For those people who are surprised that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was caught on tape wanting President Trump to resign, the obvious question is, why are you surprised? It's time for you to wake up. Kevin McCarthy has been a fake conservative for a very long time. Let's start with this obvious question. Why was McCarthy on the phone with disgraced neo-liberal Liz Cheney in the first place? And the answer is because Kevin McCarthy picked her to be part of GOP leadership. Now, why would he pick the most unpopular woman in Wyoming to be in leadership? My sources tell me that McCarthy wants to be a rich lobbyist one day, and sucking up to Dick Cheney's daughter is a good way to get those fat lobbying contracts. Last year, McCarthy got caught renting a room from the disgraced OxyContin lobbyist Frank Luntz. This was an odd arrangement. Why is a GOP leader renting rooms from a lobbyist at all? Well, they're just two guys living in a mutually beneficial relationship, of course. In fact, McCarthy encourages other GOP congressmen to get on the phone calls and listen to the political advice that pollster Frank Luntz, a Democrat shill who has been wrong about everything, everything for the last ten years.

Emerald Robinson: Luntz is so ridiculous that he wears a dead gerbil on his head instead of a proper toupee. He built a replica of the White House Oval Office in his House. Luntz is an idiot. If you want to understand why the GOP has done nothing about lockdowns or vaccines in the last two years. Just consider the fact that Frank Luntz was probably being paid to push the vaccines while the House Minority Leader was living in Luntz's House. Kevin McCarthy is not a supporter of President Trump and his policies. He's simply a grifter and an opportunist who will say anything that he is paid to say. He should be forced to resign from GOP leadership because he chats with Liz Cheney. He lives with Frank Luntz because he has done nothing and will continue to do nothing for America. And that's The Absolute Truth.

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