Elon Musk Gains Trust with Conservatives as Establishment Continues to Keep Power with Ronna McDaniel | Jason Bermas, Gabriel Llanes, Dr. Jason Dean


The United States is facing a collapse like we've never seen before. Attacks from within it are ensuring the destruction to be forever changing.

Yet, the people continue to be led my the wrong consumption of media. Legacy media, including Fox News, will not report on complete facts and they will not reveal the truth about prominent figures - unless they want to completely destroy them.

Elon Musk has been a figure of mystery and also of awe to those who do not know much about him. His ventures make people want to follow him but what are those ventures truly?

Red Voice Media's Jason Bermas joins to reveal facts about Elon Musk that many do not know or are ignoring because of his recent crusade for free speech. How does a man become a billionaire without focusing on one business, but several?

The facts about Elon may alarm you but you must understand the truth behind the figures you follow. If you are to navigate these uncertain and dangerous times you must know who you are dealing with. You can't with media who worship the figures or really do not research themselves.

President Trump has been raising eyebrows as he continues to endorse establishment figures that want to see him not become the Republican nominee for president in 2024. As Ronna McDaniel clenches the victory for nomination to the RNC chair we see him congratulating her while the three staunch supporters of his lost. This tactic will not sit well with those in his base already questioning his motives and loyalty to the America First agenda. Has Trump finally become the establishment?

Ready for Ron PAC Executive Director Gabriel Llanes joins to discuss efforts to get Governor Ron DeSantis onto the Republican ticket for president in 2024. Does Ron DeSantis offer the people more than Donald Trump? Gabriel ansers the questions and challenges presented by Dustin about Ron DeSantis and a 2024 Republican nomination to run for president.

With the revelations of a Pfizer executive bragging about gain-of-function Sars-Cov-2 research coming to the forefront we see that the truths surrounding the vaccines are alarming. Big Pharma is actively enslaving people to illness for profit. Ignore the deaths due to their shots. They want you dependent forever.

Dr. Jason Dean joins to discuss the correlations with vaccines, transhumanism, technology, and psychotropic drugs. The nation has witnessed people fall in line for Covid vaccines and now sees their athletes dying and young people suffering debilitating conditions. How has Big Pharma harmed the people it claims to be treating?

There are connections with violence and the drugs that our doctors are giving to us and our children. Autism has exploded in the last decade and there are links to pediatricians that make money from the treatments that cause it.

Will Americans understand the problems and real solutions around them? As other issues rise to the news they will be distracted and forget. It does not look good for our country. You must prepare.


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